Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 98

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 98

98-Signs? Crap!

“You are unusually quiet, kitten.” I heard Justin’s low whisper beside me. We came late after wandering around outside and now we were having a scrumptious dinner that Edith made for us.

“Nothing,” I tried to smile and placed a bread piece on his plate, “I have got a busy week ahead, but I need to talk to Sarah too.”

I shared my concern at hand and placed my fork down.

“Then what’s the problem?” he asked me and offered me a cucumber piece that I immediately accepted and opened my mouth.

I chewed it and gobbled it down with my diet coke.

“Time is the real issue. I can’t expect her to come over just to give me explanations. Secondly, Helga said the suitcase might either be with Sarah or it might still be lying in that storeroom. If it’s there I need to check it.”

“Kitten, listen to me. One problem at a time. Please. Just focus on your presentation. I can take you to the mansion in the evenings and bring you back before midnight.”

I looked at him with a frown, “You will do that for me, Justin Deluca?” Intense emotions were dancing across those Greek facial features.

“Anything for you, Mrs. Deluca.” He said softly. His lips curled up in the cutest smile showing the same dimple that got my attention when I first met him.

I bent ahead and placed a kiss on his cheek. He touched the cheek with his fingers and looked at me in disbelief. The smile vanished from his face and raw emotions took its place.

“Ashley!” he called my name and I swear my name never sounded so delicious, “I love you. And this is the bare minimum I am offering.”

I bowed my head to acknowledge his effort and we finished our dinner in silence.

“I think I should go and take my bag. We need to leave tonight if I need to attend my university tomorrow morning.” He nodded in understanding.

Leaving him there, I fetched my purse and sent a message to my friends to leave the apartment key in the flowerpot, sitting outside our door.

“Ready?” he asked me while putting on his jacket.

“Yeah.” I beamed, “Let’s go.”

“I wish I could tell you, I am so proud of you,” Justin said while driving the car. His eyes were focused on the road ahead.

“Do you mean to say that you were keeping tabs on me all this time?”

“Why not? Remember? I was the one who wanted you to attend university and broaden your horizon.

Always knew that you would make me proud.” He smirked tilting his head sideways and stroked my ear lobe playfully.

“What are your future plans by the way?” he asked me, shifting his attention back to the road.

“Huh. Future plans?”

“Yeah. The ones we make in our minds. What we intend to do with our life etcetera etcetera…” he tried teasing me.

“In all honesty, till now I had been planning to destroy you.” I clicked my tongue inside my cheek.

“What?” he grinned looking at me in awe, “Tsk. All this time you were planning to destroy me. Can you shed some more light on it?”

“Umm. Nothing serious. I was just planning to return your… money. Like you deposited twenty million to my account, so my target was to…” I hesitated, unsure if I should share this tidbit with him.

“You know you can trust me, kitten. Say it!”

“Well! I was hurt. So, I was planning to return… I mean to throw forty million on your face.” I was expecting him to make fun of me but when nothing came out, I turned to him and found him engrossed in his own thoughts.

“What are you thinking? Won’t you say something? Like how you are glad that I haven’t got this much money in my account yet?” I shrugged one shoulder while bobbing my head.

“In all honesty, I was not expecting anything less than that.”

“You didn’t?”

“No! I knew that someday you will return and would surprise me by throwing some sort of revenge to my face.”

“Would you have taken the shit if I would do any such thing?” I was curious to know. Because nobody would dare to mess with Justin Deluca.

“Why not? Anything thrown by you can be anything but shit, love.” His voice was laced with love and affection for me.

He pulled over at my apartment building and I didn’t need to ask him, how he knew I lived there and not in the dorm where he dropped me off last time.

Using the elevator, we came up to my apartment door until I fished for the door key in the flowerpot. It was late at night otherwise I would have invited him in.

I didn’t want to disturb my friends‘ sleep.

“…” I didn’t know how to thank him, “You should… umm… visit me someday, Justin.”

“Will you let me?” he asked cocking up a brow and I could feel my cheeks heating up under his gaze.

“Yeah. Why not?” I said while chewing my bottom lip. Big mistake. His eyes dipped to my lips and a flicker of desire rose in those golden orbs.

“Would I get a kiss?” he asked me without moving away his eyes from my lips. A nervous breathy laughter escaped my mouth.

“I guess, yes!” I muttered and raised my chin. Holding my face, he kept looking into my eyes.

“I am so happy, kitten.” He remarked gazing into my eyes, and it made my heart race.

“I am happy too, Justin,” I said softly. Leaning forward, he brushed his lips to mine as if he wanted to test the waters.

Gulping down my spit, I closed my eyes waiting for his lips to land on mine. I could not stop the muffled moan when his velvety lips touched me softly. They were urging me to move my mouth under its pressure.

My arms at once circled around his neck, while I lifted myself on my toes to get better access to his

His mouth didn’t stay to my lips but it trailed to my chin and then to my collarbone. I tried to throw back. my head and groaned when it got hit slightly to the door.

I leaned on the door holding his t–shirt tightly letting his lips do those delicious things to my neck where he was showering those small kisses. I could feel the wetness dripping out of my core, but I could not confide this to him.

He was being a gentleman limiting his hands around my waist and holding me tightly. I was caged

between the door and his hard body when the door suddenly opened and both of us fell inside taking a screaming Aniya with us.

Before my mind could register what had happened, Aniya was already making squawking noises in panic.

