Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 80

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 80


I was wearing a simple blue, A–line dress that reached just above my knees and opted for matching blue pearl earrings. I straightened my hair and let them cascade down my back without any clips or scrunchie.

The party was arranged in a hotel and was in full swing. I went to the table where I spotted my other university fellows. Rayan was also sitting there and seemed to be on his best behavior.

The party was arranged in honor of the students who had gotten successful bidding.

“You are late! Mr. Deluca and Ms. Sarah have already left the party.” Rayan informed me and stood up to fetch me a drink.

I didn’t know why he was acting differently tonight. However, I took a sigh of relief when he told me about Justin and Sarah. I didn’t want to face the couple.

I engaged myself in small talks with the other fellows as they were already accompanied by dates except for me and Rayan. Gerald had to go out of town for meeting his mom who was admitted to a hospital.

“Walters! Interested to dance with me?” Rayan asked me while offering his hand. He might be creepy, but I could not reject the dance offer tonight when he was making efforts. I silently placed my hand in his and accompanied him to the dance floor.

“You have got a great figure.” I was taken aback when he remarked casually, “You sure deserve someone better than Gerald.”

“Rayan. Do you want me to continue dancing or leave you in the middle of the dance floor all alone?”

“Ok. I am sorry. You need to understand that I am your well–wisher. You know? When my dad told me last night that he has inaugurated a new branch of our store I was over the moon and ….”

Oh, God! Good old Rayan. Who could never detect from a person’s face if the person before him would be interested to know about his father’s assets or not?

Thankfully when the song ended, I politely detached myself from his embrace and went to my seat.

“I really wanted to have one more dance with you.” He did not feel shy to show his disappointment. I had to keep this pretense of a happy person who was fond of parties otherwise I wanted him to shut the f*ck up.

“Maybe some other time?” I gave him an over–brightened smile and started playing with his cuff button.

Silly me! The purpose was to shift his focus away from me, but it did the opposite. His hand covered mine and his gaze fell to my lips,

“I know what you want from me, Ash.” He said while licking his lower lip to make it wetter.

“Yeah? Then go and bring it.” He blinked back a little.

“Bring what?”

“Bathroom, silly. You can’t bring it here. I need to use the bathroom.” I giggled and got up to walk towards the restrooms. I could feel his burning gaze following me.

The moment I turned the corner, I grabbed the opportunity and exited the hall. In my haste to get away from Rayan, I had forgotten my clutch on the table.

There were not many people in the garden, and I could feel curious glances being thrown my way. Ignoring all of it I strolled towards a bushy area that was a little bit darker and had a broken bench.

I slipped into darkness and sat on the cool bench, while inhaling and exhaling the air. It was peaceful and

“Perfect place for a hideaway? Isn’t it?” my heart dropped in the pit of my stomach when I heard a heavy male voice beside me I didn’t know when he came and sat there

“Hello!” He saluted with his hand which had a cigarette pressed between his thumb and forefinger, “If you don’t mind, can 17” He lifted his cigarette and I realized that he was asking for my permission to smoke

A gentleman However, I could not divert my eyes from his face which seemed too familiar to me

“In case you are thinking where have you seen me? I am Rafael Wyatt ”

Rafael Wyatt? I frowned trying to remember and then my eyes went wide with shock

Oh, My God! THE Rafael Wyatt Movie start

“It’s ok Please don’t panic. You are not dreaming. I just wanted some privacy.” He explained and inhaled some smoke into his mouth, “You can look somewhere else if you want.”

I heard amusement in his voice and felt my cheeks burn. I was acting like a fool.

“I am sorry” I cleared my throat, “I am not usually that rude. It’s just that I was not expecting you here.”

“We had a little movie celebration in the corner hall. After attending it I just tried to sneak away.” He offered me his cigarette which I declined.

He had been a real hero when he chased the love of his life and married her. It was a wow moment for all the women across the globe when his bold and beautiful wife approached him at a movie celebration party

We remained seated on the bench when I was trying to assure myself that he was real, and I was not dreaming.

“In case you want to tell me that you are my fan, or you want my autograph I won’t mind it at all.” That made me grin.

The poor guy was sure bothered a lot by his fans.

“I am a huge fan… of… your wife, Mr. Wyatt,” I said smugly. It made him throw back his head and laugh loudly but then quickly stifled it looking around.

“Well!” he crushed his cigarette under his shoes and looked at me carefully this time, “that makes two of us. Sadly, she could not make it here with me as she is away on a business trip.” I nodded in understanding.

“But I will tell her that she has a cute fan out there.” He smiled, “A fan who is quite young to run away from a crowd like that.”

He remarked and the smile vanished from my face.

“I am sorry. I know it sounds creepy but… shouldn’t you be partying inside? That’s what the girls your age usually do.”

