Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 96

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 96

96-Anything For You!

Ashley Walters pov

I felt something in my mouth and tried to gag.

What the hell!

My lashes unclasped and I tried to spit that thing.

“What is this? Yuck!” I groaned in my sleep and wondered if Aniya or Eve had prepared coffee. I needed a strong cup.

Gosh! My head might explode anytime now.

“EVE!” I tried to call her loudly, “COFFEE! PLEASE!” My eyes fluttered close when I again felt that strange thing on my tongue.

“Kitten!” Said a sleepy male voice beside me, “Edith would bring you, coffee, love.”

The voice reminded me of Justin. Sigh!



My eyes flew open. His head was there on my chest and his long curls were getting inside my mouth.

“Umm. Justin? Is it you? Move away!” I pushed him with all my might and propped up on my elbows. Memories from the previous night started hitting me right in the head.

I was almost a mess in bed. The quilt was wrapped around my body and the almost naked man beside me was glued to me leaving more than half the side of his bed.

“Let’s go to sleep,” his arm pulled me towards him making me fall on his head.

“Ouch, Justin! Leave me!” I rolled my eyes and hit his shoulder with a fist, “I need to go to the bathroom.” At first, I thought he didn’t hear me and went back to sleep.

But then his grip loosened around me, giving me a chance to get up and rush to the bathroom.

and got myself cleaned. As usual! I was “You will find an extra toothbrush in there.” I heard him yellin around him for less than twenty four hours and again I didn’t have my supplies with me.

No extra pair of clothing. No brush. No facewash.

I took the shower and put on a bathrobe instead of wearing back my clothes. When I came out Justin was no more there in the room.

Maybe he was using the other bathroom.

Iran my gaze, looking for a wall clock, and froze. It was two in the noon. I missed my classes. I missed

my God damn presentation.

“JUSTIN!” I roared and went out of the room, “JUSTIN! WHERE ARE YOU?”

“He went out a few minutes back.” Edith came out of the kitchen all smiling.

“How dare, he left, leaving me here.” I knew I was acting like a b*itch. But my professors always respected me. I built a reputation in these two years.

Missing a presentation without informing them was something irresponsible on my behalf. And the one to be blamed for it was not even in sight.

I went back to the bedroom and instead of staying there, brought my phone out. I switched it on and started scrolling through it.

There were dozens of messages from Eve and Aniya but also from Gerald. He was back at Arguli university dorm and wanted to meet me.

“Edith. Can I get something to eat?” I asked the woman and started responding to the messages. My first one was to Gerald.

“I am sorry for not making it today. I overslept last night and missed my classes and presentation. I will meet you tomorrow and explain everything.”

I about to type a message to Aniya and Eve when my phone started ringing. It was Gerald.

“Hey!” I leaned back on the headrest.

“Ashley Walters! You missed university because you overslept? For some odd reason, I am not buying it.”

“Why?” I laughed, “Can’t I get my sleep?”

“Yes, you can. But you are someone who will never miss her classes even if there is a tornado or a tsunami.” He said matter of factly, and he was not wrong.

“Yeah. Something important came up. I will explain everything when we meet tomorrow.”

“Sure. By the way are you well? Like… if you are in any trouble then you can rely on me. I am your friend who wants to stay by your side. No matter what the situation is The worry in his voice made me smile and it warmed my heart. He was became judgmental.

gem of a person who never

I had always seen him showing empathy to everyone around him and at times he had to face bullying from people like Rayan.

“And what kind of trouble are we talking about, Gerald?”

“Uh. I mean maybe you have been kidnapped or something and the kidnapper is standing there close to you, and you are not able to …”

He made it sound like he was teasing me, but I knew him better. It was almost alien to everyone if I was not attending my university.

“So, if that’s the case just say a code word to let me know what I need to do to save you.”

