Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 94

94–Slap Me On The Other Cheek

Sarah’s pov

Granny was sitting in the living room like she had committed some crime. My father was pacing around just to intimidate me. I knew it because he had been doing it since I was a baby.

My mom was the only one who could let him get under her skin otherwise Marwick and I never let that happen.

“Aunt Electra! I didn’t leave my daughter so she can be coaxed into a relationship with any man other than Justin.”

“Dad…” I tried to speak but he didn’t let me. That day, when I told Justin about my relationship with Keith, I cried because I was ashamed of what I did behind his back.

I was not planning to cry in front of my parents or anyone else just because I fu*kin fell for some other guy of my choice.

“Sarah. You will only marry Justin!” he said in his usual heavy voice “No one else but Justin Deluca.”

“Dad!” I stood up.

“I don’t want to hear anything, Sarah.” He was being ludicrous. Just then I decided to put a stop to all of it.

“Nah! That’s not happening, dad. By the way, congratulations! I am pregnant.” I said and then there was this pin drop silence in the room.

“Wh… what did you say?” he mumbled. Granny knew about my pregnancy already and I was planning to tell my dad face to face. Thinking that he would be happiest once he would come to know about it.

“I said … I am pregnant. It’s Keith’s.” Within a matter of seconds, I saw my father transforming into a monster. The side I never witnessed.

Taking long strides, he was about to come closer when Justin’s tall figure came between us.

“Easy, Mr. Garner! Easy!” he held my dad by his shoulders.

“My daughter is pregnant, and you are telling me that…

“She is a grown–up. She must be allowed to not only choose a guy for herself but also to fall pregnant by anyone she wants.”

Justin’s voice might seem soft, but I knew he was fuming. His demeanor was a little bit more nerve- racking than necessary.

“I …” my father took a few steps backwards, “I left my baby with you because I trusted you, Justin. First, you got married to that low life girl, and then…”

“Enough!” Justin raised his finger, “You are Sarah’s father. Both of your kids are my friends. I don’t want to do anything that I might regret later. So, please Mr. Garner”

That at day when Justin fought for me, I promised myself once again that I needed to bring Ashley back. No one knew about those letters that I was writing to Ashley.

Justin was planning to visit the university for annual bidding and I kind of asked him to let me accompany him.

I wanted to meet Ashley,

That day, I was coming out of Professor Georgy’s office when I bumped into her.

Later after the bidding, I happily told her that I was pregnant and all I saw was pain and anger in her eyes.

She didn’t talk to me much and tried to ignore my existence. But I was not ready to give up on them. I wanted to rekindle the flame that had long ago been put off by sheer circumstances.

By that damn curse.

As a last resort, I convinced granny to celebrate her birthday. My parents didn’t want to attend the event as they were too angry with Justin and granny.

But I didn’t give a damn.

I arranged the birthday in Azura hall, invited Ashley, and gave special instructions to my guards that they had to let her in whenever she would arrive.

Well! She came but my letter was not the only reason she was back. Justin was still married to her. The divorce never happened.

When one of the guards told me about her arrival, I quickly went to Justin and brought him forward on the stage.

“Justin. Please. Don’t say a word.” I told him with an over–brightened smile.

“What are you up to, little minx? Whatever it is, I hope Keith approves it.” But I shrugged off his concern with a smile. Keith was out on business and was expected to join me after the party.

“Ladies and gentlemen!” I announced on the mic and lifted Justin’s hand up, “I have got a ring and I need to try it on your finger.” I muttered under my breath.

“What do you mean, Sarah? Have you gone nuts?” he whispered but I kind of ignored his protest and was about to slip the ring when we all heard a loud female voice.

“Stop! Stop right there. Hold your hand right there, ma’am.”

Yay! She was back. Ashley had arrived at last. After two years of effort, she was here. Ashley Walters was here.

Or should I call her Mrs. Ashley Deluca as the divorce never happened? Ha–ha.


Ashley Walters pov


Right now, I was fuming. The girl, Sarah Garner, who made my life hell was not at all ashamed and was laughing behind that dossier I wish… I wish I could kill her.

While the man who was responsible for all my misery was standing there looking out the window. His shoulders seemed tensed, but he stood there I was shocked when Keith came inside (ubbornly not bothering to turn around and face me.

her out leaving both of us alone.

and kissed Sarah. He also held the slight tummy bulge and took


“In these two years, I tried so much to become strong.” I hiccupped and wiped my cheek mercilessly with the back of my hand, “But I guess I am still that weakling who used to cry on every useless thing.”

He didn’t respond to my remark.

I hated to be weak right now in front of him, but those damn tears were making it so hard for me.

“I wish… I could kill you!” I said in anger, “but my hands will get dirty by your blood. I don’t want to taint them.”


“You… you discarded me. And now that old goat… I mean that Electra Deluca is telling me about some God damn curse. Do you people think I am a fool to believe this? I will never believe it, ok?”

Still no response.

“Stop making me angry and talk to me Justin Deluca.” I shouted, “say something at least!”

Still, he didn’t turn around and it made me think if this was him or his cloned version or a statue.

“I hate you, I hate you so much Justin Deluca. I will keep hating you for the rest of my life.” I said brokenly.

“But I love you.” A teary voice came from the man standing there, “I love you, Ashley Deluca. And I will keep loving you no matter what happens. I will do…” he seemed to swallow the heavy lump in his throat,” I can do, and I will do anything to keep you alive and happy. Even if it means staying away from you.”

The unexpected acceptance and expression of love made me rooted to the spot. What… what did he just say?

After a few moments, I found my voice again, “I will never regret that I slapped you. Ok?” I started taking slow steps towards him.

“I know.” He said in a teary voice and went quiet again. Was he crying?

I reached him and holding his arm turned him around. His whole face was covered in tears… And after looking at his face my tears started flowing more.

“You know? I… I am not done slapping you.” I said in between my sobs, he looked down with that pink nose tip and red cheeks. His eyes were swollen due to continuous crying.

Just like me.

He bent down a little until his face was on the same level as mine.

“I … I am so angry at you,” I said looking into his eyes.

He closed his eyes letting those tears to cascade down his face, “I understand. You slapped last time only on one cheek. It’s better if you slap on my other cheek too and let it out of your system.” He whispered gently and closed his eyes. I realized, he was waiting for the slap.

I tried to purse my quivering lips tight, but my shoulders were still shaking with every sob.

His face was becoming more blurred because of this salty water in my eyes. I missed him so much. I could never tell this to Aniya and Shella.

But I missed him like crazy. Very slowly I lifted my hand to slap him and then didn’t know what got into me.

My fingers brushed at the hair above his nape, and I crashed my mouth to him and started sucking his salty lips like crazy.

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