Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 87

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 87

87-Justin’s pov

Justin Deluca pov

I am Justin Deluca. The only heir to the Deluca family. The opposite gender could never attract me. Except for casual dates, I was never deeply involved with a girl. Never got into a serious relationship.

Not even whored around. Nah! Never.

That was why I said yes when Sarah asked me for an engagement. We were very good friends, and I was aware that she had a huge crush on me since our teenage years. Though I always found Marwick the more reasonable sibling, I occasionally had to take her side just because I happened to be her friend.

There was no one else in my life so it was easy for me to slip a ring on Sarah’s finger. We had a great relationship where there was mutual respect and understanding.

Sarah liked shopping so we often went shopping. She liked ice cream. I felt good whenever I used to bring ice cream for her.

If she wanted a vacation, I used to send her to her favorite spot. She had a wealthy background. She had the brains, how to run a business but still, she used to demand me such things. Not from her parents but

from me.

I was ready to do anything for her, she just needed to let me know. Except for one thing. Granny wanted me first to get married to some other girl because of my curse.

She wanted to pay the girl who would marry me and spend one year with me. Initially, Sarah opposed the idea but when granny told her about the curse Sarah got worried.

She did not want to die early. She wanted to enjoy life with me. Then her class fellow who had eyes on me for a long time made a bet.

Marry your fiancé and he will never look back at you.

Sarah had blind trust in me. The same Sarah who was not ready to share me with any girl gave up when

the bet was made.

Along with granny, she also started convincing me that I should do a fake marriage so that after one year we could get along with an original wedding and lead a happy life.

That was when Ashley Walters stepped into my life. I was staying away from her until Keith tried to put some sense into me when she had gone missing.

When it was revealed that somebody tried to take advantage of her, I knew I had to keep her under my


The girl who was so fond of movies would easily get disappointed if she would see me dressed. She liked me shirtless but then I ignored it. Because come on. Let’s face it! Who wouldn’t like me shirtless?

I was aware of my strong and stunning personality. But this girl was different. She liked Doritos and could cry endlessly sitting on the bathroom seat.

I started involving her in my office work. Encouraged her to watch movies. Started bringing some personal stuff for her.

I still remember, when she first told me about her fear of Sean who she thought was her husband. I just told her to behave like a lioness.

Ironic! Isn’t it? I used to call her kitten but expected her to behave like a lioness. Well! Guess what! She took the advice seriously.

The day she saw Sean, she did what a lioness would do. Hitting him, clawing at him. And the audience. there was taken aback by her sheer strength.

The girl was adventurous. She sneaked out of the window when she thought no one was looking. I still remember that night when I heard the panicked voice of my guard on the intercom.

“Sir. A lady is trying to sneak out of your bedroom window. You can check the camera’s screen number fourteen.” I quickly clicked on the camera option on my laptop and man…

She was getting down the window like an expert. I observed her all amused and saw her running towards

the wall.

God! She jumped out and happily ran off. I immediately had to send a bodyguard after her and gave instructions to all the guards on duty to put the movable staircase. God, forbid I didn’t want her to break

her neck.

And then this inevitable thing began happening. I started feeling wildly attracted to the kitten I had around in my room. I tried to stay away from her. But she was also feeling those same things. She wanted me to be her first.

I was scared. Because going near her meant intertwining our fates. Marriage on paper was one thing but the intimacy part meant that I might put her life in danger.

The stubborn girl was adamant. I took three day time to let her think. But I was the one buying some time for myself.


And then I gave up. To make it special for her, I took her to Arguli beach. I wanted a getaway from my busy life… thanks to Keith.

But then my fear started taking the shape of reality. The first night, I took her virgi*nity was the most beautiful night of my life. My virgin kitten had turned me into a crazy man who could not get enough of her. But the very next morning she got bitten by a snake.

I tried to shake off this weird feeling that was settling in the pit of my stomach. No, I might be imagining

  1. That could not be true.

Until the second accident happened. Luckily, she survived this one too but then I received a call from


“Justin! My son! What is happening?” She was scared for me.

“It’s nothing, granny. Don’t worry.” I tried consoling her.

“Justin. Bring back that girl. Whoever she is, I will never stop you to go for her. But Justin… Just one more


Urgh. Again, the same shit. How to tell granny that I was there when the accident happened? It was just a local drunk driver and nothing more.

Those were the best five days of my life that I still cherished. We came back and according to doctors she didn’t need that much rest and was good to go. I urged the doctor to suggest bed rest so she could spend maximum time with me in the confines of my bedroom. Yes, I was willing to stay with her!

For me, nothing was more important than her. She wanted to say goodbye to her friends in a more respectable way. She did have a point when she said her friends deserved to know that she was resigning.

I was pacing in the study when I received the most horrific news. The gas cylinder of the small café got blasted.

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