Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 79

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 79

79-Never To Let Me Return

Ashley Walters pov

It had been three days since that tiny nonexistent baby bump news was revealed to me. As if I was

Sarah’s best buddy.

Since then, I had been watching lots of movies leaving all of them only halfway. I had also been shedding tears nonstop. Romantic movies reminded me of Justin. Action movies reminded me of him even more.

“Ashley! Why don’t you tell us what’s going on?” Eve and Aniya came inside my room. Eve as usual started picking the wrappers and empty tubs of ice cream from the floor.

“We thought you are upset because you are regretting that Rayan got the highest bidding and Justin did not even bat an eye in your direction. But there is something else that has been eating you inside, Ash.”

I had told them about my short encounter with Justin, leaving the mouth–wiping details.

Instead of answering Aniya, I dipped a few nacho pieces in the sour cream and placed them in my mouth which was already full.

Without chewing my food, I scooped a spoonful of ice cream and tried to push it past my lips.

“Give me that!” Eve snatched the spoon and ice cream bowl from my hand.

“Evelyne! Give me that. I am just chilling here.” I whined but Evelyne not only took that out of the room but also picked the nacho plate from the bed.

“Hey! I am hungry!” But Evelyne shook her head and plopped beside me, “You people should give me a little space.”

“Ah!” Aniya practically sat on my lap, “that’s what we have been giving you for the past three days. Now you can’t expect us to give you any more space, sweet.”

I tried pushing her away, but she threw her arms around my neck and hugged me.

“Aniya. Can you leave her? I need to talk to her.” Evelyne tried shoving Aniya away from my lap, but Aniya could become a baby when she wanted to.

She pouted and bobbed her head in a no.

“You two are such big dramas,” Eve mumbled, and the poor girl was right. She was the most mature one among us all.

I pulled a long face in order to hide my quivering lips, “Th… that bit*ch! Sh…she is pregnant!”

“Which one?” Aniya held my cheek in her palm, “The one who lives downstairs beside the janitor’s room? White flake?”

“Silly. She is not talking about the actual one. She is talking about some girl,” Evelyne rolled her eyes, who are you talking about, Ash?”

“Sarah!” I curved down my lips, “they both are still together. I don’t know what Justin got out of all this. He hurt me and then made me feel like I am the only one. After getting rid of me, he made her pregnant! All I want to do is scream at him, hit him, and j…just hate him. I want to hate him, Eve.”

I hid my face in Evelyne’s chest.

“If you hate him, I guess transform that hate into something useful then. Something powerful.” Evelyne gave me a little shake, “You are an independent and strong woman. You …

“I don’t want to be strong, Eve. Sometimes I want to be weak. I want to go to him and ask him why he did


“Nobody said you can’t!” Aniya moved from my lap and kneeled on the mattress beside me, “Just be something and then confront.”

“What difference would it make?” I raised my tear–filled eyes to my friends‘ faces, “Whether I confront him today or tomorrow. That would remain the same.”

“No. It won’t. Aniya is right.” Eve shifted back my hair, off my shoulder, “be something first. So that when you slap him, you will enjoy it more. Last time you enjoyed it because you were nothing to him except his maid. Tomorrow you will enjoy even more when you will be a package for everyone’s eyes. Learn to play smartly, love.”

Evelyne hugged me and all the pent–up tears started gliding down my cheeks.

“Is there any possibility that Sarah is lying?” I heard Aniya and moved my head without looking up.

“I don’t think so. Obviously, I could not ask her to show me her pregnancy strip.” I spat in anger and felt Aniya giggling against me.

Sarah pov

Justin was out for a visit, so I took the opportunity and started completing the files placed on his desk. All the project–assigning thing proved to be quite tiring for us.

“Hello, Ms. Sarah.” I jumped when I heard a male voice behind me.

“Yes?” I frowned. Shouldn’t Justin’s assistant stop him from coming inside? “Who are you? And how you

entered here?”

“Ma’am. I am Rayan. My father is on friendly terms with your father.” And then I remembered. He was the same guy who attended the conference three days back and got the highest bidding by sheer luck.

“What can I do for you, Mr. Rayan?” I remained on the formal ground and started aligning the folders

before me.

“I … I was here to say hi. I thought maybe we can have coffee somewhere?” Was he serious? Was he hitting on me?

“Right now, I am hell–busy, Rayan. And no. My fiancé will not like it if I will go out for coffee with a boy.” I wagged my engagement finger which had a diamond ring on it, “Anything else?”

Casually standing up, I reached for the bell mounted near Justin’s seat and press it.

“I am sorry but please don’t… I mean I am not here to harm you, Ms. Sarah. I just wanted to

The door opened and I took a sigh of relief when I saw Justin standing in the doorway.

“Mr. Rayan?” He frowned and I gave him a mental pat for such a sharp memory, “Shouldn’t you be out and work on your project?” He examined my face carefully and must have traced the lines of nervousness.

“Mr. Rayan. Did I ever tell you that trespassing my office space might cost you losing your once–in–a- lifetime contract?”

Justin’s assistant came inside and stood there trying to assess the situation.

“Mr. Alex. Please take him outside and next time you find him hovering around please do let us know. I will make sure that he doesn’t get the contract and his admission is canceled.” I knew it was a bare threat from Justin just to teach the buy a lesson.

Rayan’s face had gone beet red with embarrassment. He silently left the office, and I dropped my tired self on Justin’s seat with a sigh of relief.

“You should have immediately called security. He seems like a pervert!” Justin tossed his jacket on a nearby couch and loosened his tie.

“Yeah. He said his father is a friend of my dad. So, I thought… I am sorry. I should have been careful.” I started standing up when he stopped me by raising his hand,

“Keep sitting there. This bunch of university students do not seem to get past their teenage years. They all are so complaining and so whiny.”

He said and walked to the window that gave a good view of the green grounds of the university. Looking at his broad frame brought a smile to my lips.

Placing my hands on the armrest I stood up and strolled to him. He did not budge when I circled my arms around his waist from behind.

“You seem tired, Justin.” I leaned my cheek on his back, “And unhappy.”

Momentarily he had gone rigid under my arms but gradually he relaxed, “Because maybe, I AM UNHAPPY, SARAH.”

He said and then I felt his hand holding mine and kissing it. Turning around slowly he held me and push me a little to run a curious gaze from head to toe, “How is the baby doing? Should I order something for you?”

I chuckled and shook my head, “No. I don’t want anything right now. But tell me what is making you unhappy?”

“First you tell me, Sarah.” He narrowed his eyes, “I could not get the time to ask you. But that day you went after Ashley. I hope there is nothing fishy going on.”

“Oh, that?” I let out a nervous chuckle this time, “It was nothing. Believe me.” I did not know how to come up with an excuse.

When he did not respond to my lame excuse, I freed myself from his grip and went back to my seat.

“This guy. Rayan. I think he was bullying her. I know she can take care of herself, but I just wanted to make sure that… that she is not in trouble.”

Thank God. This one seemed more convincing.

He kept looking at me until I shrugged and made eye contact with confidence that I did not even feel.

“I hope this is what it is, Sarah. Because if it is something else then I won’t forgive you.” I swallowed hard. It was not easy to fool Justin Deluca. But I could not admit what I was up to.

Otherwise, he would not only hate me but would also kick me out of his life again. Never to let me return.

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