Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 89

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 89

89-I Still Belong To You

Justin Deluca’s pov

“I have packed your stuff, Ashley.” When I gave her the news, traces of worry were evident on her face but then she shrugged it off.

I asked her to change and come downstairs. Doctors had given her the required go–ahead and now she needed to be out of there.

Out of the mansion. Out of my system. Out of my life.

Most of our journey was done quietly. I sensed several times that she wanted to talk to me. And I pleaded with her mentally not to say anything. Not to make it more difficult by asking for any kind of explanation.

She seemed to hear it. Because after that she started that meaningless chattering that was part of her. I kept listening to her quietly, not knowing when I would be able to hear her voice again.

Or maybe I would never hear it again. So, it was better if I safe those precious moments in my heart and in my memory. There was a point when she silently fell asleep. I stopped the car to a side and looked at the innocent face. While shifting her hair off her forehead, I started crying again but then I controlled it. I could not afford to blow it away.

Once she woke up, I told her about the importance of studying and moving on. I knew she was hurt that I took the decision on her behalf and got her admitted to the university. Trying to be a douchebag, I had to bring up the topic of Marriage contract too.

That was what I feared the most. She seemed shocked, hurt, and in pain. But keeping a brave façade she not only smiled but like a true little warrior she went inside with Mr. Matt.

Leaning to the car, I was trying to make myself believe that whatever I did was for her betterment. But this pain in my chest … It was not understanding my point and wanted to take over my heart.

Then something clicked my mind. My wife was not an ordinary woman. She was intelligent enough to guess that I might be doing it under pressure.

I quickly took out my phone and glued it to my ear.

Damn! I was right! The moment I saw her reflection on my car’s surface and spoke on phone, “Yes, kitten.

I will be there in a few hours. Then we can plan the day ahead.”

That proved to be the last nail in the coffin.

“Yes? Ashley?” I tried to act surprised when I felt her hand on my shoulder.

She did the most unexpected thing. She took off her necklace and returned it to me. My heart contracted in my chest when she asked me to return the watch.

Oh, no, please, Ashley. Please don’t do this, love. I kept chanting it in my head.

“It was a gift from you.” I tried to reason with her. I wanted something near me that could remind me of her.

“I want it back, Justin Deluca!” She got furious. I handed over the watch and asked her,

“That’s all?”

Yeah. I told you t

so proud of her. I

was my fuc*kin lioness. The moment her hand got imprinted on my cheek, I felt wanted to scoop her up and twist her.

“Now! That’s all!” She said with a smile and left.

If she had returned, she would have found me standing there. Trying to decide if I should go inside to console her or go back home.

“Justin?” I raised my eyes and found Marwick standing there, “You alright? Why are you standing here?” He knew I was the Dean of the university and found it odd that I was just standing there like a statue.

“Justin! Brother. You don’t look alright to me.” He held my arm in concern, “Stay here.” He went to his car, and I saw him taking out the keys and locking his car door.

“Go to the passenger seat. I am driving.”


“No, ifs and buts. I am dropping you home. No way, I am letting you drive like this.”

Instead of arguing I walked to the passenger seat and climbed into the car. He kept asking me if I was sick or something. He kept offering me if I needed to eat something. But all I wanted was to reach home as soon as possible.

I needed to meet her friends.

Once Marwick stopped the car, I wanted to rush inside when he held my arm, “Hey, dude. What is exactly going on?”

“Later, Marwick. Later.” I patted his hand and ran inside.

After knocking the door when I heard a faint yes, I opened the door and entered the room.

“Justin?” Aniya and Eve both stood up.

“Both of you need to go to her. Now! Please, pack your bags.”

“What is going on?” Aniya asked me worriedly.

“I have sent her away to the university dorm. She must be hell disturbed by now. Please go to her. She needs someone close.”

When they both couldn’t speak, I held Eve’s shoulders, “I know Ice cream Heaven was not insured. I will help you if you want a new ice cream parlor.”

“I… I really appreciate it Mr. Deluca but no. I don’t want to open an ice cream parlor. Not here! Not anywhere.”

“Then go and set up a new business, if you want. If you girls wish to study, I will help you both. Just stay with her. Please.”

They both looked at each other and then Eve was the one who nodded hesitantly.

“Please don’t tell her anything about our arrangement.” I kind of pleaded with them.

“You do know she will come to hate you, Mr. Justin. Right? What else are you going to do?”

“Nothing. Don’t worry.” I didn’t tell them that she was my wife but later they would come to know about it from Ashley. “This is the only way to keep her safe.”

I would forever be indebted to those two girls who accepted my request and stayed with her all this time.

But… but I had never felt so lonely especially when I received the divorce decree. I felt like someone had stabbed a dagger in my chest. She had started hating me to the core, but I told myself that it was for her benefit.

89-1 Still Belong To You

The last time I saw her before the bidding, I could not resist and wiped her mouth. She had grown up and had become more beautiful.

Thankfully she did not resist when my sleeve touched her mouth. But tonight, when she showed up and placed her finger on my cheek telling everyone that I still belonged to her.

All I wanted to do was take her in my arms and hold her tightly. To tell her that hey, kitten. I am still yours. I still belong to you.

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