“You all are crazy!” I heard Eve from the dining chair while we three were struggling to untangle our legs.

“Let me get up!” Aniya flustered and placed one hand on my shoulder and the other on Justin’s head, clutching his long curly hair in her fist.

Her legs were a mess and pressed under my a*ss. In the struggle, she fell back and landed on Justin’s thighs. Justin who was trying to sit up laid back with a loud groan.

“Ok, you three!” Eve at last got up from her seat and sprinted towards us, “relax. Wait!” She tried to calm


It worked. We all stopped trying and became stil

“Good kids! Now, Ash. Hold my hand and get up.” She reached out to hold my hand and helped me up. Next was Aniya who rose to her feet. When Justin was left, I hurriedly went to him and helped him up. My lips were twitching but I was trying to control them.

Even Eve was avoiding eye contact and I could see amusement in her eyes. It was Aniya who started giggling like crazy. Justin who was now facing the wall, I could see his shoulders shaking with mirth. Eve and I followed the pattern and couldn’t hold it back.

For some reason, all four of us were laughing now holding our cheeks and bellies. And that reminded me of something, two years ago. When we all fell on the floor and cried our hearts out.

At that time, I thought my life was over. Justin and I were over. And now look at all of us.

I didn’t know if all of this was real or just a dream.

After a few minutes, we tried to hold ourselves and struggled to be serious. But once when we looked at each other, another round of fresh peels of laughter started erupting from our throats.

This time Justin was beside me, pulling me to him and hiding his face in the crook of my neck.

“Oh, God!” Aniya slapped her cheeks, “this was hilarious!” She blew out a shaky breath.

“I thought you two were sleeping,” I said but my eyes were on Justin’s head very close to me. He, at last, lifted his face and all I could see in his eyes was happiness.

“We were waiting for you!” Aniya’s voice brought me out of Justin mania, “and you two were taking forever to come inside.”

Ouch! So, they knew what we both were doing outside the door.

“Justin! Why don’t you join us for coffee?” Eve offered him and Justin’s eyes snapped to me. He needed to know if I wanted him there.

Not sure what to say I diverted my gaze and heard him saying no.

“Maybe some other time.” He smiled and looked down at me, “Bye, kitten.” This time he kissed my cheek and pulled away.

“Bye, Aniya. Buy, Eve.” He said taking backward steps.

I waved my hand while Aniya and Eve said their byes. Once the door got closed behind him, they both turned to me.

“What?” I asked when they both placed their hands on their hips, “I am sleepy and need to wake up early tomorrow morning.”

“You are not going anywhere you brat! Not without giving us all the details!” Aniya held my arm in an iron grip and shoved me onto the couch.

“She is right!” Eve favoring Aniya was something quite rare, “We had been waiting for you to at least call us and let us know. And all you did was send a message. Now we deserve to know everything.”

“Umm. Ok. From where should I start?”

“Maybe from the beginning?” Eve supplied helpfully.

“By the way, you should have stopped him!” Aniya said with a pout, “He wanted to stay!”

Before I could roll my eyes at her dramatic behavior, Eve spoke again, “I agree. Justin… coming here was a sign that you should have invited him for coffee or something, silly.”

I shook my finger to deny her, “No! We all fell down and this was a sign that he shouldn’t be here in the first place.”

I knew they were playing the same game of, ‘Look for Signs crap!‘

“No, you fell down because someone got impatient while eves dropping and opened the door by mistake,” Eve said mischievously and turned away leaving Aniya in danger.

My jaw dropped open, “What! Aniya! You were… listening?”

“I was not only listening but was also looking through the peephole.” She announced proudly, “The view was disturbed when you leaned to the door! This is basic ethics! Never lean to the door otherwise people might never see what is going on outside… Oui!”

She cried when the pillow hit her shoulder. The moment she saw me getting up, she ran and hid behind Eve.

“You saw us? You saw us doing…” I couldn’t complete it.

“Come on, finish it!” I heard Aniya’s teasing voice, “For your information our noble friend Eve wanted me to get aside so that she could also watch the show.”

I looked at Eve, open–mouthed who was already shaking her head.

I frowned and narrowed my eyes, “You know what? You two are brats!” I was about to turn and go to my room when the doorbell rang.

“Who would visit us at this indecent hour?” Aniya remarked. Eve went to the door to look through the peephole.

“Don’t open the door, Eve,” I warned her. We had good security around the building, but one had to be cautious.

A sudden smile broke on her lips when she opened the door and muttered, “I can’t believe we were just talking about signs!”

What? What was she talking about? Aniya and I looked at each other and shrugged feeling dumb. However, both of us were not expecting him at our doorstep.

*Justin?” I walked ahead, “What are you… I mean, you just left.”

“know” he wagged my purse in his hand, “You forgot this in my car!”

I got rooted to the spot and I guess I was not the only one. Aniya and Eve’s condition was no different from me

At last, Eve was the first one who recovered, “Justin. Please join us for coffee!” She offered sincerely, “I insist.”

Aniya was next to speak, “You can have a beer with us if you want.” But then Aniya crossed the line by saying, “You can stay here in our apartment and spend the night. You can even have my room and I cant sleep on the couch.”

Before I could speak, Eve was nodding her head in agreement. What was the matter with Eve tonight? She and Aniya rarely agreed.

“But why should you use the couch?” Eve said with a smug smile, “Ashley’s bed is quite big. You can co- sleep with her.”

Damn! I wish I could shoot my friends.

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