Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 76

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 76

76- Two Years Later

(Two years later)

Ashley Walters pov

“Congratulations, Ms. Walters. All five companies want you to design their places. Two of them are their head offices and three of them are residential plans. You are just halfway to your degree, and you are already getting offers.”

I was beaming at the praise because two months back I did a private project of furnishing office space and that proved to be a hit.

The principal of the International University of Arguli sitting across from me never had this idea that there were just five offers reached to me through the university but privately I was getting numerous.

According to Aniya, “The way you are getting offers, you will be soon buying Deluca properties. Ha–ha.”


For the past two years, Deluca properties had become a part of our jokes.

“Ms. Walters these five offers will be distributed among our five toppers. However, you are being given the first choice to have your pick.”

In the past two years, I had not only become the apple of my professors‘ eyes but also a popular girl among guys. I was getting my fair share of offers and dates.

“This is a lifetime achievement, Ms. Walters. Have your pick. I will personally suggest you pick the new office building near Arguli beach. It belongs to our University Dean Mr. Justin Deluca, and they will pay a handsome amount.”

The name Deluca brought bitterness to the tip of my tongue. Yup, you got that right. Justin was the Dean of our university. He rarely arrived here and if he did, we never encountered each other.

He rarely visited here and when he did. I used to get the idea when the girls in my class started getting too dressy or cakey. They often complained about how they were jealous of Sarah who always accompanied him on his every visit. They might be using some other route to enter and exit the university.


“No, sir. I will request you to give me a residential one. Last time, I already designed an office setup.” No way I was getting a Deluca project.

Justin Deluca already caused me enough pain. Not anymore.

“Ok, Ms. Walters. Once I will discuss it with our designer community department, I will let you know.”

Once I got out, I wanted to yelp and hoot standing in the secluded corridor. I just could not wait to share the news with Eve and Aniya.

“Babe!” I turned around when I heard a familiar voice.

“Gerald?” It was supposed to be a simple hug when he decided to not only lift me up and twist me, “Uff! Put me down, jackass!”

I said laughingly.

“I just can’t contain my excitement, Ash. I am sure they have offered you some big contract!” he kissed my cheek, and I hooked my hands through his arm while walking.

“They wanted to give me a Deluca contract which I declined.” I gave him a tightlipped smile but he halted

in his steps.

“Come on, Ash. You can’t run away from Deluca forever. Two years back you divorced him. Remember?

You are a designer, and he will be hiring the best for his projects.” Sending divorce papers to Justin was my biggest achievement to date.

“What do you want to say, G? Forget everything he did to me and work for him?” I looked at him with narrowed eyes.

“No. Don’t forget everything. But work for him. You owe him money. No?” His eyes were twinkling with mischief.

Gerald did have a point. For the past two years, he had proved to be a sincere friend and a caring boyfriend. We were planning to get married after getting our degree. That meant there were still two years


He hadn’t popped the question yet. We just wanted to take it slow.

“What you girls are up to? Look at the mess! Geez!” The moment Eve walked into a messy apartment she stood there in the middle of our living room.

“Can you please move aside?” Aniya requested her while filling her mouth with potato chips, “our hot favorite scene is about to start, and you are standing there blocking our view.”

Aniya and I had planned to watch a movie just to kill time. All three of us had gotten enough busy with our


Aniya had managed to start a small cleaning company that she ran online. Eve had started a beauty salon that was growing day by day. With the passage of time, our friendship had gotten stronger.

Aniya was in a relationship that was not too serious. Eve was still single but always ready to mingle. She had her fair share of hot nights with hot guys but could not get serious after Elijah.

About Gerald and me? Well! It would be a marriage for benefits.

The poor guy was never interested in girls, but his as*hole parents were making it difficult for him. They were more worried about their reputation than their son.

I was marrying him just for his face–saving. I could not develop a romantic bonding with anyone, so it felt easier to help Gerald and stay married to him for some time.

My friends knew about him, but they were not aware of his preferences.

“Aniya!” Eve tried to sound stern picking up the wrappers from the living room, “I just can’t believe you own a cleaning company. This is the bare minimum we can do for our friend!” I had to roll my eyes at that.

Previously, they both wanted to share the apartment rent, but I strictly said no. They could take up grocery and other utility bills‘ responsibility, but the rent was mine to be paid.

After all, I was a millionaire!

“How did your meeting go with the principal?” Eve asked me after tossing aside her bag and taking a seat on the couch beside me, “God! My feet are killing me. They hurt.” She said folding her legs to let her feet tucked under her.

“You should have taken a pedicure in the salon! I remarked and shifted to her so that I could press her feet slowly.

Holding her toe, I pulled it out and placed it on my lap.

“Umm!” She moaned, “That’s heaven!” She closed her eyes and leaned her head back.

“You need to get laid, Eve. You need s3x. The way you are moaning… I mean I know you two are friends, but the way Ash’s hands make you moan… Oui!” She was not expecting Eve’s bag to land on her head, “I was kidding, guys!”

She complained and turned her focus towards the screen.

“How was your meeting with your principal? I am sure you must have got the highest bidding project!” Eve never forgot about me. She was always keeping tabs on me and Aniya.

“Yes, I did. But I declined.” I said casually and that caused Aniya to pause the movie.

“And why a brilliant like you would do such a silly thing?” Eve and Aniya seemed furious with the idea, and I knew they would get angrier if I would tell them the reason.

“Ashley!” Aniya stood up from the floor to sit on the other side, “Your biggest competitor, Rayan. You can’t let him win. He is the second best and will happily accept the best contract. Don’t give him that chance.”

I sighed and started chewing my lower lip, “Umm. This highest bidding project involved Justin’s newly constructed office building and I don’t want to …”

Eve didn’t let me finish, “Gosh! Ash! He even doesn’t show his face to you. For the past two years, he knew you are studying there but he never let that happen. Why now?”

“I agree with, Eve.” Aniya switched off the TV, “Why you are giving him the idea that you are at your weakest?”

“It’s not about being weak guys. I just don’t want to face him or his sick fiancée. You do know that sicko has been sending some weird notes to me.”

They both had gone quiet now. According to Aniya, Sarah didn’t want to hurt me. She just wanted me to go and see how she was flaunting her fiancé again.

“If she is sick then you do have an option of fighting a legal battle. Drag her to court. Why you are giving them the satisfaction that you are avoiding them when you did nothing wrong.”

I swallowed hard and shook my head, “Once I will be stronger in my field then I might do it. Not now. I have got two more years in getting my degree. I can’t waste them for nothing. It’s Justin’s university. What if he would hold my degree? He is the dean. Remember?”

Aniya seemed convinced but Evelyne? She was biting her inner cheek as if she was holding herself from speaking something.

“He might not be … that bad, Ash.” She managed to say it quietly.

“Yeah. I know,” I chuckled and stood up, “he is worse.” I was walking to my room when my phone beeped. The message was from Gerald.

“What? Who is it?” Aniya asked me when she heard me gasp.

“Think of the devil and the devil is here!” I mumbled and turned to them, “Gerald just messaged me.” Raising my arm, I waved my phone, “In tomorrow’s bidding, they have specially invited Justin and Sarah.”

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