Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 9

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 9

9- Wrong Person

Ashley’s pov

“Ashley? Sweetheart? You are crying? What happened?” Concern was dripping from his voice, and it was making me cry even more.

“Shh…” Still kneeling on the floor, he lifted his hand and gently wiped my cheeks with his thumb, “Can you be alone for a few minutes? I will just be back in a jiff.” He snapped his

fingers. I managed to nod at him.

Without realizing what he was doing, he gave me a quick kiss on my forehead and went out leaving the door slightly ajar.

I started wiping the tears with the back of my hand. It was stupid of me to cry like this when Justin was not at fault here. Maybe I needed to blame this time of the month for making me

extra sensitive.

Waiting for him patiently I started tapping my foot on the floor when I heard him walking to the bathroom, “Ashley?”

Such a gentleman. He was again asking for my permission. This time I did respond to him.


He entered with his gaze lowered down and extended his hand to hand over a brown envelope. Not understanding I looked at him and then at the brown bag.

Before I could ask him, he nodded at me, encouraging me to take the pack. The subtle smile on his lips was making the cleft beside his lips more visible.

“Just call me when you are done. I am not leaving you here.” He handed over the pack and turned his back to me. I fished inside the bag to find disposable panties, tampons, and pads.

Ah! Bless you, Justin. I thanked his broad back, silently.

After getting done with the job I washed my hands. Once, he heard the water running in the basin, he turned towards me.

He looked up and the moment he saw me his face lit up.

No. How was that possible? Come on, Ashley Walters!

Don’t go over there. He is out of your league!

“All set!” He came closer and very gently shifted back a hair strand off my forehead. With that, he bent down and without warning scooped me up as if I weigh nothing.

“Justin… I… I am perfectly fine. Trust me!” He turned a deaf ear to my requests and placed me gently on the bed.

“Here… Take this.” He turned and gave me another brown bag. This was larger and quite heavy.

“What is this, Justin?” I peeked inside and then looked up not understanding. There were juice bottles and some crazy snacking stuff.

“Just in case you want to kill some time. I brought these.” He shrugged and placed a pillow

behind my back, “You just rest and enjoy the snacks. Do let me know if you need anything else I had no idea what you liked so I picked up chocolates and candies and some biscuits…” He sat beside me on the mattress… closer to me, “Chips…”

Like really close…

“So, what else…” I did not let him finish,

“Doritos!” I said loudly in excitement. He turned his head and cocked up a brow.

“Really? Doritos?”

“Yup. I can finish all the packs. I just love them. Especially those spicy ones! Yum!” I closed my eyes feeling the taste on my tongue, “Eating Doritos. Watching a good romantic movie.”

“Well. Then you will get lots of them within an hour.” He smiled.

In my excitement, I forgot. I was not allowed to switch on the tv.

Maybe I could do some snacking while watching it. He must have sensed my smile faltering.

“What is it now, princess?” This man must know telepathy. How could he tell every time that I was upset?

I had to come up with a reasonable excuse.

“Nothing. You are treating me like I am sick!” His amber–colored eyes were roaming my face.

He did not say anything and kept staring at my face. That little thing in my chest that was supposed to provide oxygen to my bloodstream was thudding there.

“What was in your missing bag?” He asked me but for some reason, I could not hear it. Instead, I was just staring at his lips.

“Kitten! Stop it!” He said a little loudly but there was a tinge of laughter in his eyes.

“Sorry. What?”

“What was in your other bag? Clothes? Shoes?” He tucked my stray hair behind my ear, “Just make a mental note of whatever you want. I will take you shopping.”

Now that got my full attention. I was not allowed to go anywhere.

“No! I can’t!”

Instead of responding to my rejection, he kept looking at me. I did not know why I felt guilt in his eyes. None of this was his fault.

“You better take your rest. Enjoy your snacks.” He stood up ruffling my hair and I felt disappointment making its way into my heart.

He was leaving? So soon?

Behave yourself, Ash. The man must have a job. He is not like you were offered ten million for keeping his ass glued to the room.

I stood up picking up my snack bag.

“Where are you going?” He asked me when I started walking towards my mattress.

“I am not allowed to use the bed, Justin. I have nothing to do here. So, if in case I will fall asleep, I don’t want to be caught red–handed.”

He kept standing there like he was trying to decide something.

“Are you planning to go to sleep?”

“No!” I shook my head, “Why?”

“You said you don’t have anything to do right now. How about you accompany me to my office and help me with some calculations.”

“Accompany you to your office? Why? I mean, I just said I am not allowed to step out…

“My office is on this floor. So don’t worry about being caught. Even if someone sees us, I know how to handle the person.”

I was thinking hard about his offer. He was in no way some assistant to the Deluca family. I was sure by now that he was a part of this family.

Maybe some distant cousin of my husband?

So again, about the offer. What good will it do if I chose to stay in the room? At least I could use this opportunity to get a decent human company.

So, I decided to take the offer.

“Take me to your office. Let’s see how I can help you.” The happiness on his face was a telltale sign that I chose right.

