Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 92

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 92


Sarah’s pov

Once I saw the divorce paper lying on Justin’s desk, I held my breath. Justin looked at it mechanically and tossed it aside.

He stubbornly opened his laptop and started working on it. The man was going through so much all at once.

“Stand up,” Holding his hand I tried to pull him onto his feet.

“What is it?” he tried to act nonchalant, but I knew him better.

“I said stand up, Justin Deluca.” Sighing heavily, he pushed back his laptop and stood up.

“Now, what, Sarah?“.

“Nothing. I just wanted to hug you, silly.” I circled my arms around his hard body and leaned my cheek on his chest. He kept standing there obstinately letting me have my way.

“Hug me, a*sshole!” I muttered in his chest and felt his strong arms around me, “Not like this. Hold me tight. Think of me as your friend. A friend who wants to be there for you, Justin. Don’t push me away. Please. Let me in!”

When his demeanor didn’t change, I kept glued to his body purposely, silently telling him that I wasn’t backing off. But then I felt wetness in my hair.

“She sent me divorce, Sarah.” He whispered against my head, “She hates me.”

He was not crying but he had no control over his tears, “I am such a shithead. Why was I even born? When I was a baby… granny should have let me go with my parents. If I was dead nothing of this sort would have happened.”

“Justin Deluca! Don’t tell me you are giving up.” I warned him sternly, “Ashley is safe and that’s what should be your top priority right now.”

“Thank you, Sarah. I am lucky to have you.” He said squeezing me into him.

We stayed like this for some time.

After that, he had gone painfully quiet. He stopped expressing himself, turned cold towards everything, and seldomly smiled.

He was my friend, and I knew he was in pain. I used to hug him a lot, offering him my shoulder.

I could see a new Justin always engrossed in his work. He started expanding his business even more.

It had been one month since Ashley left. Keith and I started dating secretly. We both were big shots so to avoid any acquaintances we started seeing each other either at low–maintenance cafes or nearby parks.

1 could not bring myself to stay at his place nor I could offer him to stay at mine. We both were trying to take it slow without any intimacy. Plus, too much guilt had started bothering us.

Keith wanted to tell Justin as soon as possible but for some reason I was scared. What will Justin think? I was his fiancée … I mean, I used to be his fiancée and was spending time with his best friend.

In between our meetings and our discussions, I tried to gather enough wits to confide in Justin but could not do

As a friend I stayed beside him, consoling him, but whenever I wanted to tell him about Keith, my mind used to go numb.

I might be living in a separate accommodation, but Justin needed me. I daily used to sit with him in his office and used to help him with the business and all the meetings.

It was a usual routine day when Justin handed over his laptop to me and went to his desk to attend a business call. While clicking the keys, I felt the study door opening. Thinking that it must be Alex, I kind of ignored him and got busy with my work, until the man cleared his throat.



What was he doing here? Damn! I knew he was Justin’s friend, but he rarely visited him during working hours.

“Hey,” he said to no one in particular, “Hello,” I mumbled and then tried my best to engross myself in the work, ignoring him. He sat beside me.

“Hey!” he whispered, “You look beautiful.”

My eyes went wide in shock, and I threw a quick glance at Justin.

“Go!” I managed to say and locked my eyes on the screen.

“Sarah!” He spoke again and this time held my hand lightly.

I tried to yank his hand away, “Are you nuts?” I said through my clenched teeth, “Go!”

He didn’t argue but didn’t move away either. Exhaling a sharp breath, I turned my face to him and found him looking at me.

“Keith! Not now.”

“Then when Sarah? He needs to know. You would make it worse by hiding it from him.” Keith was right, But what to do with this guilt… How would I face Justin.

“Believe me, Sarah. You won’t regret it.”

“Yeah,” I sped up the typing on Justin’s laptop, “because there is nothing to regret. Like, come on. We are not sleeping around anymore.”

This time I felt his body go tense, “We did once, though.” He pointed out.

Urgh! Why couldn’t he just understand?

“Keith! Go!”

“Sarah …”

Before he could finish it, I Saw Justin revolving his seat to us, “Hello there, mate.” He smirked. Keith and I didn’t even bother to give each “Justin!” Keith had firmnessther a second glance.

in his tone. He stood up and went to Justin, “Justin. I know we are friends.”

“Keith! No!” I screamed in panic causing Justin to frown.

“I need to tell him, Sarah,” Keith said while walking to his friend.

“Need to tell me what?” Justin also stood up from his seat.

“Justin. I want to apologize. The thing is…” Keith stopped for a moment.

“Justin. Don’t listen to him.” I felt hot tears gliding down my cheeks, “Please, Justin.”

I walked past Keith and held Justin by his shirt.


“I need to tell you that…that…” Keith gulped down his spit, “Justin …I …”

“That you love her?” Justin finished it for him, “What took you so long, pal?”

“No, Justin. Don’t believe him.” I kind of pleaded.

“Justin I can explain this. Please, don’t get mad.” Keith and I were trying to fumble with words without paying much attention to what Justin just uttered.

The moment it all started sinking into our thick skulls, my grip on his shirt loosened and we went silent after that, looking at him open–mouthed.

“You are a fool, buddy, if you think that I didn’t know about it.” What was he even saying? Justin looked down at me all smiling.

“Sarah Garner. This man had a crush on you since childhood. I don’t know why he didn’t muster up this courage before.”

When we didn’t react, he touched my chin with his finger, “You can close your mouth, girl.” With that, he did something unexpected.

He pushed me into Keith’s embrace, “Now shoo away you two. I have so much workload here and I don’t think Sarah would soon be available as she would get busy with you and…” He fell silent when I lunged at him and held him tightly.

“Oh, Justin. Thank you. Thank you so so much.” I said with a sob.

“Stop crying, silly.” Justin held me, “Keith, are you taking your girl, or should I slip a ring on her finger again? In case I need to remind you people, I am a divorcee.”

He wiggled his brows at me making me chuckle.

“I love you!” I said with a teary smile. This time Justin got serious, “I love you too.” Turning his head towards Keith he outstretched his other arm, “I hope you won’t feel left out, man. I love you too!”

I heard Keith groaning beside me. He didn’t forget to put his arm around me while staying in Justin’s embrace.

Wow. This was the best day of my life.

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