Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 82

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 82

82-Future Designer

Ashley Walters pov

Pain. Hurt. Sorrow.

Everything started attacking me, all at once. Edith was not allowed to erase it? For Justin, it should mean nothing. He was NOT supposed to cherish it.

I was not aware if I was strong enough to carry on with my assignment. Evelyne brought us out of that cottage and asked Edith to close the gates behind us.

“Where would we stay?” Aniya asked her worriedly.

“Anywhere but not here,” Evelyne replied to her, “We might drive back home.”

Instead of heading to the car, we went to the beach. I laid back on the sand not caring in the world if it would dirty my clothes.

“Girl! That was some hot stuff written on that table. Ashley, you need to go and talk to Justin. No guy would ever go to such lengths to save these chats unless it has got some meaning for him.” Aniya said sitting close to me.

“I was crazy after Doritos.” I told no one in particular, “he used to bring me those. B… But I stopped liking those. Now I can’t bear the sight of it.”

“Yeah,” I heard Eve beside me, “Just like I started hating mayonnaise. I can’t eat at a restaurant whenever

I see a sandwich on the menu.

When the blast happened, Evelyne was out looking for mayonnaise for her special sandwich recipe.

“That’s why I never fell in love.” Aniya clicked her tongue, “I love food more than any man.” Despite so many tensions, Aniya’s analogy brought a smile to my face.

“You know what, Aniya?” Eve sat up straight, “You are a prick!” She threw some sand on Aniya’s legs.

“We are not carrying any other decent clothing, Eve. And let me remind you we are not booked in a hotel. So, you better don’t dirty my legs. They are se*xy and if a handsome hunk will pass by, he will think … Oui. Stop it, Eve!”

Aniya raised herself on her elbows.

Suddenly there was a shadow hovering over us, “Excuse me… Ashley?” Asked a male voice.

We raised our faces to look at him, but he was standing just in front of the scorching sun. Whoever he was, had a distinguished height and he knew my name.

“Yes?” I placed my hand on my forehead to block the sun, “Who is this?”

“Holy cow!” I heard Aniya whisper, “He is wow!” She breathed and I had to bump her with my elbow to make her stay quiet.

“Oh, you have forgotten me so soon, Ashley. This is where I saved you from the snake bite.”

Frowning to myself, I stood up and tried to have a clear view of the man, “Shit! Marwick!”

I didn’t know why, but despite being Sarah’s brother I could not stop myself from hugging him. He was not even my friend.

He looked gorgeous in an open button–down shirt with navy blue shorts. Wearing those dark glasses was only adding more style to his personality.

“Thank God! Otherwise, I thought I needed to sing a song to remind you about me.” He said good- naturedly and circled his arm around me.

My gaze fell on my friends whose jaws were dropped open. That drool on their faces could not be missed though.

“Umm. Marwick. They are my friends. She is Aniya. And meet Evelyne.” I introduced them. They exchanged hi and hellos and Aniya quickly extended her hand for a handshake.

“Nice meeting you girls.” He shook Aniya’s hand and then his arm was back around me, “Why you were laying here like gypsies? Is there a problem?”

“Yeah.” I hooked my thumbs in the pockets of my jeans, “I was here for my project work and my friends accompanied me.”

“Really? Which project are you doing? I might hire you for my brand–new head office in the future.”

“Ahan. Sure.” I closed one eye, “I was here for … the umm eh… Deluca cottage.” I chuckled and felt his smile faltering a little.

“You got to be kidding.”

“No,” Aniya spoke for the first time, “She is serious. By the way who are you exactly?” She seemed very interested in Marwick. He was an intelligent man, I didn’t think he must have missed the way she was running her gaze on his taut muscular body.

A little confused about how to introduce Marwick to my friends, I put in a little effort, “He is Marwick. He helped me once when I was bitten by a snake in Arguli.”

“Oh,” Aniya put in, “You never told us he is so…ho… I mean he is so good–looking!” Urgh. It was so obvious. Aniya was going to say HOT! It was written on her face.

“In case if you don’t know,” Marwick took off his shades showing them his icy blue eyes, “I am Sarah’s brother!”

“What!” both my friends were behaving irrationally by now. Marwick’s smile widened at their open mouths. He did have an idea about his wicked sister.

“How are you people planning to go back?” He asked and placed back his glasses on his nose.

“We have our car with us.” By now Aniya and Eve were sensible enough to walk away giving us some


“It’s good to see you, little one. I wish we could spend some more time together.” The way he said it, it felt strange. Like he was yearning for my company yet at the same time it was not at all creepy.

“Why don’t you visit me someday, Marwick? I reside in the Red Clay apartments near the University.” He held my hand good–naturedly and kissed it.

“Or you can send your friends and we can go back together in my car.” I threw a glance towards my friends who seemed to be teasing each other.


Somehow my friends were expecting it when I asked them to carry on with their journey so that I could accompany Marwick. They were more than happy.

“Yes, please.” Aniya had rolled her eyes at me, “Start dating him so that you can come out of this Justin signs fever.”

“What are you thinking little one ” Marwick’s voice drew me out of my thoughts.

Sitting in the passenger seat, I shook my head and stared at the long road ahead. It had been hardly one hour when he slowed down the car and pulled up at a side.

I looked at him questioningly.

“Let’s have something to eat!” he suggested before turning off the engine. There was a small café located for the passers–by.

“I already ate before going to the beach, Marwick.” I was lying but I didn’t feel hungry.

“Then coffee?” he asked me with hope in his eyes. His face lit up when I bobbed my head.

“So,” he said taking a sip from his disposable cup, “what are your plans after you are done with your degree?”

We were holding steaming cups of coffee, leaning on the car side by side.

“I don’t know,” I shrugged, “Maybe find a job?”

“Come to me after you are done with your degree.”

“Oh,” I lifted my coffee cup, “So you brought me here to bribe me, Mr. Marwick?”

“Absolutely, Ms. Walters. How can a businessman like me can let a future top designer go somewhere else?”

“What if… I say NO!”

“Hmm. Then obviously I might kidnap you until you do agree to work with me.” Bringing his face closer to mine he made a serious face, “Ashley Walters.” He whispered, “Look around you. The place is secluded. There is almost no one around here.”

He narrowed his eyes and smirked evilly, “How about I kidnap you and take you somewhere!”

I kept looking into his eyes and then blinked twice, “I Am So Scared Mr. Kidnapper. Oh, Please Let ME GO. Help! Help Help!”

Though my voice sounded dramatic, a couple who was walking past us started throwing doubtful gazes towards Marwick.

“Shit! Ashley!” He almost choked on his coffee, “They might report me and get me arrested!” he was chewing his lower lip in order to control his laughter.

“Serves you right!” I took a chug from my cup, “A man who kidnaps a top interior designer should not be spared!”

After taking the last sip from my coffee I looked for a trash bin when he hurriedly held my cup, “Give it here.”

Holding both the cups he put them in a brown bag and tossed it carelessly in the trunk. For some reason, it didn’t sit well with me. Why would he do that?

Just then I saw a trash can at some distance.

“Marwick. There is a trash can! I can throw it for you.”

“No need princess.” He patted my shoulder to sit in the car, “Let’s go. Otherwise, your friends might get this wild idea that I am really kidnapping you!”

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