Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 84

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 84

84–Lawfully Mine

We had dinner at a fine restaurant and enjoyed ourselves a lot. This was a small effort from my friends‘ side to bring me out of my nonexistent depression.

And I kid you not. We wore our sexiest outfits, applied makeup, and did each other’s hair. Aniya kept discussing Marwick that how he was not able to divert his eyes from my face.

And I kept negating her wild guesses. According to her every walking male on the earth was interested in me. After dinner, they wanted to go to a pub, but I denied.

I had to prepare for my next day’s presentation. Mr. Gordon also wanted a detailed report about our projects and plans.

I wanted to do my homework.

“Come on, Ash. You need to loosen up a little. All work and no play is making you dull.” Aniya complained but I ignored it.

“I will do it on a weekend I promise.” Aniya climbed into the car with a pout and shoved her earphones in

her ears.

“Listen, baby girl.” I quickly eyed her in the rearview mirror while driving the car, “Guess what? You people can drop me home. Then go and get drunk.”

I said while taking a turn. Eve was the one who forced me to learn driving, so that she could sometimes


“Leave that topic. I didn’t want to disturb your mental peace. But when are you visiting Justin?” I was not expecting this question from Evelyne sitting beside me.

“What about him? Why should I visit him? Secondly, he is no more here. They left this evening and must

be home by now.”

“So, you don’t want to talk to him. At least listen to his side, Ash.”

“Listen to his side? Don’t you think it’s too late now? He should be the one to initiate the talk. He sidelined me. Threw me out of his life. Turned my life upside down and you expect me to …”

“Ashley!” Aniya spoke from behind, “Slow down the speed.” She seemed terrified, “Eve! This is not a good time to upset her when she is driving. We can have this discussion at home.”

“No,” I clenched the steering wheel so tightly that my knuckles must have turned white, “We are not having this discussion. Not now, not ever!”

Both of my friends didn’t dare to argue with me. I never realized until tonight, they always encouraged me to have a dialogue with Justin. Yet never said a word against him.

The rest of the way none of us uttered a single word.

When I stopped the car, I asked them without turning, “You girls go and enjoy!” I said softly and came out of the car.

Evelyne shifted from the passenger seat to the driving.

I quickly went inside and changed into my PJs. To take my mind off the conversation I opened my laptop and started working on it.

Gerald had extended his visit and was not expected back another week. I did not know how he would manage to complete his missing work. Of course, I would be helping him but some of our professors took

long absences from their classes quite seriously.

After closing my laptop, I yawned loudly and fell back on the pillow.

I still had to brush my teeth but was so tired that I closed my eyes for a quick nap. It was supposed to be a five minutes nap so that I could work some more on the project.

I didn’t know for how long I kept sleeping. However, there was something unusual that made me wake up. My apartment was still quiet. This was some strange kind of quietness.

I felt my heart sinking. What was it? Where were my friends?

I tiptoed to the living room and saw Aniya sitting on the couch with her head buried in her knees. She was hugging her knees as if her life depended on it.

While Evelyne was sitting beside her, stroking her shoulder with sympathy. Something was not right.

“Aniya?” My hand flew to my chest in order to control my heartbeat, “What is it? Are you crying?”

I asked her when I saw her shaking shoulders, “Did something happen at the bar? Somebody tried to molest you?”

I sat on the other side and started brushing back her hair, “Tell me, Evelyne! Why is she crying?”

Eve was avoiding eye contact with me. Tension was written on her face.

“Aniya! Can anyone care to tell me what’s going on? I am getting worried!” I demanded and shook Aniya’s


Suddenly she raised her tear–stricken face and twisted her body to hug me, “I am sorry, Ash. I am so sorry. I made a mistake and now you will suffer because of it. I am such a puny friend. I don’t deserve your friendship. Please forgive me.”

None of this was making sense.

“Aniya!” I pushed her away to have a clear look on her face, “Look at me, baby. Look at me.” I held her face, “tell me. What is it?”

“You… you will never talk to me, Ash,” She hiccupped, “You will start hating me. I am so sorry.”

“Gosh, Aniya! Stop it!” This time I screamed, “Evelyne! What’s going on!”

Evelyne just swallowed hard but remained quiet.

