When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 2085

When His Eyes Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 2085

“What are you talking about? Why can’t I understand?” Chad suspected that he had auditory hallucinations, so he reached out his hand and slapped himself in the face.

Mike: “???”

“Why isn’t my boss the former Elliot? Mike, if you don’t make it clear to me, I’ll really buy a plane ticket to go to Bridgedale right away.” Chad’s cheeks hurt, and he was sure he wasn’t dreaming.

Mike: “Margaret said he died before. Now he was resurrected by Margaret.”

“Pfft!!” Chad was shocked and dumbfounded.

Mike said lazily, “Your boss is like a robot now, and the remote control is in Margaret’s hands. Isn’t it scary? So your boss is a bit autistic now. If I were him, I guess I wouldn’t be much better. “

It’s so scary?” Chad was saddened to death, “What should I do? It won’t work like this. My boss hates being threatened the most. Is there any way for Avery to help him?”

“Avery has never heard of Margaret’s resurrection technique. She said that there is never any way to bring people back to life… So, she should not be able to help your boss.” Mike told him to give up his fantasies. “Look for the best. At least your boss is still alive. It’s better than dead. If he died, he would have nothing.

“I won’t feel happy anymore.” Chad said and put down the phone.

Chad took off his glasses and reached out to wipe his tears.

“Chad, you can’t be!” Mike put away his joking attitude, “He is alive now, although I don’t know how medically determines his condition, but with the naked eye, he is not mentally normal. He doesn’t look any different from before.”

“A man is alive, if he is not breathing, he is alive. Besides, as you said, it is not clear how the medical science determines his condition, in case the medical science does not recognize him as alive. What should I do?” Chad said more and more sadly.

Mike: “Don’t cry. I told you to reassure you, not to make you cry. I think Avery is much stronger than you. Avery doesn’t cry like you do.”

In the bathroom of Master bedroom, the sound of water clattered.


Warm water fell down Avery’s head, flushing the tears from her eyes.

Elliot was lying on her bed, but Avery was getting more and more sad.

The current Elliot was incomplete, even if he looked like a normal person, he was not the Elliot he used to be after all.

Avery wanted to turn him into the former Elliot, but after thinking about it, she didn’t have that ability.

She couldn’t do it at all. She couldn’t do it even if she looked at Elliot in such a state of depression.

Time passed by, and after half an hour in the bathroom, she was afraid that Elliot would be suspicious of waiting too long, so she quickly dried her body, put on her pajamas, and walked out.

She saw that the sheets on the bed were crumpled into a ball, Elliot held his head in his hands, choked painfully in his throat, and his whole body was curled up…

“Elliot! What’s the matter with you?” Avery quickly ran to the bedside, took his arm, and cried outanxiously, “Do you have a headache? Why is this? Do you have a headache every day?”

Shortness of breath, chest heaving rapidly.

Elliot was in so much pain! Couldn’t answer her question at all.

“Elliot, don’t be afraid. I’ll contact Margaret right away. She must know what’s going on.” Avery released his arm, found the phone, and turned it on.

Margaret sent her a message 5 minutes ago –

Margaret: [Avery, I asked you to take down the video, don’t you take what I said to heart? That will only make your man suffer a bit.]

Avery looked at Elliot with tears in her eyes. Before that, she really didn’t take Margaret’s words to heart. Because she didn’t expect that Margaret could really control Elliot!

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    1. So there is such thing in this novel.. i think there is a problem in Elliot’s mind.. not because of Margaret but because he already before he was rescued.

  1. Ok. This is just insane
    Let’s all collectively hope that it’s actually just a random decide to hurt him and he was never dead just passed out.
    Avery figures it out somehow and then they remove it and we finally get happily ever after 😂

  2. This story is dragging on. I have found myself looking for new chapters when extremely bored. Elliot is immortal. It began with him in a coma, he is arrogant and rude. Then he is fooled into thinking a baby is his and that was never resolved because she drowned herself in a sink. Then he has memory wiped out, a fetus was transferred I to this woman and then baby was stolen. Now, he has been resurrected from the dead and controlled again by another woman. Avery will fix him, AGAIN, Hayden will kill Margaret and Travis. Travis’ son will fall in love with Emma and then the entire story will begin again. They fall in love, they seperate, people control him, they die, repeat.

    1. Whomever is writing this novel, please stop insulting our intelligence. This novel started out so good and now you have added some very ridiculous stuff. No one and I mean no one can be resurrected so please fix this.

      1. I agree with you on that and the writer should fix it because it is a very good story and I loved it to now but now I just don’t know

      2. I think that autor is very good in the way of tricky us, I know that Elliot just passed out and in time Margaret brought him out. Not resurrected but maybe she would like to control him by device in his brain

    2. I agree with you. This is absurd. I’m looking forward to how Avery will fix him but the family must be happy after this. Otherwise the story has lost its meaning

  3. The storyline is deteriorating…it now sounds like a children’s story! I guess this is how online novels go…it drags on and on…never ending!

  4. Why are you making the strong male lead into a weakling? It’s not a good storyline….

  5. This time a whole day, no new chapters added. I think I will go to a book store buy me something I can read in my own time. Tired of waiting for new chapters. This is getting boring fewer words every day then none.

  6. I think this story is being written by kid , I went back and read from the beginning and I find there is more then one person writing it ,

  7. This story was really good from the beginning but now with Elliot being controlled by Margaret that’s gotta go change it to we’re Avery is able to save him

  8. So is the book finished I haven’t had new chapters since yesterday morning at 4am and it is late in the afternoon the next day so does this mean that the book is finished if so it has a very strange ending because we all know that there is no device that anyone can put in some dead persons head to bring them back to life right is this why there are no more chapters please let us know , no happy ending

  9. What has happened? There is no update for 2 days. The writer can’t solve the problem any more? Let end the book now, it’s too long with the same plot going over and over again

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