Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 83

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 83

83- Dear Bi*tch

Sarah pov

Alex was helping me with the entries in my laptop when the door to the office flung open and a raging

Justin came inside.

“Who prepared the dossiers for the bidding participants?” He was seething with wrath. As soon as he reached his desk, he held the papers lying there and threw them away with full force.

The papers flew and landed on the floor all scattered. My heart thudded in my chest.

“Mr. Deluca.” Poor Alex tried to fix his tie, “I… I did it. Is there a problem?”

“Problem? Alex? Do you realize what have you done? You made a blunder!” His fist landed on the desk with a thud which made me jump at my place.

I Placing my hand on my chest I stood up, “I am sorry. I guess I should leave.” Muttering under my breath I turned to leave the office when I heard his voice again,

“Shit! I am sorry. Sarah!” Instead of turning around I stopped and waited for him, “Come back. Please sit down.”

Swallowing hard, I looked at him. His palms were resting against the desk while with his eyes closed, he was taking deep breaths to control his fury.

I gestured to Alex silently to leave the room. I did not want Justin to be any angrier with his hard–working assistant.

“What is that all about, Justin?” I went near him and held his arm, “look at me. What is it?” He kept standing there clenching his jaw. I could feel the nerve ticking there.

“Justin!” I whispered.

“Sarah!” He, at last, opened his eyes, “He is such a big fool!” he again balled his hands into fists, trying to

control his emotions.

“He… Alex mixed all the bidding files. Do you know what just happened?”

“No. Tell me.” I asked in concern and somewhat had an idea of what would come up.

“I just received a call from Edith. The caretaker from Arguli beach cottage.” He scratched the back of his


“The one you bought from Keith two years back? That one?”

“Yeah.” He leaned his hip to the desk, “The bidding file got to… it got to… h… her.”

“Her?” I shrugged, “Who?”

For some reason, I knew who he was talking about.

“Ashley!” the moment the name came out of his mouth, I flinched, and he almost dropped to his chair holding his head, “She got the file. She not only went there but also…” he closed his eyes again and I had never seen him this heartbroken, “I even can’t imagine, Sarah. How miserable she must have felt. There are… things that she should not have seen. I can’t undo it now, but a small blunder cost me this.”

He again punched his desk.

“Relax, Justin. You just said that it cannot be undone. Can it?” I went to him and revolved his chair towards me.

No matter how angry he was. He would never harm me. And after my pregnancy news he had become more caring towards me.

“Look here.” I held his face, “look at me, Justin.” He raised his eyes and the despair in them! I felt as if someone had squeezed the heart in my chest.

I leaned a little forward to come down to his level, “Tell me, Justin. Do you trust me?”

“Sarah. You should not bend down with your condition…” I did not let him finish.

“No, love. Tell me. Do you trust me?” He got quiet and nodded his head, “Good. Because if you do then mark my words. She is… a lot stronger than you can imagine. Do you agree to that?”

He nodded again when I asked him.

“Good. Then stop worrying for her, Justin.”

“But, Sarah…” He opened his mouth to speak.

“No ifs and buts, Justin.” I raised my index finger to warn him.

“I… I came to know that Marwick is there.”

“Yes, he is. Why?” What was the relationship between Marwick and Ashley in all this?

“His presence was a blessing. I asked him to go to her and see if she is doing alright.”

“You did what?”

“I couldn’t be there. So, I needed to ask someone. Marwick said she was all good and even he offered her a ride back home. He wanted to make sure that her mind remains occupied with something other than


Urgh! Men!

I wanted to roll my eyes. Why do these men think that everything revolved around them?

I headed to the mini refrigerator of the office and grabbed a water bottle, “Drink it!” I offered him the glass after pouring water into it.

“Thanks.” He still seemed shaken. I kept observing his face. I needed to do something before everything

blows up.

“Mr. Deluca?” Alex was standing in the doorway, “Board members are waiting for you in the conference


Justin nodded and stood up, “Thanks, Sarah.” he kissed my forehead, “Do remember to pack up your bags. We are returning home today,” with that he left the office.

“Ms. Garner?” Alex was still standing there instead of following Justin.

“Yes, Alex?”

“If you are brave enough to mix the files then you should be braver to face his wrath!” His tone was polite but his eyes…

“Alex. I think there is some misunderstanding.” I tried to stay polite with the fu*king assistance.

“I am Justin Deluca’s assistant. And I am aware of what is happening around here. Next time if you pull a stunt, please learn to take responsibility too. Because next time, I won’t stay quiet.”

With that, he closed the door with a thud.

Son of a …

Flipping my hair, I smiled and sat on Justin’s seat. Alex won’t tell Justin but next time he won’t stay quiet Hmm. Interesting.

But who will stop me?

With a smirk, I tore a sheet from the office pad. It was time to write a note to Ashley Walters. And this time it won’t be having few words.

Smiling to myself, I held the pen and started writing the letter to Ashley Walters. Because we were leaving today and this letter needed to reach her on time.

“Dear bitch! How are you? This is me again…

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