Aniya tried to speak, “M…my friend… the one who used to tell me that he was a lawyer. The same one who used to visit me in the orphanage. He called me… just a few minutes back… he is opening a small bookstore and wanted to invite me to the inauguration.”

“So? That’s a good thing. Why are you crying over it? Maybe he likes you a lot!”

“I… I am crying because I confronted him. Last, when we talked, he was on the way to a law degree and now a bookstore. It didn’t add up. Then he revealed that… that …” She again started crying.

This time I waited patiently for her to speak.

“He told me… Ash that… he never went to a law school. He said it just to impress me. Because he liked


“Oh,” my poor friend! That man lied to her. That scum bag!

“Aniya! Listen, baby. He is not worth these tears. No man is!” I started wiping her face when she held my wrist.

“There is more to it, Ash!”

“Ok. And that is?”

“He is not a lawyer. So, the divorce decree he sent to Justin doesn’t hold any value. It was never signed by the judge!”

I felt like someone had pushed me into a deep pit where there was nothing but darkness around me.

“Wh… What do you mean?”

“She means…” Eve spoke for the first time, “that you and Justin are still… legally married.”

I felt like someone had dropped the bomb on my head. I closed my eyes and squeezed them. Maybe it was all a dream.

“I… I don’t believe this!” I breathed and felt Aniya’s arms around me.

“I am so sorry, Ash. I am so sorry.” She was again crying, “Please don’t hate me, Ashley. I have no one

except you two!”

“Are you a fool, Aniya? Why would I hate you? Go and wash your face!” I told her sternly. This was sheer bad luck, and I could not blame her for it.

Just then Evelyne handed me an envelope, “When we came inside, I found it lying just inside the doorstep. Someone must have slipped it under the door.”

I held the envelope and ran my gaze on it, “It seems like this time Justin’s fiancé sent you a shitty letter again. Open it. Let us know what she is saying this time.”

I tore the envelope to take out the paper and started reading it loudly.

“Dear bitch. How are you? This is me again. Do you know why I am writing it? It’s because I am getting engaged to the love of my life. The same love you tried to snatch two years back. Now, look at me. I am not only pregnant, but we are ready to announce to the world that we are together.

This letter is sent to you as a special invitation. Remember? Once you helped me in returning to the Deluca mansion? Well! I want to return the favor.

I, Sarah Garner, invite you to my engagement on this date and day. At Azura hall on the same street where

the Deluca mansion is.

I will really enjoy it if you will be there, and I will be slipping the engagement ring on the finger of my


Will impatiently wait for you.

Yours SG!”

“Bitch!” Eve cursed under her breath, “F*ck!” She stood up and started pacing in the room. I crumbled the letter and tossed it away.

Evelyne picked up the letter and started reading its contents again. She was fuming while I just dropped my head to the side on Aniya’s shoulder.

“The engagement is tomorrow!” Eve said and then turned to me, “You are going tomorrow!”

“What?” Aniya and I both spoke at the same time.

“Yes!” She snapped her fingers, “I will buy you a bomb dress, will help you in getting ready. Go to this party and crash it, Ash. Tell this bitch that Justin still belongs to you!”

“B…But I am not interested even though… I mean…”

“F*ck it, Ash! You can’t allow her to walk over you throughout your life. Show this couple who is in charge.

You can divorce him later if you want. This is supposed to be her big day. Go and destroy it! Do it with class, all dolled up. Looking more beautiful than ever!”

I kept looking up at Eve, “Will you accompany me?”

She shook her head, “I can’t. You know the reason. The love of my life is no more there. If I ever get a chance, I will not hesitate to go to him. But Justin is alive. Give it one last try. At least listen to him. Don’t give up so easily. No one is stopping you to get a divorce. That will be your decision. But you need to go and let them know who you are.”

For the first time that night, a genuine smile broke on my lips, “You are damn right. Sarah Garner wants to make this night memorable. I will make it more memorable for her!”

I stretched my arm and offered my hand with my palm upside. Aniya was the first one to place her hand on it. Evelyne came closer and with a naughty grin, she covered Aniya’s hand.

Watch out, Sarah Garner! I am coming to take what is lawfully mine.

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