Read Chapter 798 of Coolest Girl in Town - All World Beauty

Read Chapter 798 of Coolest Girl in Town

Coolest Girl in Town

Chapter 798

Chapter 798 Why Is It You?

After sending Elise off to the car, Margaret drove to Pinewood Sanatorium.

This was the most famous mental hospital in the country, not because its cure rate ranked first, but because it was known as the largest asylum. No matter if you were a lunatic or not, as long as you stayed here for a month, you would definitely go crazy.

When Margaret found Edmond, he was curled up in the corner of the ward. His hair was messed up, and he had lost his former privileged temperament.

The floor was covered with overturned food, and the pungent smell forced Margaret to cover her nose.

Dodging the spoiled food, Margaret walked up to Edmond, endured nausea, and called out, “Edmond? Get up! Come on!”

Edmond was inexplicably stimulated, and he frantically backed against the corner, “I’m not Edmond! Don’t give me injections! I’m not anybody! Don’t touch me! Ah!”

Margaret rolled her eyes in disgust, bent down, slapped him in the face, and yelled, “Wake up!”

Edmond suddenly quieted down, turned his head, and stared at her for a few seconds. His eyes lit up in an instant as he pushed aside his hair, and after confirming that it was Margaret, he stood up at once.

“Margaret, you’re finally here!” Edmond instinctively wanted to hug her, but due to the restriction of the restraint suit, he didn’t succeed and just swayed on the spot.

Even so, Margaret took two steps back in disgust and kept fanning her nose with her hand. “Stop talking nonsense and come with me quickly; I hate this place!”

After yelling at the poor man, she turned around and walked out.

Edmond hurried to keep up.

With the help of the staff, Edmond successfully took off the restraining suit that had restrained him for more than a week.

“You’re more reliable. None of my women outside came to me. They have no conscience!” Edmond complained.

“Don’t compare me to that kind of woman.” Margaret didn’t want to be associated with them at all.

With a cold and unfeeling face, she said, “I saved you entirely for my benefit. If you have time to think about that rubbish, why don’t you think about how to deal with Anastasia? She now wants to reveal my identity and get back the copyright that belongs to her.”

Margaret and Edmond had slept together before, but only once. Later, for fear of getting a disease, she completely cut off the physical part of the relationship with him.

But in private, the two still kept in touch. After all, they had joined forces to steal Anastasia’s reputation and assets.

“Did she really tell you that?” Edmond acted like he was facing his nemesis, but he felt something was wrong. “But Adelpha said that Anastasia’s relationship with her father has not improved. How would she dare to reveal her identity at this time?”

“How would I know?” Margaret said with annoyance.

Looking at somewhere far away thoughtfully, she said, “Anastasia is serious this time. I don’t know what she went through abroad, but even when I met her, I felt inexplicably guilty.”

“I have no other way.” Edmond sighed helplessly. “If it weren’t for Anastasia, I wouldn’t be suffering this kind of torture here. She’s right. I guess I don’t have any feelings at all, so I can only find ways from you.”

“The two of us are tied together, so don’t you dare stay out of it.” Margaret’s beautiful eyes narrowed slightly, and there was a sly light in them. “Fortunately, she still trusts me now, so there’s still time to plan well.”

“The longer she’s around, the harder it is. Let’s…” Edmond made a gesture of slashing his neck.

“Don’t do it yet.” Margaret let out a heavy sigh. “Let’s wait for the baby to be born first. In the end, we’re the ones who have wronged her, and we can’t be too immoral.”

“You women are too kind.” Edmond snorted and made up his mind secretly.

If Anastasia had been killed before, there would not be so much trouble now. But, this time, he had to make sure.

In the VIP room of Sierra Hotel, Danny stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling mirror, tidying his clothes.

The mirror reflected the pink shades of the entire room. There was pink champagne, pink balloons, pink Hello Kitty, not to mention robot models, and game merchandise that filled every corner of the room.

Twinkling fairy lights were hung around the room, and the whole space was full of girlish dreamy style.

Danny looked at all this through the mirror, and he involuntarily curled his lower lip. The white suit on his body seemed to be bathed in golden light, which made him extraordinarily dazzling.

He held the yellow roses he had prepared a long time ago, sniffed them, and showed a satisfied expression. I will definitely succeed tonight!

At this moment, there was a clatter of high heels outside.

Danny quickly leaned against the wall, then turned his back to the door in a very sexy pose.


The door creaked open, and Danny turned around with the roses in his arms, shouting excitedly, “Surprise! Wait, Mary?”

When Danny saw that it was his assistant who came in, he was instantly taken aback. “Why is it you? Where is Ariel?”

Marry looked nervous. “After you postponed the client’s meeting, I told Miss Whitney, so she went instead of you, and she asked me to accompany you to dinner with Helios. Don’t you know?”

“Do you think if I knew, I would still have this expression now?” Danny held the flowers in one hand and put the other hand on his waist, unable to smile at all.

Mary raised her eyebrows but did not dare to answer. She quickly changed the subject, trying to divert Danny’s anger. “When did this restaurant start to have such bad taste? Why does this decoration look like those love hotels? It’s so trashy…”

Danny was a little embarrassed. “Aren’t these decorations nice? Don’t you girls like pink?”

Mary laughed. “Girls who like everything to be pink are like seven or eight, and as for adult women, as far as I’m concerned, entering this room is like wearing the most unflattering shade of Barbie pink lipstick! It’s horrible!”

“Then what about these robot figurines? They’re really expensive!” Danny didn’t give up.

Some were the collectibles that he had kept for years. They were out of print and could not be bought at all.

Mary picked up a Transformer at random, fiddled with it in her hand, and finally gave him an apologetic look and opened her mouth to try to explain.

“It’s alright. There’s no need to say it. I know.” Danny understood her thoughts. He remembered the flowers in his arms, so he walked over and stuffed them into Mary’s arms. “You can have dinner yourself on my tab. I’m full.”

“But, Mr. Griffith, you haven’t eaten yet!” Mary called to him.

“I’m full! Full of anger!” Danny turned back and roared and then rushed away angrily.

He didn’t know what he was angry about, whether it was because he was so stupid to have made a terrible mess to confess to his beloved or if it was because Ariel was too workaholic and didn’t care about his date at all.

Perhaps, he was just angry that he once again lost to Ariel.

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