Before leaving the room, I did not forget to pick up my snack bag. Once I stepped outside, a shiver ran through me reminding me of what happened last time when I left the room. Justin must have sensed it.

He quickly put his heavy arm around me, “I am right beside you, kitten.”


Sarah pov:

“Now that’s a bummer.” Nadia’s nostrils flared up while trying to hold her yawn. She was not the only one who was tired.

All three of us belonged from the loaded background. Money was never a problem for us. However, right now we were stranded at the airport.

Flights were not available. The ones that were available were already full.

“Can’t we go back to our hotel? I am getting tired now.” Shella complained and I just wanted to strangle my friends‘ necks.

Just a few moments back they were ready to sacrifice their lives for me.

Nadia must have suspected that their complaints were making me furious.

“Sarah. Why don’t you try calling Justin now? He might take your call.” Pursing my lips into a thin line, I gazed at her and took out the phone from my purse with a sigh.

Justin’s phone was ringing again. He was not receiving the call.

“Damn!” I almost threw my phone on the empty seat beside me.

“Wait. Why don’t you call him using my phone.” When I gave Shella, my signature I–don’t- trust–you look she raised her hands to defend herself.

“He knows you are trying to contact him. He might receive the call from an unknown number.” The bitch of my friend thought I was a clown to believe her.

Using her phone means Justin’s number would be there in her phone.

“Oh, come on, Sarah.” She rolled her eyes, “You can delete the number once you are done with the call. Now a days, it’s not hard to get someone’s phone number. Ok?”

Now, this made sense.

Please don’t take me wrong. I could not trust anyone when my fiancé was involved.

Taking her phone, I started dialing Justin’s number. One ring. Two rings. Three…

Hell! It was received.

I could not believe it. He was avoiding my calls and was now receiving a stranger’s number. That was not fair!

“Hello! Sarah! Can you please stop calling me from your friend’s number?” My mouth hung open. He knew?

Here I was trying to keep him safe from my friends and he had a record of all the people around me.

My friend’s numbers were already saved on his phone! Just then my friend’s hand appeared before my eyes and she switched on the speaker of her phone.

“Justin… I…”

“Don’t say anything. Just come back. We can talk about it once you are here.” Now that was a good sign. He was at least talking to me.

“Earlier you were not attending my calls, so I thought… that’s why I was trying from a different number.” For some reason I was feeling embarrassed, “You are still mad at me. Aren’t you?”

“I am not mad, Sarah.” His heavy voice came out of the speaker, “Unlike you, not everyone has time for a trip to unwind. Some of us work if you know what I mean.” I could not stop the smile from spreading on my lips. He was teasing me.

The moment my friends heard him and witnessed my smile they mouthed a silent, “Thank God!” They were relieved and showed me a thumbs–up sign.

They were happy because now we could go back to our hotel and resume our trip.

“I told you there was nothing to worry about.” Nadia patted my shoulder while whispering in my ear. Her whisper was very low so that the man on the other side of the line could not hear it.

I think my friends were right. I took a hasty decision to cancel the trip. I guess it was safe to go back to our hotel. Justin was still the same.

He was still mine.

“What should I bring for you?” I asked him, leaning back a little and looking at the travelers entering and exiting the airport.

“Nothing.” He said busily. His usual signature answers.

He never demanded any gifts or presents. Though he did shower those on me, spoiling me to bits.

“You must be in your office then. I just wanted to talk to you, Justin. Can’t wait to meet you, darling.” I whispered into the phone, “I love you so much, Justin.”

I had been expressing my love to him all my life. I did not know why I held my breath this time. The moment he was about to speak on the phone, I heard a girly voice near him.

“Justin. Do I have to include this company’s calculations or leave it?” I frowned looking at the phone.

“Justin! Who is that?” Justin who was busy telling her something spoke busily.

“It’s Ashley, Sarah. I think I need to disconnect the call. We need to get done with the job today before evening.”

“Ok, Justin. Bye.” He did not offer any explanation that who was Ashley.

However, I knew who she was. The girl did not make it to the dining table but she sure was fast enough to enter his office. She was a maid and was calling him Justin. In the household, every servant was supposed to call him, young master.

“Bye, Sarah.”

My friends were standing near me waiting for some explanation, “Now come on. Let’s go back to the hotel. He is still into you.” Nadia said cheerily.

“I can’t!” I muttered.

“What?” Nadia’s brows furrowed, “But why?”

“The girl you just heard on the phone is in his study. She is the same girl…” I did not want to call her Justin’s wife, “He never allowed anyone in his study aka his office, except me or Alex.” I looked up at my friends, “Even Sean is not allowed to set foot.”

“Oh my God! Sarah!” Shella got what I was trying to say, “You mean the same study he is so possessive about that once he straight away denied making love to you there. Because he could not afford to go wild and stain his study?”

Shella was right. Justin worshipped his office. And he was possessive about it.

“Girls. After all, we do need to return, I guess. I am going to Justin and claim my right.” I told my friends firmly. This time they did not argue.

You bitch! Whoever you are. You picked a fight with the wrong person.

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