I stayed quiet not aware if I should tell him or not. I knew him yet he was still a stranger to me.

“You can trust me, girl. What is it?”

I tried to smile but failed miserably, “And what makes you think I have a secret in there.”

“Simple. Your smile doesn’t reach your eyes.” For a moment that made me speechless. How did he judge


“So, what is it? Education pressure? Peer pressure?”

“No. No. Nothing of the sort,” I shook my head.

“Dr*ug problem?”


“So… You are a le*sbian?”

“Oh, No. I am straight.” I chuckled shaking my head, but he remained serious.

“Then there is just one thing left. Heartbreak?” When I did not comment, he clasped his hands together,” Ah! So that is it. You are in love!”

I closed my eyes and Justin’s image popped up before me.

“Yes. I still am, sir.” I squeezed my eyes to get rid of the unexpected sting behind my eyelids.

“Then what happened?” I felt his finger wiping the teardrop off my cheek, “We don’t know each other, young lady. I don’t even know your name. So, it is secure to confide your secrets.”

I kept staring into the darkness. “He is rich. I am poor. I was his maid. He made me believe that he cared for me but later… he ditched me.”

I let out a teary laugh and turned to him expecting him to make fun of me. After all, he was a movie star who did a lot of romance in movies. For him, it might be a spicy story for his next project.

Unexpectedly there was a somber expression on his face. He didn’t find anything funny in it.

“Did you ask him, why he did that?”

“No.” I chewed my upper lip for a brief second, “I couldn’t. Couldn’t muster up the courage.”

“Understandable!” he inhaled a deep breath, “I also felt like shit when Emerald my wife… We fell apart due to my mistakes, and it made her suffer.”

“No no no.” I shook my head wildly, “No, Rafael.” I had forgotten that he was a celebrity, “Our situations don’t match at all. In your case, your wife loved you with all her heart. While in my case?” I whimpered in pain, “In my case, he was never serious. He never cared.”

I felt his hand holding mine and squeezing it.

“Trust me, girl. If he was truly involved in you then I bet he must also be in pain.”

“What if he is not in love? What if has gotten back with his fiancée? And is all happy with her?”

“Then he is not worthy of your tears, love.” I wiped my face with the back of my hand.

“That’s what I am trying to tell myself. He is not worth it. He is not worthy of my tears. Guess what? Ever since he is back into my life. Everything is falling apart again. He used to be at my university but never ever showed his face. But now it seems inevitable.”

“Here we have only one university. The International University of Arguli. Do you study there?”

I nodded sadly and accepted the napkin from him, “Yeah. He is the dean.” The words were out before I could stop them.

His mouth formed a small o.

“Justin?” He muttered and I didn’t respond to that.

“By any chance…” he now turned his whole body towards me, “are you, Ashley Walters?”

I gasped and stood up.

“Sit down, Ashley. Trust me. Your secret is safe here.” He placed his palm on his chest right above his heart.

I didn’t know why my heart wanted to believe him.

With a little hesitancy, I sat back. We both have again gone quiet. I could not ask him how he knew my name.

“You seem like a confident young lady, Ashley. Find out. If you want to talk to him. Go after him. Why is it only expected of guys to go after their love? If I am living with my wife that’s because she took the initiative and came after me. When it comes to love then there is no space for ego.”

“It’s not about ego. I am scared of rejection.”

“If you won’t try it. I am sure you won’t know until you try. Look for signs.”

“Signs? What kind of signs?” I asked him. He held my hand and placed it on my chest near my heart,

“This will tell you, Ashley. You are an intelligent girl. Fate will tell you about those signs. It will guide you. You will know it.” I could not understand how this will happen. But I was willing to give it a try.

Signs! I needed to look for signs.

He must have noticed that I did get what he was trying to explain so he got to his feet.

“I… I am sorry. B… But can I have your autograph please?” I didn’t have anything with me, but he extracted a visiting card and extended it to me after scribbling something on it.

“You are a very courageous girl. I would gladly give it to you, but in return, I also need your autograph. You are leaving quite an impression.” At this point, I was doubtful if he was the real Rafael or his cloned


I signed the back of another visiting card and returned it to him.

“I repeat, Ashley. Look for signs. Nature has a way to tell you what you should do. If there is any confusion, then as a last resort go to him and don’t hesitate to talk.”

Moving forward I hugged him tightly and then after a few minutes felt his arms around me. I was not a die- hard fan of Rafael Wyatt but from tonight onwards I had become one.

With a smile pasted to my lips, I was walking back to the conference hall when I heard Rayan, “Where were you? You even left your clutch there. I was getting worried.” He said while handing it over to me.

“Nothing, Rayan. I was just looking for signs.” Poor Rayan could not understand it. When I left the venue, I was still thinking about Rafael Wyatt.

Maybe meeting him was also a sign?

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