Read Chapter 796 of Coolest Girl in Town - All World Beauty

Read Chapter 796 of Coolest Girl in Town

Coolest Girl in Town

Chapter 796

Chapter 796 We Don’t Have the Same Taste

Jack let out a sigh of relief

Riverlyn saw his expression and couldn’t help but secretly snicker. She took the cake from him, walked over, and handed it to Winona. “You know that I can’t eat sweet things, so I’m going to trouble you again this time.”

Winona readily accepted it. “Sure!”

After saying that, she took the cake and went to the table next to them to eat.

Jack looked at her innocent appearance. His eyes were slightly curved, and his smile was wide.

Riverlyn teased him deliberately. “Your good intentions went undiscovered. If you want a girl like Winona to understand your intention, you should be direct.”

Jack lowered his head and mocked himself. “Even you realize it.”

“Yeah, even I can see it. Do you think she doesn’t know about it?” Riverlyn exposed the truth sharply. “Actually, it’s not difficult to understand; your identity is too special, and few girls have the guts to be with you, knowing how much pressure it takes.”

Jack’s complexion changed, and his gaze gradually became heavy. Looking at Winona again, there was a hint of hesitation in his eyes. “I will think of a surefire way to protect her. Until then, we are just friends, like I am with you.”

“I hope you won’t make her wait too long.” Riverlyn sighed, looked at Winona, and added earnestly, “She is a lovely girl, so she deserves a proper and honest relationship.”

“I know.” Jack’s tone was calm and confident.

Of course, he knew how good Winona was, and because of that, he couldn’t risk hurting her.

The next day, at the White Residence, Adelpha sat on the chair and kept twisting her neck.

I remember going to his room last night, and… Wait, why am I on the couch now? My neck, though. Argh! It’s so stiff.

Could it be that I went to bed too early and had a dream?

At this time, Alexander, who was next to her, suddenly stood up and served Adelpha’s parents with a mild attitude.

“Mr. White, thank you for letting me stay the night.”

“Mrs. White, have some more food.”

“Miss Adelpha, it seems that you are not in good spirits. After eating, go and catch up on sleep.”

Onyx and Lyra accepted it normally, but Adelpha came back to her senses, and suddenly she was in high spirits, “Okay! I got it. I didn’t expect you to pay so much attention to me.”

Alexander forced a smile on his face, then turned around again and took a piece of pastry that was delicious and put it in Elise’s bowl. “Miss Anastasia, please forgive me for disturbing your peace by staying here last night.”

Elise frowned, staring at the pastry in the bowl, not knowing what to say.

His every move seemed to declare that he knew her identity.

Seeing that she didn’t respond, Adelpha immediately began to say, “Hey, Anastasia, don’t you know how to be polite? Alexander kindly gave you some food; can’t you even say thank you?”

Before Elise could respond, Alexander turned his head and put another shrimp in Adelpha’s bowl. “It’s early in the morning; there’s no need to be angry over me. Miss Adelpha, try this. I think it tastes excellent.”

“Um… ” Adelpha looked at the contents of the bowl and hesitated. She was allergic to seafood, and she would itch all over her body if she ate just a little bit. If she ate the whole thing, she would certainly get a bad rash all over her body!

“Miss Adelpha, do you not like it?” Alexander pretended to be disappointed. “It seems that our tastes are not very suitable for each other.”

“No!” Adelpha denied it immediately. “We’re suitable! We’re meant to be! I love to eat! I especially love to eat shrimps! I’ll eat it for you now, here!”

Saying that, she picked up the shrimp and took a big bite as if it tasted amazing.

But as soon as she swallowed the first mouthful, her throat started to become inflamed. In order not to reveal it in front of Alexander, she could only endure it and hurriedly swallowed the whole shrimp.

As a result, her allergic reaction became more serious. She clenched her fists tightly with both hands and did not dare to open her mouth at all, trying to restrain herself from being fidgety.

Alexander was satisfied that the world was finally quiet.

Finally, my chance to talk to my love. Unfortunately, this other woman was always messing around, which was really annoying.

Onyx didn’t know anything about his daughter’s allergies. He had almost finished eating, so he put the bowl down and started to speak again.

“Alexander, my daughter is still a proper lady from an excellent family. However, if you want to get married and live together often, I think it’s better to let the parents of both families meet as soon as possible.”

Alexander didn’t feel uncomfortable at all and said calmly, “Miss Adelpha and I have just gotten together, so the parents meeting now will inevitably lead to speculation from the outside world. We should learn more about each other and then make a decision.”

Onyx felt that it made sense, so he nodded and said nothing.

Adelpha was even more restless now. Resisting the urge to scratch, she secretly made up her mind.

I even ate shrimp for you, but I still can’t pin you down. So just wait, Alexander. I will never let you go!

“Yes!” At the start-up company, Danny once again led Ariel to success through the difficult level, so he jumped up from his chair with excitement.

Calming down, he picked up the phone again and sent a message in the game chat room.

‘Ariel, you are amazing! You have improved a lot, and I really want to play games with you all my life.’

‘Haha, okay. I don’t mind having multiple sisters.’ Ariel returned quickly.

Danny rolled his eyes and deliberately asked, ‘Can I only be your sister? Can’t it be something else?’

Ariel knew what was going on and immediately declined. ‘We can also be family, so in the future, when I find a boyfriend, he can also spoil you.’

It meant that she liked men and would not consider this ‘sister’.

Danny’s good mood was instantly swept away. He sent a crying emoji and then went offline. Then, he fell back in his chair and looked at the ceiling, his heart getting more and more congested.

Ariel is too shameless! In the real world, she used the excuse of liking girls to reject him, and in the game, she refused to accept him as a potential lover.

Is she going to block me everywhere?

“No!” Danny slammed the table and stood up. “I have to confess to her! I can’t wait! I want her to know that for her, I can be her sister!”

Helios looked disgusted. “Do you want my aunt to know that you pretended to be a girl and lied to her?”

Out of nowhere, Danny became nervous. He ran over, turned Helios’ chair, and forced Helios to face him. “Hey, this is what you told me to do. If you tell her, we’ll both be in trouble!”

“But I’m my aunt’s nephew.” Helios smiled meanly and added, “She can ignore you, but she won’t ignore me.”

Oh, no!

“You set me up?” Danny snatched the Switch from Helios’ hands. “Then stop playing this. All other game consoles will be confiscated!”

Helios immediately gave up. “Hey, play nice. I’m not a fool. Why should I make my aunt angry? I just want to remind you to find hacker H from earlier.”

“I’ll do that. Now give me an idea. How should I confess so that your aunt will not refuse me?”

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