Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 88

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 88


Justin Deluca pov

I still remember. I ran like a madman out of the mansion. My friends had to control me. Keith and Terry wanted to make me relax but I wanted to reach my kitten.

Granny and Sarah convinced me to straightaway reach the hospital. Upon reaching there, we came to know her two friends had already expired on the spot. The closest friend Evelyne had minor injuries as she went out to get the commercial pack of mayonnaise.

Ashley’s orphanage friend, Aniya had reached there in no time.

Poor Evelyne was crying nonstop along with fighting the new horror that she could lose Ashley too just like she lost Elijah and Sam in the blink of an eye.

And Ashley? She had slipped into a coma. She was lucky to survive the serious head injury. I was requested not to enter her room by my family and doctors, but nobody could stop me from meeting my kitten.

She was lying there quietly with a few wraps here and there.

I forgot that I needed to change my clothes or had to shave. Even I could no longer remember that I needed to visit the bathroom. Ha–ha.

For two days, I stayed by that bedside, sitting on that uncomfortable chair, holding her hand that I didn’t want to let go at any cost. Not even when the doctors used to visit her for check–ups.

By the end of the second day, the doctor gave me hope. Her body, at last, had started reacting to the medicines.

It was my third night beside her. I wasn’t aware when I slipped into a deep sleep while talking to her unconscious body.

“Justin. My son!” Granny was slowly shaking my shoulder to wake me up. I straightened scratching my two day old whiskers.


“Justin?” She slowly started running her fingers through my hair, “For the past few days, you haven’t eaten anything. Come outside, son.”

I started shaking my head. I didn’t want to leave her alone.

“I can’t, granny.” I ran my gaze on my kitten’s face where a tube was inserted inside her mouth, “I can’t leave her alone. What if she wakes up?”

“Justin…” Granny placed her feeble hand on my shoulder, holding it I touched my lips to it and looked up to find her wrinkled face covered with tears.

“…you are crying, granny? She will be alright. She is a fighter.” I knew in my heart that my Ashley was a lioness.

My lioness.

“Yes, Justin. I know she will ace it. Once she does. You need to let her go.” She whispered gently.

I forced myself to look into her eyes, “Granny!”

“I know son. I know. If you want her to enjoy her life, then you need to let her go. It’s just for one year, Justin. Bring her back after one year.”

“This is not a game, Granny. She is not a toy. She is a normal human. What to tell her? That hey, Ash. I know you need me after this accident. But I need to stay away from you for some fu*ckin curse? She will never believe it.”

Granny got silent after that. I kissed Ashley’s hand and shifted back her baby hair that was there along her hairline. Tomorrow, I would ask the nurse to do her hair.

“Justin!” Granny held her stick and turned towards the door, “You do need to choose if you want Ashley or Ashley’s life.”

Her remark made me go still. Granny was just being practical. And then in a matter of minutes, I decided what I needed to do. Granny was right.

I had to let her go. For her safety.

“Ashley. Sweetheart! How would I live without you?” I felt tears cascading down my cheeks, “How would I explain it to you?”

I climbed her bed and laid beside her, taking her in my arms. I showered her face with small kisses, brushed her hair gently with my fingers, and held her hand. I kept tracing her features with my knuckles.

While she was busy sleeping, I kept talking to her. I told her to stay strong. Just like a lioness. And then right before I felt my eyes heavy with sleep I cried and asked for her forgiveness.

“I am so sorry, Ashley. Please don’t hate me, kitten. You are strong. You are my lioness. You will make it to the other side. But Ashley. I am not the strong one. I won’t be able to make it. What would I do without you, love.”

I spent those five days with her. Ironically the best five days of my life were spent in Arguli, and the worst five days of my life were spent in this hospital. And both times Ashley was beside me.

It was the fifth day when I felt her hand shaking. That moment was the one when I cried and laughed at the same time.

I laughed because my kitten did it. She made it! But on the other hand, it was a painful goodbye too. I didn’t want her to witness our closeness.

If I needed to send her away, I needed to sound convincing. I softly kissed her lips.

“This is goodbye, Ashley Deluca.” I murmured and brushed my lips against hers, “I don’t know for how long you will stay a Deluca. I know you will hate me. Now, I need to go, my lioness.”

I said and switched on the call button for the doctors.

I needed to go.

Goodbye, Ashley! Goodbye, my kitten!

I had to leave her but all I wanted to do was pull her into my arms and take her with me somewhere far


The doctors had started checking her vitals when I became aloof to my surroundings and came out of the room.

“Evelyne!” both her friends looked at me, “No need to tell Ashley that I was here with her.”

“B…but…” Her friend Aniya tried to speak but I just raised my hand,

“Please. I expect you both to respect my wishes. She needs to think big and a man or a guy should never stop her.” I took a deep breath and blew it out, “I will always be there for both of you. Whether it’s something financial, emotional, or physical. But these past five days should remain here among us.

Promise me.”

Eve and Aniya gave me a tight–lipped smile and nodded their heads in unison. That was all I needed when I left the hospital.


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