Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 74

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 74


The room provided to me in the dorm was furnished and had simple furniture. Ever since I arrived, I had been sitting on the floor hugging my knees to my chest, trying to think if I made some mistake. Or if I committed some crime.

Was it possible that this all was a dream?

Or maybe the time spent with Justin was a dream and now I had woken up to the harsh reality of life.

“Mrs. Deluca. Come soon. I am not going back to sleep until you come back. I will wait for you.” Long forgotten words that came out of his mouth were there to haunt me.

“Why, Justin? Why?” Putting my head on my knees I started crying. I was still waiting for him. Maybe it was all a prank. There was a message blinking on my phone. The message was from the bank. Justin had credited twenty million to my account.

Maybe soon he would come back running to me, will put me on his shoulder like a sack and go out, “Mrs. Deluca. It was just a joke. Why the hell are you crying?”

“Ms. Ashley!” Matt’s head came inside the doorway, “You won’t eat your food?” he looked at the food tray

sent to me.

He was feeling sorry for me, I could detect that in his voice.

“Mr. Matt. You said earlier that classes are going to start after one month. Can I discuss the subject options tomorrow? Before that, I need a favor.

“Yes, ma’am,” Matt asked me, casting his eyes down.

“Are there any apartments nearby? Would it be ok if I opt to live in an apartment instead of living here?” I did not want any interference from other students residing there. I wanted my privacy.

“It will be perfectly alright, Miss Ashley. I can find you one if you want.”

“Please do that. Kindly don’t forget to close the door after you leave the room.” I again hid my face in my


I wish Mr. Matt could help me in bringing back Justin. Now I understood Sarah’s pain. The pain I inflicted on her. That was the reason she hated me.

If I was in her place, I would have moved out. It was not easy to see your beloved fiancé spoiling some other woman in your presence.

There were so many random thoughts flowing through my mind. The shock Justin gave me. The way he threw me out of that window of Lala land…

The door made a slight creek. I looked up and gasped when I realized who it was. Both my friends rushed towards me and sat on the floor near me.

“What you two are doing here?” I asked Aniya and Evelyn in a shocked whisper.

“We asked Justin to send us here. He had been such a kind soul. The way he took care of you and sent you here for your education.” Aniya said and started wiping my face, but Eve was just staring at me.

“What happened, Ash? What is it? Did the Deluca guy hurt you?” Aniya was not understanding whatever Eve was asking me.

“Hold on! Eve, you are acting as if she had been more than a maid to Mr. Deluca.” Poor Aniya did not know anything about my involvement in Justin.

“They both had a thing for each other. He took her virginity and now I guess, he has discarded her. Right, Ash? Just what I warned you about.”

“Oh, Ash.” Aniya rested her forehead on my knee. I was no more crying now, “These rich people do that all the time with poor people like us.”

I stayed quiet.

“I did try to warn her,” Eve said sadly and placed her arm around me, “there is no future between a maid and an employer. It only happens in movies.”

I laughed sarcastically and then laid on the floor. My friends were looking at me with worry evident on their faces. Thinking that I might have gone crazy, “I know, girls. Except… except that I was never his maid.” I lifted my tear–filled eyes to them,

“Legally, I am Justin’s wife,” I muttered to myself.

Now they both seemed taken aback by what I just told them.

“I hope her concussion is not making her say that.” Eve murmured,

“No, silly. I entered the mansion as Mrs. Deluca. Mrs. Electra Deluca made me sign the marriage contract. It’s a long story.” I said while observing the ceiling.

“Wh… why didn’t you tell me, girl?” Eve complained, “I could have helped you.”

“I was bound by the contract at that time. But not anymore.” I sat up and made a messy bun at the top of my head, “I have twenty million in my account. Justin must have credited it because of my services,” after saying that, I threw back my head and laughed bitterly, “I am not living here anymore. I am planning to rent an apartment. On the other hand, I am confused. I don’t want to spend his money.”

“Why not?” Aniya spat in anger, “he took your advantage. Spend the money on your education and luxury. Once you will become something, just return him double the amount like a queen.” Evelyne nodded in


“Today is the last day I am crying for that f*cker.” I didn’t even bother to take Justin’s name. My friends understood I was talking about him.

“Any news of Sam and Elijah?” I asked Eve. I was told that they were sent abroad for advanced treatment.

My question made both the girls go quiet.

“Tell me about them, Eve. How are they? Why don’t you people let me talk to them on a video call?” I insisted but the tear droplets in Evelyn’s eyes kept increasing with every blink, “why don’t you speak something, Eve?”

The same fear attacked me again, “Tell me, Evelyne.” By now my face was also getting wet from the tears.

“Ashley!” Aniya held my face in both her palms, “Look here.” She asked me gently, “Evelyne is a very good friend of yours. She is a gem. All this time just to keep you alive she did not tell you anything about her loss.”

Her loss? What was Aniya trying to tell me?

“Ashley! The accident that made you admit to the hospital for so long. That accident took away your friends Sam and Elijah are no more! They are dead, Ashley. They are dead!”

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