Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 95

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 95


Ashley’s pov

The moment I started sucking those swollen lips, he seemed to be taken by surprise. His body had gone rigid against mine. My both hands had fisted his long hair and I was grinding my mouth to him.

He was not responding to my kiss but who cared? I ran my tongue on his lips and moaned with happiness when his mouth opened and welcomed my tongue.”

Right after getting access, it started swirling in his mouth trying to remember the sweet taste of the saliva that I could never forget, I felt his arms circling around me and squeezing me in his embrace.

Due to the weight, I started folding my knees until they touched the floor. Both of us were now kneeling on the floor. His mouth could not remain rigid for long and started kissing me back. It started opening to give me wet kisses.

Our tongues had started the fight without caring in the world about winning or losing. Not aware of how long we made out but once I felt we could no longer breathe, I detached my mouth and started breathing heavily.

His eyes were puffy, and I was sure mine were not different.

“Don’t…” he tried to speak, “Don’t go, please.” His lips again touched my swollen lips, and he started kissing me again making my mouth deliciously wet.

It felt like we were in a deep blue sea and were getting deeper and deeper but none of us feared drowning in it.

While leaning into him, the weight of my body made him lean back against the wall.

When the kiss ended our foreheads were against each other and we were panting like crazy.

“Ashley!” he called me, “You should have never come this close to me.” He complained and that made me angry again.

“Why? You are again planning to ditch me?” I spat and this time at last he raised his head and looked into

my eyes.

How I missed those amber eyes. How they used to appear behind my eyelids as soon as I used to close my eyes to get some sleep.

“I didn’t have a choice.” He tried to make me understand. The desperation in his voice was my undoing.

“So, you thought not to give me one too.” I complained, “you sent me away and for these two years I kept cursing…”

“Two years?” he chuckled, “My kitten! It’s two years, three months, four days.”

“I am not Ashley Deluca.” I argued placing my head against his chest, “It’s Ashley Walters, chief.”

“Says a woman who just disturbed my engagement party? Tsk.” He smirked.

Holding me, he spread his legs before us and placed his ass on the carpeted floor. He settled me on his thighs and tightened his grip around me.

“I… I need to go back to Arguli. My friends must be waiting for me. But I am so tired, Justin. I am so tired.” I said closing my eyes. I didn’t want to fall asleep on his chest.

“Then go to sleep!” He said gently and kissed my forehead.

“B…But I am not done fighting you, Justin.” Strange. I was sharing this with him.

“Then take a nap. The power nap can give you enough strength to fight me later.” He advised me sincerely. Was he helping me in destroying himself? Now, who does that?… I asked myself.

‘The one who loves you.‘ Said a voice inside my head.

“I am still mad at you,” I whispered in a muffled voice.

“I know, love. I know.” He had started kissing my head again and again… every now and then just like old times.

“Don’t go anywhere. Promise me, Justin. I … I am not done with you.” I requested him tiredly.

“I am not going anywhere. I swear. Not now. Not ever!” Holding my chin, he lifted my face and kissed my cheeks one by one before holding my head to him.

Before falling into the deep dark pit, I remembered holding his shirt in my hands.


Yawning loudly, I tried to stretch my arms but couldn’t do it as they were bound by force. With sleepy eyes, I squinted and found two male arms around me. The sleeves on those arms were folded up and the man who was clutching me was looking up at the ceiling.

“Justin!” I wiggled a little to make him aware that I was now awake, “for how long I slept?”

“I don’t know. Maybe two hours?” he smiled looking down at me and nuzzled his nose into mine.

“I need to get back. Anya and Eve must be getting worried. Tomorrow, I need to attend my classes too.” I tried to sit straight but he did not let me, “Justin!” I tried to warn him and looked around in the study, “And where can I see the time? There is no wall clock here.” I held both of his wrists, “You are not even wearing a wristwatch.”

“You took back the wristwatch, I used to wear. Remember?” He said and I went silent after that.

“Come on.” Shifting me to the floor, he stood up, “Ouch!”

“What? What happened?” I asked worriedly when he held his leg.

“My leg. It’s on pins and needles. You stopped the blood flow, Ash.” He scrunched his nose and I had to put some effort to stop myself from smiling.

He helped me to get on my feet, “Let’s get you out of here.” He said and picked up his car keys.

“It’s still dark, Justin. You don’t need to drop me. I am sure I can find a cab…” he didn’t let me finish and pulled me with him.

“Shut up! You still talk a lot, kitten. By the way which movie you watched last time? I missed watching movies with you.”

“Aren’t we going to Arguli university?” I asked him when he skipped the intersection and kept driving

Straight We had been in the car for the past four hours. I had at least taken a little bit of my rest, but he had stayed awake.

I poked his arm when he didn’t reply.


He held my hand and kissed it while driving and then I realized that the straight road ended near Arguli cottages.

My racing heart missed a beat, “No, Justin! Please.” I closed my eyes and shook my head, “Please. Not there.”

