Read Chapter 792 of Coolest Girl in Town - All World Beauty

Read Chapter 792 of Coolest Girl in Town

Coolest Girl in Town

Chapter 792

Chapter 792 I Dare You to Say That Again

What went wrong?

In the lounge, Alexander handed a new set of clothes to Adelpha and said, “Miss White, go inside and change. I’ll be here standing by.”

“Okay.” Adelpha held her clothes and walked cautiously toward the inner room, looking back as she walked.

When she reached the door, Alexander had already sat down on the couch. From his position, if he tilted his head to the left, he could see the situation in the inner room—if the door was open.

Adelpha really didn’t close the door.

Not only that, but she also deliberately stood very close to the door so that Alexander’s gaze toward her would be in a straight line, and then she slowly took off her clothes.

She was very open as she generously and deliberately showed her curves that she had always been proud of, twisting and turning seductively.

After a while, she stepped into the couture dress under her feet, and feeling that it was almost time, she glanced back secretly, wanting to see Alexander’s reaction.

But when she turned her head, her face fell—Alexander was playing with his phone and didn’t even look this way.

Adelpha was angry and annoyed, so she deliberately coughed twice, trying to get his attention. “Cough, cough, cough—”

However, Alexander turned a deaf ear and did not respond at all.

Adelpha sighed helplessly, then silently picked up her new clothes and put them on.

After that, she looked outside several times in succession, yet Alexander was still unmoved.

Adelpha shook her head in despair. He is probably in another world of his own.

At this moment, there was a knock on the door.

Alexander glanced at the door and was about to get up to open the door. Remembering that there was another person inside, he asked, “Are you ready, Miss White?”

“Yes,” Adelpha replied.

Alexander stood up again and walked over to open the door.

As soon as the door opened, he saw Narissa in uniform standing outside the door holding a stack of towels.

“Hello, sir, room service.” Narissa had learned how to greet the guests very professionally. She straightened up and did not forget to wink at Alexander.

Alexander raised an eyebrow. “What are you doing?”

“Who is it?” Adelpha came out to join them.

Narissa saw that the target appeared, so she pushed Alexander aside and squeezed in.

“Hello, Miss White. Considering that you fell into the cold water in the swimming pool just now, our hotel has specially prepared a hot towel for you soaked in a medicinal bath. You will feel much more comfortable if you wipe your face with it!” Narissa smiled and put the towel in Adelpha’s hands.

“Okay.” Adelpha didn’t even think about it; she picked up the hot towel and wiped her face with it.

For today, she had spent a lot of money to buy waterproof cosmetics, so she was not afraid of her makeup running.

Speaking of waterproof cosmetics, Adelpha couldn’t help becoming cocky about the cleverness in her heart. If it weren’t for her thorough preparation, her makeup would run after falling into the water, and she would look terribly ugly. Even the police might not be willing to talk to her, let alone Alexander.

The more Adelpha thought about it, the happier she became. In addition, the towel on her face was really comfortable and breathable, which greatly relieved the stuffy feeling of waterproof cosmetics. The more she rubbed, the more addicted she became to the feeling. She even took another towel and wiped both towels on her face.

Soon, the woman in front of her suddenly laughed.

“Pfft, hahaha…”

Narissa covered her stomach and bent over, laughing. “You’re too ugly!”

While laughing, she spoke into the microphone on her neck. “Come in and see!”

With that, Jamie came in from the door, stared at Adelpha’s face for a second, and couldn’t help but snort. Then, he quickly held back and maintained his gentlemanly appearance.

However, Narissa couldn’t hold it in anymore. She lay down on the couch and rolled around with laughter.

Adelpha was baffled by her and irritably accused, “What’s the matter with you? Is this how you treat guests? Is that how you serve your guests? I want to lodge a complaint against you!”

Narissa’s laughter stopped instantly when she heard this. She sat up straight and met Adelpha’s gaze expressionlessly. “Okay, you can go and complain. Go and call everyone here and let them see how scary you look now.”

“What did you say?”

Adelpha reacted all of a sudden and hurriedly rushed into the bathroom. When she saw herself in the mirror, she yelled aloud.

Her cosmetics of various colors were blurred together on her face as if she had a bad tattoo done across her face. In fact, there was even black liquid that ran down the corners of her eyes in a disgusting manner.

“How could this be?” Adelpha touched her face in disbelief. Remembering the towel in her hand, she tried to wipe it on her face.

Sure enough, the makeup was removed successfully.

This towel was actually soaked with makeup remover!

Adelpha resisted her anger while she removed all the makeup on her face, then she ran out furiously and threw the towel at Narissa. “B*tch! How dare you harm me! You’re gonna be fired!”

“It doesn’t matter. I’m not an employee of this hotel anyway, so feel free to complain.” Narissa shrugged indifferently, got up, and looked at Alexander. “Even if you want to find a new woman, please have better taste. Having this type of woman by your side is simply lessening Ellie’s value. Do you want outsiders to think that she and this woman are on the same level?”

Before Alexander could speak, Adelpha roared, “Are you for real? What are you talking about in my value and level? Are you saying that I am not as good as Elise? That woman’s whereabouts are still unknown, so why can’t Alexander find someone else? Even if I am not as talented as her, I have a sincere heart that loves him. Elise can’t compare to me when it comes to this!”

Narissa’s face changed; her face was contorted for a moment as she spoke in a murderous tone. “I dare you to say that again!”

When Adelpha met her eyes, chills ran down her back, and she shrank her neck unconsciously. Then, she lowered her voice and said, “I’m not wrong. I’m not the only woman around Alexander, so why should you target me—”

“You like to spread rumors and blur the lines between right and wrong. You don’t deserve to be compared with Ellie!” Narissa gave a vague reason and did not directly refer to ‘Anastasia’.

“You’re talking crap! I’m not such a person!” Adelpha walked to Alexander and complained, “Mr. Griffith, you know how easily people can deceive me, and I’ve always been bullied, so how could I bully others? This woman is deliberately trying to ruin my reputation, so don’t believe what she says!”

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