Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 99

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 99

99- Some Privacy

Ashley Walters pov

Technically Aniya had the biggest bed among US. But I preferred to spend the night on MY bed.

Aniya poked an elbow in my tummy when she thought no one was watching, “Hmm. Small bed!” She wiggled her brows, “so that you can stay closer to him. Ooh… glued to him.” She winked cockily and I had to control the smile that was not leaving my lips.

All I could do was kick her leg under the table.

After Eve served US beer cans we chatted until I could no longer stop yawning. Without waiting for a minute, Justin got to his feet and pulled me up.

“It’s time to go to bed, kitten.” He circled his arm around me.

“He is right,” Eve nodded, “Good night, Ash. Good night, Justin.”

“Night!” we responded to her.

Once inside the bedroom, I looked at my not too small but not too spacious enough bed that could hardly accommodate Justin and me.

Unless we would decide to snuggle.

I heard him sighing beside me, “I can use the couch, love. Don’t worry.”

“No, no. You can use the bed and I can….” He didn’t let me finish.

“Nah! Rubbish. The couch is perfect for me!”

“B…But how would you fit here ….”

“Shh…” he pulled me to him until my chest bumped into his hard body,”

Two years back… I had the biggest bed in my bedroom, yet you used a mattress in the corner of my room. If you can do it, why can’t I?”

I could detect regret on his face.

“Whatever is done is done, Justin. No need to cry over spilled milk,” I said holding his arms, “I urge you to sleep on the bed. The couch is perfect according to my height

But he stubbornly shook his head, ‘That’s not happening, Ash. Either let me sleep beside you. We had already slept, snuggled to each other.” Chewing my inner cheek, I tried to hide the blush that crept on my cheeks.

Smacking his lips to my forehead, he went to the bathroom and that reminded me that he didn’t have extra clothes with him.

Now, what should I do?

I started fishing for my longest and biggest pair of shorts. When the bathroom door opened, he came out with a towel around him.

I opened my mouth to talk when he quickly said, “Don’t worry. I am not naked inside.”

Rolling my eyes, I turned away and started rummaging through my cupboard. His nak*ed wet skin was putting silly thoughts in my mind.

“What are you doing here kitten,” the familiar male cologne hit my nostrils when his arms wrapped around me and hugged me from behind.

“You don’t seem happy with my stay,” he said leaning his chin on my shoulder, “I won’t mind leaving the place if…”

“It’s not that!” I said defensively and turned around, “I was just worried. You don’t have anything to wear for the night. I think you should keep one or two extra pairs of clothes here. In case of emergency, you can …” I didn’t realize what I said until his mouth came down and grabbed my lips in a kiss.

My hands went to his nak*ed chest at once and started stroking it.

“Damn!” he pulled back and leaned his forehead against mine, “Are you sure about that offer? You really want me to keep my extra stuff here?

Because my hopes are skyrocketing.”

I knew what he was implying. He wanted me to return to him. Not on his but on my own terms. He was giving me time. The space. The chance.

“No worries.” He spoke gently caressing my cheek, “take your time, kitten. Take your time.”

I managed a tight lipped smile and pulled back with great effort.

“Go to bed. I am taking the couch.” I said stubbornly and placed my hand on the hip.

“This is not happening!” Urgh. We were back to square one. In a few strides, he went to the couch, opened the towel from his waist, and tossed it on my face, “Stop drooling, kitten. I know I am handsome. Now go to sleep. You don’t want to get late tomorrow.”

He laid back on the couch and covered himself with the extra comforter, Aniya provided US.

When I was out of the bathroom, he seemed to have gone to sleep.

“Good night, Justin,” I whispered and was pleasantly surprised when heard his sleep filled response.

“Goodnight, love.”

I wish I could just lie there and keep staring at him like a creep. I could not believe it. He was not only back into my life but was sleeping on that couch right before my eyes.

I was almost tempted to call him and invite him to lie beside me. After all, we did sleep together the previous night.

He was not forcing himself on me nor he was trying to get glued to me. However, all I wanted to do was give up and hug him tightly to myself.


“Here is your omelet, ladies,” Justin placed the plates in front of US. My lips were rolled between my teeth while Aniya and Eve were a little taken aback that a male … like a hot handsome alpha male was serving them breakfast this morning.

“Here is your coffee!” he started pouring it into our cups. Aniya pouted at the strong smell. She never liked black coffee,

“Milk and cream are on the way, Aniya!” he went back to the kitchen to fetch it when Aniya leaned forward, “Does he know telepathy? How he came to know that I need milk?”

“Ash!” I heard Eve’s low whisper, “the man is a keeper. Don’t let him go!”

I gulped down and nodded at her. Justin came out of the kitchen and poured full cream milk into Aniya’s coffee.

‘That is awesome,” Eve complimented when she took the first bite of her fluffy eggs. Hers was a mushroom omelet with creamy mushroom sauce.

Mine was a vegetable omelet and Aniya only preferred the one with lots of spinach.