“You are not alone, Ashley.” He said and took the next turn, “I am with you.”

“And for how long, Justin?” I twisted my body towards him, “for how long? What if I wake up in the morning and you are not there, anymore?”

I felt him clenching his jaw and saw a nerve ticking there. He didn’t like it, but it was how it was. How to trust him when all he did was get rid of me for some stupid curse?

The car halted in front of that same old cottage that I visited a few days ago with my friends. Justin got down and rounded the car to open the door.

“Ashley! Kitten!” he pleaded when I didn’t budge even after he opened the door for me. He offered me his hand and nodded at me, trying to assure me that I could trust him.

Closing my eyes, I chewed my lip and rejected his hand to come out of the vehicle.

The gates to the cottage opened and a sleepy Edith welcomed us with a surprised look on her face.

“I… I am sorry. I didn’t even clean the place, master Deluca.” She looked around us for any sign of luggage. She was panicked due to this unexpected and unannounced visit.

That too at such an indecent hour.

“Don’t worry. We haven’t gotten any luggage. You can go back to sleep, Edith.” I patted her shoulder and headed to the bedroom ignoring the tabletop that had our written chat on it.

I entered the room where I gave him my virginity and looked around. There were so many memories hanging in every corner of the cottage.

“Nothing has changed here!” I remarked.

“Yeah. Everything is the same,” he heaved a sigh, “except us.”

He was right. I headed to the window and tried to look out. Faint signs of morning light had started appearing in the sky.

I turned when I heard the subtle sound of rustling. My eyes went wide when I saw what he was doing. He was taking off his clothes.

“Geez! What do you think you are doing, Justin?” I demanded while my jaw was touching the floor.

“Getting ready for bed. I need to sleep! Why? You have something else on your mind?” he asked me but the glint in those amber eyes was a telltale sign that he was teasing me.

“You can go to sleep. I have already gotten mine.” I shrugged obstinately and went to sit on the nearby couch.

“Not fair,” he walked towards me in a pair of boxers…. Just in a pair of boxers.

I knew how he looked inside that garment. I mean I still remember how his member looked …

“In my study, you slept on top of me. I also want the same. Even if it’s just for two hours.”

He a again offered me his hand and again I was confused.

“I am not taking off my clothes,” I tried to put forth my condition.

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.” He said gently, “But if you want to… then I won’t stop you either.” Again, that famillar glint.

Bobbing my head, I rolled my eyes and slapped his hand away, “Ok, stop acting like a baby. Let’s make you sleep.”

I tried to bring some mechanical tone to my voice. I needed to sound as emotionless as possible.

I just needed to tell him that his na*ked body couldn’t do anything to me as it used to do before. While climbing the bed, I didn’t miss the smirk on his face.

Clutching me to him, he kissed my cheek, “I love you kitten.” He not only grabbed me into his arms but also placed a heavy leg on my frail body.

“Whether you want to stay or leave. I will never stop loving you. Nobody was there in my life before you and nobody would ever come into my life after you.”

I tried to push him back, but he held my wrists, “I know you don’t want to trust me. But this is the truth. Hard naked truth.”

* *

I kept looking into his amber eyes stubbornly until a gentle expression replaced the crazy one in those orbs.

“I liked it when you kissed me in the study.” He said in a sleepy voice, and I couldn’t stay quiet about that.

“That was just an honest mistake,” I said to his head because his face was now hidden in the crook of my neck.

I felt his hot breath there when he chuckled. In a matter of seconds, he was above me, pinning me to the mattress.

“Mistake? Huh.” He hid his face again in that crook.

“Yeah! Mistake! Huh?” I mimicked him and felt his shoulders shaking with laughter, “By the way why you brought me here?”

“Shh…” his palm covered my mouth gently, “We will talk tomorrow. o

Now, Go to sleep.”

“I don’t want to sleep,” I tried to protest, “I need to reach back and do some homework.”

He didn’t speak this time. I tried to shake his shoulder a little and all I got was snoring.

“Urgh! Justin!” I tried to wiggle myself out of his arm or that heavy leg but could not do it.


Justin pov

I tried to stifle my laughter. My kitten was angry with me. She was fighting it. She was fighting me. She was fighting this fatal attraction that was still raw. The pull that was still there.

She was fighting this tiredness… this sleep that could be detected in her eyes.

You want to leave me, kitten? You are welcome to do so. But I am not letting you go without putting up a fight.

well one come ear

The curse was supposed to be there just me, kitten, and would never leave my side at for That‘

That’s why I had to send you away for one year. In past, I was aware that you would never believe This time it’s different.

According to fortune tellers, the curse was there just for one year after marriage or after consummation. You are the one who came back to claim me. To tell the world that I still belonged to you.

Now it’s my turn, love. I would make you mine. Not by force. But by using the only weapon I have got against you.


That’s all I have got for you, kitten.


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