Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 75

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 75


Ashley Walters pov

We spent three days in that dorm room crying and consoling each other. My friend Evelyne hid the news to save my life.

I not only lost Justin but also the two boys who called me their sister. Their family.

Evelyne lost her boyfriend who was about to propose her. They were planning to get married after one year.

True to my word, I did not shed a single tear for Justin after that first day.

Mr. Matt had been asking me about the subjects I wanted to choose but I could not give him a confirmed


He arranged an apartment for us, and I decided to furnish it. We all got busy with its decoration.

“I have decided to resign from my job and stay here.” Aniya announced while putting wall hangings that we bought from a thrift store and I polished them myself, “So… Can I crash in for a few days until I find a place of my own?”

She pouted and blinked her eyes to look innocent.

“You are nuts. You are staying with me. Ok? You girls are forgetting something. I am a millionaire now. My plan was to accept twenty million from Justin and return forty million after four years.

I just could not wait to throw those forty million in his face. Had no idea, how I would do that. But I had to. To keep my sanity and my self–respect, I had to!

“Evelyne!” I went to Evelyne who was placing marble ware in the cabinets, “What are your future plans? I can lend you money. If you want, you can open a new ice cream parlor here.”

Her attention stayed on the job at hand of placing the items in the cupboards, “I have it covered, Ash. No more ice cream parlors now. I can’t work in any café without thinking of him.”

She said quietly and for some reason, it felt there was more to it. She was avoiding eye contact and I didn’t want to force her for anything.

She had already done enough for me.

“I never knew, your café was insured!” I remarked but she did not respond to that.

“Hey! Ash!” Aniya came behind me, “You were confused about your subject selection. Why don’t you do something about home décor!”


“Yes, she is right.” Evelyne spoke while closing the cabinet door, “Look at the way you transformed all this around.” She ran a gaze in the living room and attached kitchen, “Nobody can tell that this stuff was purchased from the thrift stores. You have got a knack for it. I think you should go for it.”

This ran a shiver of excitement through my body. My friends were right. I always wanted to decorate a small place for myself. The apartment was spacious and quite luxurious too.

And I had transformed it into something more presentable. I think one more problem was solved.

“Oh, I am so tired!” Aniya plopped on the couch and closed her eyes, “I guess we should order a pizza for dinner tonight.”

Evelyne and I looked at each other. Tonight, it was Aniya’s duty for cooking and as usual, she had managed to come up with an excuse.

“What!” She went all defensive when she felt our eyes on her, “Come on, Ash! You are a millionaire now.

Don’t be a pussy!”

“What?” my jaw dropped open, “I am being pusss….” I marched to her and picked up the cushion from the couch and threw it at her.

It landed right on her head. Evelyne who was holding a pack of dishwashing sponges opened the pack and threw one at Aniya. The light mushy sponge hit her chest.

“Ouch! My bo**bies! See what you have done to them, Eve! They have gone smaller!” She cried in despair. Evelyne and I could not control it and started laughing.

Aniya also threw back her head and roared with laughter.

After a few minutes, I didn’t know what happened. But my laughter turned into hysteric cries of pain. Evelyne was beside me in a jiffy. She had also started crying.

We both were done hiding our pain from each other and could not take it anymore. Aniya sat on the floor and hugged both of us. That afternoon we cried for Sam. We cried for Elijah.

Maybe I cried for Justin too. I guess we all needed that outlet. It was not possible for us to go ahead without letting all the pent–up weight out of our chests.

“It’s ok to cry!” We heard Aniya’s gentle voice, “It’s okay to let the tears flow. You two are not weak. You are a rock.” She told us.

And then a familiar voice rang in my ear, “You are my lioness!”

I cried harder!

“Be a lioness!”


No idea, how long we stayed like this, hugging each other, wiping each other’s tears. But once we were done, Aniya ordered pizza. We had our pizzas, drank beer, and danced to some music. I called Matt and let him know what I wanted to pursue.

My education expenses were already paid by Justin Deluca, and I could not do much about it except work on myself.

I was not Sarah Garner. I would never run after a boy who did not want me in his life. I hoped that I was able to make enough money to get back to Justin. For that, I only wanted four years.

Four damn years.

We were about to retire to our rooms when the main door got knocked.

I looked out the peephole. A man was standing wearing a red p–cap and a red t–shirt.


“Delivery boy, ma’am.”

Who will send me a delivery? I thought to myself and took the envelope after signing the receiving. Tearing the envelope, I took out a folded paper and opened it. It said…



It was signed with an S.

Sarah? She sent me the note? What did she think of herself? How dare she?

“Ash? Who was it?” I heard Evelyne behind me. Aniya was also standing in the doorway of her bedroom.

“That piece of shit!” I lifted the note and waved it before their eyes, “How dare she sent me this! She thinks I am after her crappy man. I will tell her who I am. I will tell Justin Deluca who Ashley Walters is!”

I was panting with rage.

“Hey! Easy, love!” Aniya was beside me in an instant.

“Does any of you know a lawyer?” I asked them. Eve shook her head while Aniya remained thoughtful for

a few seconds, “There was this man whom I had a short affair with. He used to visit Eden Garden orphanage and once said he was studying law. I can talk to him. What do you want?”

“This Deluca guy is planning to send me divorce after seven months. Ask your lawyer guy to draw a divorce decree. I want to send divorce papers to Mr. Justin Deluca within three days!”

What did you think Justin Deluca? That a small–town girl is dying to keep her name attached to you?


You and your fiancée are mistaken.

Ashley Walters will tell you both that she is no more a girl who could be stepped over. It’s a challenge! Just wait and watch!

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