Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 85

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 85

85- Destroy The Party

Ashley Walters pov

I was wearing a stretchy velvet dress adorned dotted with sequins. It had a low–cut V–neck and hardly covered my thighs.

“Isn’t it showing too much skin?” I asked Eve who had given soft curls to the lower half of my hair.

“You look hot! Don’t see yourself from your eyes. Have a look from Justin’s eyes!”

“Oh, please!” I rolled my eyes and eyed my v–line where Eve had sprinkled a little shimmer. It was enhancing the sides of my boobs.

“I am not going to prove anything to Justin. I just need to teach the couple a little lesson.” I said while slipping my feet into the heel sandals.

“The car has arrived,” Aniya announced and stopped dead in the doorway, “Awesome! Thank your stars | am not into girls. Otherwise, I would have fallen in love with you.”

I hugged her tightly to me. I had to make her believe that I didn’t hold any grudge against her. She wanted to accompany me, but I simply denied it.

This was my fight. I didn’t want to involve my friends in it.

“Guys! Wish me luck!” Picking up my matching clutch bag I straightened with a smile that must be showing that I was hell nervous.

“I am sure you can do it, love.” Evelyne cupped my cheek and then I felt like she wanted to say something. The way she was staring…

She was turning away when I held her arm, “What is it, Eve?”

“Nothing,” She tried to avoid looking at me, “It’s just… Justin is not as bad as you think, Ashley.” When the skin between my brows knitted, she raised her tear–filled eyes, “If possible… try to …”

“Try to what?”

We all bounce in our places when her phone started ringing, “Go,” She said softly, “the car is here.”

She had asked a friend of hers to drop me at the Deluca mansion.


It had been two years since I left the place. No! A little correction.

I did not leave the place. I was made to leave it. Justin made me do it.

A watchman outside the mansion gates came jogging to us, “All the family members can be found in

Azura hall, ma’am.” He must have thought that I was an uninvited guest.

Right now, my heart was drumming in my chest. I didn’t know what I was going to do at that engagement party except I needed to teach a lesson to that Sarah and her fiancé.

The hall was not much far away from the mansion. There was a long queue of cars and the valet attendants seemed to be on their toes.

“Will you stay?” I asked Eve’s friend who had brought me here. He had some work to do nearby. Eve had instructed me to book a car along with the driver for my way back.

“No, Ashley. I need to leave. My customer must be waiting,”

“Thank you.” I turned to open the door when he called me again, “I am here for two hours. If you want a ride back within that time just ring me. I’ll come to pick you up.

“Thank you, Jim,” I said to the middle–aged man who worked under Evelyne.

Then I inhaled a sharp breath and lifted my chin with my shoulders squared.

It was time!

However, how could I forget that they will be checking the invitation cards? Shit!

“Ma’am?” the guard at the entrance was about to say but then came with only three words, “Are you, Ms. Walters?” He was checking his laptop for something.

Before I could utter something to defend myself, he gave me a friendly smile, “Our host is expecting you. This way, please.”

I found it strange. So, Ms. Garner was sure that I would arrive. Interesting.

I went inside and ran a careless glance at all the guests gossiping there. All of them belonged to the uppermost polished class.

None of them knew about Ashley Walters. Slow music was playing in the air.

Just then I saw her standing on the stage. Wearing a white colored tight dress, her small baby bump was visible. She was busy on the phone that was clutched to her ear.

God knew who she was talking to. Because in an instant she was grinning ear to ear. She turned to a man whose back was facing me.

That familiar man with broad shoulders. She said something in his ear and turned him around. As compared to her beaming face there was no happiness on Justin’s face.

Or maybe I had gone blind.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Sarah spoke on the mic.

As always… asking for attention, “May I have a minute of your attention please.”

She handed over the mic to a person standing nearby and took out something from her purse. A velvet box She opened it and said something looking into Justin’s eyes.

Several creases appeared on his forehead. Before he could say something, she held his hand and started slipping the ring into his finger.

“Stop! Stop right there!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

Sarah gave a smirk when she saw me… while Justin? It felt like he had seen a ghost. There was disbelief in his eyes.

“Hold your hand right there, ma’am!” I narrowed my eyes at her and started strolling towards them. The initial panic had evaporated in the blink of an eye.

The woman who was walking towards them had confidence and poise.

“Sarah Garner. Please move away your hand. You are NOT allowed to touch what is still mine. No, honey!”

People around me had started speaking in hushed tones. But I did not give a damn.

I reached the stage and started climbing on it. Ignoring Justin, I kept looking at Sarah.

“Ms. Walters. What are you exactly talking about?” I frowned when I heard the voice. I knew this voice. In past, this lady never called me by my name.

She always called me by the word ‘girl‘. This was the first time this old goat was calling me by my name. Huh! Mrs. Electra Deluca,

Carrying her stick, she took a step. I had to give her the credit for being so strong at this age too.

“You said Sarah is not allowed to touch what is yours. What exactly is yours, Ms. Walters?”

Uh–uh. Was she that naive?

I walked to the couple and placed my index finger on Justin’s cheek and then regretted it. My whole body was on fire. The whiskers under my finger were causing delicious tingles

“Ms. Walters? Move away your finger from my grandson.”

I chuckled and turned to her. My finger was still placed on his cheek, “Ma’am. Your grandson is still my husband. You can’t marry him off to anybody.” I smirked at Sarah and felt her smile going weak.

“Sorry folks. They just can’t get engaged. He is married and I can sue him if he will do it.” I looked directly into Justin’s eyes.

“Ms. Walters,” for some odd reason Electra Deluca’s voice carried amusement, “There is I think a little misunderstanding.”

I shook my head, “No ma’am. There is no misunderstanding. He is still married to me. The lawyer sighed, “he was a fake fellow. So, no. We are not divorced. He can’t get engaged.”

I shrugged my one shoulder.

“Ms. Walters. Who told you they are getting engaged?” Electra Deluca pursed her lips tightly as if trying to control her laughter.

What? Maybe the old goat’s memory was giving up on her. Poor thing!

“Look around you, Ashley Walters,” she said in a stern voice, “this is NOT an engagement party. It’s a birthday party.”

“Wh… what?” I looked at her open–mouthed and slowly twisted my neck to Sarah. She curved down her lips and shrugged.

“Yes, Ms. Ashley. No one is getting engaged. Tonight, we have gathered here to celebrate my birthday.”

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