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Top 10 Recommended Novels

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Update: December 28, 2022
Reborn Another Chance to Leave U by Hazel Ramirez

Reborn: Another Chance to Leave U by Hazel Ramirez

Anaya Dutt was born in the purple and married Joshua Maltz when she was twenty-two years old. She thought that as long as she stayed by his side, he would see the good in her one day. However, he cared …

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My Baby's Daddy

My Baby’s Daddy

Stabbed in the back by her stepsister and her best friend, Anastasia Tillman was robbed of her innocence by a mysterious man one fateful night and was later kicked out from the place she called home. Fast forward five years …

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From Tricks to True Love

Raven Lancaster had been tricked at her happiest moment. So, when she married to an illegitimate son, she decided to return the favor with the claim of being an illegitimate daughter.

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One Night Stand

She went to a club with her friends to drink for the first time after finishing her third-year examinations. Gabriella was a 21-year-old virgin who had never kissed anybody before. She met a stranger at a club, accompanied him to …

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Always Been Yours

Five years ago, Tessa Reinhart suffered from a calculated move where she was not only forced to deliver a child, but to be separated from her own flesh afterward. Five years later, she found herself being enamored by a cute …

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Anything For Her

When asked how she got together with the big figure of the entire city, she coldly answered she picked him up somewhere, but he said he pursued her by every means. Anything she says, he agrees -even when she’s clearly …

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His Precious Love

She was married to her husband for a year, yet the couple merely remained married in name. However, her mother-in-law had been urging her to bear a child. Little did she expect that she would receive a “great surprise” from …

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The Lady In Waiting

Katrina was a young anti-monarchist rebel who wanted the end of Queen Anne Marie Chevalier. Accustomed to a good life, her addicted father lost everything he had on the card table, including his own house. Seeing herself as solely responsible …

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A Second Chance

Melina Davis was born with the face and body of a goddess. Her heart was as beautiful as her, but it never did her any good. Melina was the most unlucky woman in this world when it came to love. …

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Alpha’s Caged Love

On her 18th birthday, Selena was sold by her father to an elderly Alpha who just desired a breeder. She was the bastard child who was despised by all. In an ideal world, her envious stepmother would have killed her, …

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