We had our breakfast and Aniya and Justin kept teasing each other. Justin told her how she was a messy girl and Aniya told him how he made her an omelet that had too much salt in it.

Every now and then Justin used to take a little portion of my omelet. In return, I picked up his coffee cup and took a sip.

That made him beam with happiness.

Once breakfast was over, Aniya quickly offered to do the dishes. Evelyne and I were almost dumb with the shock. Aniya never offered to do any chores until she was forced to do so.

It was when she was collecting our plates that Eve covered my hand placed on the table and said softly, “I think you need to know something about Justin.”

“Evelyne!” I heard Justin’s voice laced with warning. I looked at them in confusion not knowing what it was all about. Aniya who was walking away to the kitchen stopped in her tracks and turned to US.

“Eve is right, Justin.” She supplied, “You made US promise to keep it a secret. But this is the time, Ash should know about you. About US. About the deal.”

“What you people are talking about?” They all went quiet when I asked them, “Come on. Speak up. It’s not that I would murder you all.” I said good naturedly.

“Ash,” Eve said and threw a pleading glance towards Justin when he tried to open his mouth, ‘Two years back… Before coming here, we didn’t know that Justin had taken you to Arguli University. But once he was back, he…” her voice seemed to get hoarse with emotions.

Justin was looking down at the tabletop silently.

“Once he was back, he pleaded US to go to you and start our lives with you.” My eyes snapped to Justin’s face. All those painful memories started flashing across my mind like a movie.

“He… he was so concerned about you.” Eve continued, “And was so much in pain. He … he even offered US… compensation.”

“What?” I asked her in surprise, ”1… I thought… Ice cream Heaven was insured.”

“No,” she murmured, “it was never insured.” A humorless chuckle left her mouth, “Justin wanted to help US to restart our lives. He convinced US and made US promise never to let you know about the deal.”

“You mean to say,” I gulped down, “If he wouldn’t have offered you money then you people would never…”

“No! Never!” Evelyne said a little too urgently, “We would have come. And you know that!” By now, her tears were sliding down her cheeks, “For me and Aniya. You were the only family we had.”

Aniya placed the plates on the counter and came to me, standing closer she held my head to her belly.

“I am sorry,” She said in a teary voice, ‘You are my childhood friend. And Eve is right. We had only you as a family. We could not imagine losing you. So, we accepted Justin’s offer.”

We stayed silent for some time when Eve suddenly stood up, “Excuse me. Come on, Aniya. We need to go inside.” She wanted to give some privacy to me and Justin.

“No! I want to stay here.” Aniya complained and started making faces, “Let me see, how he compensates and apologizes to her. Like in movies…”

“Aniya!” Mom Eve practically roared making all of US jump. She held Aniya’s arm and started dragging her inside.

“Listen, Ash! I need details. Ok? All the damn details. Justin! Details! The coffee was crap!” She kept screaming until Eve closed the door.

I didn’t want to cry but this silly stinging behind my lids was making it hell difficult for me to control my pain. Very slowly, Justin stood up from his seat and crouched on his knees close to my chair.

“Ashley!” he gently held my hands that were now on my lap, “I am so sorry for everything.”

I turned my head towards him and made a pout.

“I gave you so much pain, kitten.” He said with misty eyes. I kept looking at him with that pout and pushed back my chair.

Kneeling before him, I wrapped my arms around his waist and pulled him to me for a hug. I was not the only one who suffered for two years.

Justin’s pain was bigger than mine. He not only sent me away but also became the bad guy. He accepted the tag to keep me safe.

We stayed like this for God knows how long when he at last pulled back and I saw his wet face. With a smile, I started wiping his face.

“I was so scared, Ashley. I thought you would throw me away from your life.”

“Shh. Quiet. No more misunderstandings. No more complaints.” I placed my finger on his lips, “I think we need to talk a lot. Only lots of communication will bring US closer…” And then I looked at the door of Eve’s bedroom where I was sure the two devils must be eavesdropping,

“Lots of talks… Lots of hugs … and…” I winked at Justin, “Lots of kisses.”

Justin followed my gaze and the corner of his lips curled up in a smile. He understood what I was trying to tell him.

‘Yeah,” he said loudly, “A kiss is a good idea…” With that, he pouted his lips and made some wild noises like he was groaning in between those magical kisses. I tried to suppress my giggles.

Right after those noises both of us stood up at lightning speed and hid beside their bedroom door. As expected, after a few minutes the bedroom door opened slowly, and two heads peeked out of it.

‘They are in the bedroom.” We heard Eve’s whisper.

“They should have carried on the make-out session here. Who goes to the bedroom for this purpose?” Aniya grumbled.

“Umm. Perhaps, the ones, who need some privacy!” Eve and Aniya jumped in fright when Justin spoke behind them in a mischievous voice.

I couldn’t control it anymore and laughed hard leaning into Justin. His arms were immediately around me pulling me to him.

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