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Read Chapter 794 of Coolest Girl in Town

Coolest Girl in Town

Chapter 794

Chapter 794 He Wouldn’t Like Pregnant Women

Jacob had just picked up the towel and was about to hand it to Elise when suddenly a hunk rushed over and knocked him away.

When he finally reacted, he saw Alexander grabbing Elise’s arm with a concerned look on his face.

“Are you hurt? Was it hot? Be careful!”

Alexander asked a series of questions, and when he spoke, he did not forget to check Elise up and down to make sure she was not hurt.

After he finished speaking, the entire place fell silent, and everyone’s attention fell on the two of them.

Elise didn’t expect Alexander to make such a big reaction in public and was stunned for a while. After a few seconds, she hurriedly ran away from him and hid beside Jacob.

Jacob immediately understood, so he boldly raised his arms and hugged her to pretend to be intimate with her. “Thank you, Mr. Griffith, for your concern, but the soup my wife drinks is warm and not hot. It’s just that her clothes have gotten dirty, but you won’t have to worry about it.”

Elise deliberately stood a little off so that Alexander couldn’t see her face clearly.

Alexander instantly felt relieved, and he retracted his hand after a moment. “Right.”

Adelpha was so angry that Anastasia was still trying to attract Alexander’s attention with such low-level means even though she already had a husband and was pregnant with a child.

I must never let Anastasia ruin my marriage!

Thinking of this, Adelpha hurriedly ran after Alexander, took his arm, clung to him, and said, “My sister’s belly is so big now. For the sake of the child, she should rest early. As for the matter between Alexander and me, it’s up to my parents to decide. Now, you better go back to your room early!”

If this were in a normal situation, Elise would have retorted back a long time ago. Still, with Alexander present today, she didn’t want to cause too much conflict, so she simply swallowed, quietly pinched Jacob, and asked him to help herself back to the room.

Alexander’s gaze followed them until Elise’s figure disappeared on the second floor. But, then, he still looked in that direction in a trance.

Adelpha saw that and was anxious in her heart. Would he be tempted by Anastasia? But she is a pregnant woman, and her face is bare and without makeup. Her clothes are loose and huge, and she is not feminine at all. What does he like about her?

Adelpha shook her head and then denied her own guess.

Including his ex-wife, all of the women around Alexander had good looks and good figures. He was a person of good taste, and he wouldn’t fall for pregnant women.

The reason why he is so agitated just now is purely out of his helpful nature and quick response. Yes, it must be so.

Adelpha successfully comforted herself, then walked around to the front of Alexander, stood on tiptoes, and asked him quietly, “Are you hungry? Would you like to have a late-night snack? I will make it myself.”

Alexander regained his senses, looked down at her apathetically, and replied mercilessly, “I have no appetite.”

The smile on Adelpha’s face disappeared instantly, and she lowered her head. “Okay…”

Alexander thought about it for a while and then directly changed the subject, “Miss White, there is something very presumptuous that I would like to ask you. May I?”

“Go ahead.” Adelpha adjusted her state in a second and smiled.

“Well, it’s like this. My villa has had some problems recently, so it’s under repair, and I like it here. May I stay here for one night?” Alexander raised the question seriously.

“Okay!” Adelpha’s eyes lit up.

“No!” Onyx took a few steps toward this side. “How can any man stay at a woman’s house for the night without being married to her? If it spreads out, what reputation will my daughter have?”

“Oh, Dad, why are you so old-fashioned! Are you still living in the Stone Age now? Alexander is my friend. What’s wrong with staying here for one night? If you don’t tell anyone, who will know?” Adelpha refused to let this opportunity go and instantly spoke up.

“You want to piss me off, don’t you?” Onyx pointed at them with the newspaper, shaking his hand. “If you want people to not know, then don’t do it yourself! If it spreads out, it’s you who will suffer!”

“I don’t care anyway, so don’t worry about it.” Adelpha ignored him and dragged Alexander upstairs.

“Alexander, come, I’ll take you to the guest room!”

“Adelpha! Stop!” Onyx was about to chase after her,

Seeing this, Lyra hurriedly stopped him. “Oh, just leave her alone! Don’t always be so serious and make her disgusted with you!”

“I’m disgusting? I’m doing it for her good! What do you, a woman, know?” Onyx was angry. “If the girl is not pure anymore, who will dare to marry her if Alexander breaks up with her?”

“You always think so badly about the future, so of course you’re edgy.” Lyra stroked his chest from top to bottom and tried to coax him. “Listen to me, although there is a lot of scandal about Alexander, the media didn’t photograph him going home with any woman. Our Adelpha is the first one, so it can be seen that he treats our daughter differently. As long as you give them an opportunity, you will become Alexander’s father-in-law!”

These words were quite helpful. Onyx’s shrewd eyes narrowed as if he was thinking about the feasibility of this.

Lyra understood his temperament. She knew that he was tempted and continued to say, “The times are different now. Young people today have a lot of vigor, so maybe one day they will conceive a child, and the parents will only realize that when the girl’s belly gets bigger. Isn’t Anastasia the best example? Our family already has a daughter who hasn’t had a wedding, so we can’t let Adelpha do the same. If something really happens, she will also talk to us so that we won’t be unprepared. Don’t you agree?”

Anastasia’s pregnant return really made Onyx unable to sleep for several days. After Lyra’s analysis, Alexander staying the night was not so difficult to accept.

He sighed heavily, “Okay, then, you should be more vigilant about them. If it can be done, you can match them up. If it doesn’t work, separate them as soon as possible!”

“Don’t worry. I will. She’s my own daughter, after all.” Lyra readily agreed.

At night, just as Alexander changed into his pajamas, there was a knock on the door.

Knock, knock!

“Alexander, are you asleep?”

It was Adelpha.

Alexander was silent for a while before answering again, “What’s the matter?”

While talking, he walked to the place where the coat was hung and reached out, then took out a packet of powder from the inner pocket of the suit.

“I have something in my heart that I want to tell you; open the door.” Adelpha’s voice was a little shy and sultry.

Alexander walked over to open the door with a blank expression.

As the door opened, he saw that Adelpha was wearing a silk nightgown. Her hair was draped over her shoulders, and she was holding a bottle of red wine while frantically batting her eyelashes at him.

“This is my family’s best wine. Let’s have a drink together?” Adelpha curved her lips shyly.

Alexander was unmoved, but he still endured his impatience and stepped aside to make way

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