“You are a sweetheart, Gerald.” A smile tugged at the corner of my lips, “I am not kidnapped but trust me. If I’m in trouble, you will be the first one I’ll call for help.”

“Thanks,” I could imagine that signature sheepish smile on his lips, “I love you.”

“I know, honey. I love you too.” I kissed my phone and ended the call. However, I didn’t notice Justin who was standing there looking at me.

“Where were you? Look what you made me do. And when did you come back?” I stood up and caught the branded bag he tossed towards me.

“You were in the shower, and I wanted to make it quick. I was out to buy a decent dress for you.” He said casually and placed the car keys on the tabletop, “And about your second part of your question… I came inside when you were talking to this Gerald guy and was telling him that you love him before smacking your lips on that phone.”

He said in a chilling tone and marched inside the room. What did he mean by that?

I went after him and saw him taking off his jacket. Before I could argue with him, he got inside the bathroom.

In no way, I would try to clear my stance. He remained absent from my life and was aware that he could not expect me to stay away from normal life.

Whether there was a curse or not. Nobody told me anything when they got me married to him and nobody bothered to share anything when I was thrown out of the mansion.

This was simply not fair.

When I heard him turning on the shower, I took out the dress, he had brought for me. It consisted of skinny black jeans paired with a spaghetti–strapped top.

The bag also contained lingerie in my perfect size. I quickly got dressed and left the room. Couldn’t afford to see him half nak*ed again after last night.

“Young Master will be joining you for breakfast, ma’am,” Edith informed me while setting the dinning table for two.

“Please set this table for breakfast. I don’t want to walk to the dining area.” I made the request with a smile. I didn’t have enough guts to look at the written chat over there.

“Ma’am. It’s covered with a tablecloth.” She tried to convince me. I was about to open my mouth when

we heard Justin behind me.

“Do as she says,” He said in an authoritative tone and didn’t wait for an answer before sitting beside me, I am sorry.” I heard him after Edith left for transferring all the breakfast.

“Sorry? For what? For leaving me two years back? Or for hurting me?” I asked, narrowing my eyes at him, Or is it for trying to eavesdrop when I was talking on the phone?”

“I was not eavesdropping.” He tried to protest, “I just overheard. You were too loud!” he held my hand and kissed it, “The apology is for blaming you for something without listening to your side of the story. Whatever I heard must have a background and I just… took it out on you.”

He said guiltily and there was something else in his eyes. Something too alien, that I never witnessed before Jealousy.

No! How was it possible? Justin might be involved with me. But he would never get jealous of any man. Because jealousy usually came from someone who was insecure.

I didn’t think Justin was an insecure brat!

Edith set the table and was about to pour coffee when I stopped her and sent her away, “Thank you. We will help ourselves.”

“Please call me if you need anything.” She said with a pleasant smile and left us alone.

Out of habit, he started filling up my plate. Just like old times. His wet curls were falling on his forehead and there was no denying that he had become more handsome and more attractive in the past two years.

“Quit staring at me, kitten.” He warned and offered me the plate.

“Thanks. No, I wasn’t staring,” I lied, “I was just thinking about something… I mean about someone.”

“Really?” he said with an arrogant smirk, “Who were you thinking about?”

My answer made his hand go freeze midway that he was raising to take the first bite of his chicken sandwich.

“Gerald!” I said, “I was thinking about my fiancé, Gerald.” I said smugly and started pouring coffee for both of us. He didn’t seem happy with my answer but chose not to remark.

Now, why should I tell him that I was not engaged to the guy yet?


Justin Deluca pov

We were quiet during our breakfast.

I kept asking her if she needed anything. It was useless to get furious at her. I needed to accept that I hurt her two years back and it was done to make her go ahead in life.

It did work. She did move on. No matter how much I disliked it. But everything went according to my


None of us expected that she will be thrown back into my life and the divorce that happened two years

back, never took place.

