Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 91

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 91

91-Changes In Life

Sarah pov:

(Gentle reminder for readers: it’s still Sarah’s flashback from two years ago.)

I needed to get approval for an important contract, so I marched to Justin’s study and found Keith sitting there.

For the last few days, we rarely saw each other.

“Where is Justin?” I asked keeping my tone neutral. His face still gave my brain those angry vibes.


I was not able to forget how he lied to me when all this time he knew, Ashley was with Justin.

“Getting drunk, I guess.” He replied to me without lifting his face up.

“Excuse me! That’s bullsh*it! Why would he do that?” I frowned at him. Justin could be anything but not a weakling. He would never get drunk just like that. He had always been a fighter, not a loser.

“Hah!” He clicked his tongue inside his cheek, “Because he dropped Ashley at the Arguli university…” he closed the laptop, “Along with her friends. Offered all of them enough money for starting education, business, and their lives. He might be worried about Ashley but more than that he is crying because he wasted soooo much money on all these girls.” He pouted and rolled his eyes.

No, Keith was being non–serious.

What did he even mean by this? Keith must have gone nuts. This was the most absurd explanation I had heard in my life. Justin would never cry after his money.

“You are again lying, Keith,” I muttered holding the file to my chest.

Keith stood up from his seat and rounded the desk to lean his hip on it.

“Now, none of them will be coming back ever. They all will settle there. Nor that money will be coming back. Congratulations, Sarah. You must be hell happy! Right? You have at last succeeded.” He raised up his hand and squeezed it to make a fist.

“Shut up!” I narrowed my eyes and turned to leave the study when he closed the distance in just a few long strides and reached me. Holding my shoulders, he spun me around and caged me between him and the door.

“Why?” He pinched my chin and forced my face to look up, “Aren’t you happy? The Pashley girl is out along with her friends?”

“Keith!” I lifted a brow, “I am in no mood to argue right now. I need to find Justin.”

“Really?” He chuckled, “and tell him what? About our intimate moments?”

That remark made me freeze on the spot. His face showed it when he realized he had hit the right spot.

“When are you going to tell him that, love?” this time he said it while eyeing my lips.

“Are you blackmailing me?” I kind of challenged him but was not expecting him to look surprised. He pulled back and put some distance between us.

“I … I will never do that, Sarah. You were right that day when you said that we kind of … cheated on his back. I just want to own it. Nothing else.”

I detected sincerity in his voice.

“It’s not that I will just bang him about our… umm… about our little secret… about that night… It’s just that I want to tell him. And for that, I need you on the same page.”

“Hmm.” I nodded, “right now I guess he is going through something. Like a heartbreak. We… we can’t tell him just like that. He has enough on his plate.”

I tried to reason, and Keith seemed to accept it.

“Ok. Just let me know when you are ready…” I nodded and was about to leave the room when I facepalmed and smiled at him stretching my hand, “This file. Can you place it in his draw?”

Instead of taking it, he kept looking at me. Then raising his hand, he reached to hold it but held my wrist instead.

With full force, he pulled me to him and brought his face closer. I tried to wiggle myself from his grasp but man…

He was not muscular but strong as hell.

“Keith… Leave me right now!” I hissed but he didn’t mind that at all.

“I just wanted to ask if you are interested to have a meal or an ice cream with me.”

“Oh,” I/swallowed hard, “I … I am busy tonight. A meeting is scheduled and …”

“How about tomorrow night?” he didn’t seem to give up.

“Umm.” I licked my lower lip and realized it felt parched and dry, “I … I mean… Nadiya. She has arranged this party and …”

“Ok,” he touched his nose to mine causing it to tingle, “How about after that night?”

“Sh… Shella. She is taking us for watching a movie.” I managed with great effort.

“Hmm. I have forgotten the taste of your lips,” he whispered against my mouth, “Can you remind me?” | closed my eyes and tried to control my quivering lips.

“You are an asshole, Keith…” Too late. He had detected the grin on my face. With a shove, he pushed me lightly with a chuckle and turned back to his seat,

“Then you better get lost, Sarah Garner, before I make you stay here.”

Rolling my eyes, I left the room and for some reason, the smile stayed there plastered all over my face.


Entering the café, I saw Keith sitting in a corner booth.

“You are late,” he said without looking up.

“Unlike you, some of us work, day and night instead of enjoying our dads‘ money.” I plopped my tired ass on the seat opposite him.

“Bring a hot chocolate for my girl, ma’am.” Keith winked at the waitress and turned back to me.

“Hot chocolate? Seriously?” I bent forward and placed my elbows on the small table, “Who am I? A baby?”

“Yeah. You are a toddler who whines, complains, and wants her toy back. You deserve hot chocolate.” His gaze was still running over the menu card.

“Toy?” I giggled tiredly, “Which toy are you talking about?”

“Justin.” He said, looking at me carefully. I thought I heard him wrong, “Excuse me!” Before he could explain himself, I picked up my purse, spun around, and was out of the café in a jiffy.

“Hey, Sarah!” I felt him coming after me.

“Get lost, as*shole!” I spat over my shoulder and kept walking to my car.

“Hey. I am sorry for hurting you. Please stop. This was not what you think.” I heard his breathless voice behind me, but I didn’t stop.

He held my wrist when I was about to open the car door.

“Leave me, Keith.”

He slowly turned me around and eyed my wet face. I did not realize that I was crying. He started wiping my cheeks.

I slapped his hands away, “Don’t touch me.”

“I am sorry. Ok? It was meant to be a satire. I apologize.” Instead of answering him, I stood there against my car, too conscious of his presence near me, “I was teasing you and it went wrong. I have got a poor sense of humor.”

After wiping my face, he held it between his palms, “Sarah Garner!” I felt his hot breath against my cheek.

I closed my eyes and moaned when I felt his lips against mine. I had no idea, for how long we made out standing there leaning into each other.

But once we were done, Keith held my hand and took me back inside the café, “I would be happy if you will come to my place. I can cook something for you.”

“No, thanks.” I wanted to avoid going to his place.

It felt like Justin’s presence had made me blind and now after I walked past him, finally I was able to see the world around me.

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