Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 90

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 90

90-First Letter

Sarah Garner pov

Yup! I am Sarah Garner. The same girl you all have come to despise. I am aware of your hatred towards me. But what could I do?

Justin was my first love, and I could not even imagine living without him. I had to be selfish to get back my fiancé.


Yeah! There is a ‘but‘…

When I thought Ashley was missing, something inside my heart told me I still had a little bit of humanity left within me.

Ashley came back. And so was my anger.

The bitch was with Justin all this time and Keith…

Keith knew it and let me make a fool of myself. He not only let me run around in circles but also used me in bed.

I was angry. I was very very angry.

But then a miracle happened. I was about to leave the Deluca mansion when Nadiya and Sheila told me that Justin is planning to divorce Ashley.

It was supposed to be happy news. I should had been jumping with joy, but I felt like my heart was dead. It could no more feel things.

Ashley was getting better and could not see Justin around her. Before getting her consciousness, he stayed with her like crazy. When he thought nobody was watching him, I witnessed him talking to Ashley’s sleeping body.

The divorce news felt like a sham.

“You still want to shift away?” Marwick asked me one day when I was coming out of Ashley’s room when she was shifted home.

“Yes, please.” He kept sizing me up.

“Are you sure?” He asked me and then it dawned on me that he was aware of the divorce news.

“Yes,” I smiled and hooked my hand through his arm, “It doesn’t matter now, Marw,” I said leaning my cheek on his arm.

“I am so proud of you, sister.” I felt him kissing my head and I squeezed my eyes shut. As siblings, we never were on the same page but today seemed to be an exception.

I shifted to my new apartment and busied myself with our joint business. For some reason, Justin was not able to concentrate on it.

Once I went to the mansion to meet Ashley and found the room empty. Even her friends were not there in their room.

“Where is Justin?” I asked Alex and he pointed to the study room. While looking around casually I asked him, “Where is Ashley? I can’t see her friends either.”

“Two days back, Mr. Deluca sent them to Arguli University’s dorm.” Wait! He did what?

I went to the study and found Justin sitting there staring at something on his phone. I tiptoed and found him staring at her picture.

For the first time in my life, I didn’t mind when I found him looking at another girl’s face.

“Justin?” I called him softly and somehow made him jump. He quickly swiped away the picture and shoved it inside his packet.

“Hey, Sarah.” He had a forced smile on his lips. He was my friend, and he didn’t have to act fake in front of me.

“I went to this meeting and …” I started telling him about a meeting but was caught off guard by this dreamy look on his face.

I never saw him like this. That never happened. He was not even listening.

“Justin!” I leaned forward and placed my elbows on the desk.

“Hmm. Yes. I am listening, Sarah. What else happened?”

What to tell him? That I had already told him about everything in the meeting? He was again zoning out not interested in my response.

“Justin.” I said softly, “Call her back!”

“What? What did you say?” He straightened in his seat

“I said, call her back.”

He tried to swallow the lump, “I … I sent her away to keep her safe.”

“But this is just for one year. Right?” He didn’t respond to that. I knew about the fu*kin curse. My life became upside down because of this curse, “Right, Justin? For one year?” I repeated when he did not say


“N… No. Not one year. She will never return, Sarah.” This time… after so many days… Justin Deluca let me would never have left if I had told her about this silly curse. She would never

see the pain in his eyes.

have left my side for a damn curse, Sarah.” He chuckled without any humor in it.

If I were that old same Sarah, I would have thought he was taunting me. Because I left his side due to a curse. I let him marry another woman because of a bet and a curse.

I got scared for my life.

“I can’t tell her about the curse


“You do realize that she might not

brain, but he just shook his headseturn after that, Justin. Right?” I tried to knock some sense into his

“She is too stubborn. She won’t come back.”

dossier placed on his desk.

No, Justin. I can’t see you in this at that, he tried to shrug off the pain and opened the

No! If Ashley is stubborn then I am also a pig–headed woman. I couldn’t win your heart, but I promise I will bring her back. Once you two will face each other, you two might work it out.

A loving and gentle tone might not work on Ashley Deluca. But something strong and insulting might bring her out and she could come here to face us.

If she is your lioness, then she would surely come back.

“Mr. Deluca. Mrs. Electra Deluca wants to see you.” When Alex informed him, he was at once on his toes.


90–First Letter

When he left the study, I took a small chit and wrote my first letter to Ashley,

I needed to write a few insulting words. Something which would tempt her to come back and force her to

meet Justin. Or to confront me.



This was how I wrote the first letter and I needed to get it delivered as soon as possible. Deep in my heart, I knew that just one letter was not enough to bring her back. But I needed to try.

For my inner peace.

For my friend, Justin.

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