Patience, Justin. Patience.

ace. ce rettm

I ran a slow gaze at her and felt my chest rising with pride. She had changed. She had grown a lot. Became more confident and more beautiful.

Braver like a lioness yet was still my kitten.

She now had a guy in her life. But I needed to bear with it. Just like Sarah did when Ashley came into my life. Just as Ashley did when she came to know I was engaged to Sarah.

Didn’t I have as much strength as these two women had?

“Justin,” her voice pulled me out of my thoughts, “you made me miss my classes.” Her voice carried


“Kitten,” I held her hand, “There are so many things that I did to you and for all of them I need to apologize. But is there any chance for me? To get back into your life?”

I felt her go rigid under my grip and held my breath,

“I am not asking you to change your lifestyle, Ashley. I only want one chance. That’s all I am asking from you. Just one chance!” I raised my index finger.

“Fate has thrown us together into something which is quite unexpected for both of us, kitten. What if it’s a sign that we both are supposed to stay together?”

“And what if it’s a sign that we are NOT supposed to stay together.” She asked me and I could not even imagine this other scenario.

“Honey,” I placed my plate on the table and held her beautiful face in my palms. Her green eyes were wide with surprise looking into mine, “Don’t you think we both deserve a chance? Just once?” I pleaded.

“B… But I am scared, Justin. What if it’s just temporary attraction and nothing else,” I saw tears glistening in her aqua–green eyes, “then what? What if I will have another accident tomorrow?” I closed my eyes and tried to push back the wetness.

“Tell me, dammit.” She said softly, “Next accident and you will be getting rid of me again.”

She was right and I didn’t know how to convince her. Except that I keep reminding her, how much I love


“Listen, Ashley! Look here.” I stroked my knuckle on her cheek, “I am in love with you. I got scared. Not for

96 Anything For You!

myself but for you. Please don’t doubt my intentions. The only proof I have got is this…” I waved my engagement finger in front of her eyes,

“I am still not committed to anyone,” I said and pulled my t–shirt down, “and this!” I showed her my collarbone and she was taken aback by it.

The necklace gift, she returned to me was still there around my neck.

“I love you, Ashley. You need to understand that whatever I did was because of you. To keep you safe.” I leaned towards her and gently kissed those eyelids one by one that had those green orbs hidden behind.

She stayed silent looking into my eyes. The worry on her face was evident.

“C… can I have some time?” She asked me and I took a sigh of relief. At least she was willing to give me a


“Yes. Why not.” I told her happily and brushed my lips against her velvety ones, “Take all the time in the world but let me prove my love to you.”

She blushed and looked away.

tarted collecting the dishes from the table.

Just then Edith decided

to arriveer by surprise.

“Edith!” Ashley called the woman taking her by surprise.

“Yes, ma’am?”

“Can you please ask Helga to come and meet me?” the ceramic dishes in Edith’s arms slipped and stained the carpet with those oil blotches.

Nothing broke but Edith’s face had


“Miss… Miss Ashley… I… I am sorry. I don’t know what you are talking about.”

Ashley turned to me, “Remember, Helga? Your former servant who could not deliver my bag to me. It had my documents from the Eden Garden Orphanage.”

How could I forget her? I was the one who fired her. With an easygoing smile, Ashley glanced at Edith, How could I forget her? I was the one w

“It’s ok, Edith. I know you are acquainted with Helga. I don’t have any problem with that,” she said kindly.” After all, you have a personal life too. Can you please ask her to meet me today? It’s urgent.”

Edith gulped her spit and then ning supplies when I felt Ashley’s soft hand holding me

“Good!” Edith went away to

“Justin Deluca! You said you wanted a chance. Right?”

My heart skipped a beat, s

“Then help me in locating my parents. Will you?” she asked me while looking into my eyes.

“Why not, my kitten? Anything for you, love. Anything for you.” Taking her in my arms I kissed her hair.

“Why not, my kitten? Anything for you, lo ……

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