Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 73

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 73

73- That’s All

Ashley Walters (three months later)

I was, at last, home.

Due to my deteriorating condition, initially, they did not let me meet anyone. And then slowly Deluca mansion allowed Aniya and Evelyne to visit me. They stayed with me twenty–four–seven. A separate room was allotted to them.

After getting discharged from the hospital, the person I wanted to meet first was Justin, but he could not be seen anywhere.

After Aniya and Evelyne started staying with me, Justin used to visit me daily before going out. Not even for five minutes but still. It used to be a formal conversation about my health, medicines, and doctor’s appointments.

Today, he was wearing a suit and looked more than handsome as I could remember.

He just asked about my health, told me to take my medicines on time, and left. No kiss. No PDA.

Initially, I thought he might be scared of hurting me. Just like he was scared to come closer when I had an accident at Arguli.

But the more I was getting better, the more he seemed to get busier. I wanted to ask him about this change but could not muster up enough courage.

Sarah seemed cordial but lately, her visits had lessened too. At least there was no more hate in those eyes.

Marwick was the only one besides my friends who stayed super sweet to me. He used to bring glossy magazines with those stars on the covers and brought all the snacks he could think of.

“Girls are mostly die–hard fans of Rafael Wyatt, especially of his movie ‘Would Never Let You Go‘. So here it is.”

He brought lots of DVDs and most of them were Rafael Wyatt movies. But my heart wanted only one thing.

Justin Deluca.

I kept trying to come up with some outrageous excuses on his behalf. Maybe he had a shit load of work because he went to Arguli with me, and he needed to run his business too. But none of it was convincing enough for me.

In today’s check–up, doctors had declared me all healthy and wanted me to take up every day’s activities like a normal person. Except I needed to be a little more cautious.

“These gardens are so beautiful,” Aniya remarked while coming back from the garden tour. We were out to get our bodies some vitamin D.

We were teasing each other on our way back to the room. However, we halted in ur steps when we found Justin standing in the middle of the room.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw two suitcases lying on the floor. He was standing there with his hands placed on his hips.

“Justin?” I went to him and gestured towards the cases.

“I have packed up your stuff, Ashley.” He said and I shook my head with a smile. I was worrying for

nothing. The man was waiting for me to be healthy again so that he could take me again on a trip.

“Shouldn’t he be there for you on your worst days too?” Something in my mind asked me but I did not let it come to me. He was a very busy businessman and was here all ready to give me the surprise.

I turned to my friends who nodded and left the room.

“Is… is it a surprise?” I tucked my hair behind my ear and asked him.

“Get ready. Wear something casual and come down. I will wait for you in the car.” He said politely and I tried to shrug off this strange feeling.

I changed into a pair of denim trousers with a one–sided off–shoulder top and came down after meeting my friends.

“So, where are we going Mr. Deluca?” I secured the belt and turned to him.

In response, he just smiled and started the engine.

“Do you want to buy some snacks?” he asked me nonchalantly and I just shook my head.

I wanted to say to tell him, “I only want you, Justin. Nothing else matters in this world except you.” But I chose to stay quiet.

He kept driving and I was the one who kept talking to him. Like always he was still wearing that wristwatch I gave him. Throughout that time, I did not realize it was a one–sided conversation.

While talking, I was not aware when I slipped into a deep sleep. My eyes flew open when Justin stepped on the brakes. I rubbed my eyes and looked around.

It was not Arguli.

“I… I thought we are going to that island,” I remarked and rested my head on the seat. Our car was outside a strong brick boundary and I could see several girls and boys coming out or going inside while gossiping ad enjoying life.

“This place is near Arguli.” He said in a serious tone. I turned and smiled when I found him looking at me. His eyes seemed pink.

Boys get pink eyes when they are drunk. Girls get them when they cry. I did not think Justin would take the risk of such a long route drive after getting drunk.

“You alright?” I asked him in concern, “Which place is this?”

“Yes, I am.” He unclasped his seat belt and leaned ahead to do the same with my belt. After unclasping it he did not get back and looked into my eyes.

“This is the International University of Arguli.”

“Ok, but why we are here?”

He started rubbing his lips together as if trying to find words, “So that you stay here and study. There is a man here whose name is Matt. He will guide you through everything.” He straightened in his seat, “From your stay to the subjects of your interests. He will guide you on whatever subject you want to choose.”

The smile that was pasted there on my face faltered a little.

“Y… You got me admitted here?” I asked him and he simply nodded.

“Yes. Be a good girl. Get education. Become something. You love movies,” He cleared his throat, “so maybe go for their acting classes. Film star Rafael Wyatt is a very good friend of mine. He can guide you too if you want.”

This was a big change, and he did not even bother to talk to me about it.

“What is going on Justin?” I asked him quietly.

“Nothing is going on, Ashley. You were meant to complete your education.”

“Ok,” I nodded slightly and looked at my lap, “Wh…what about us, Justin?”


“Yeah,” I raised my eyes, “about us.”

“Listen, Ashley,” For the first time in these three months he held my hand, “There was NO us!” he said it while looking into my eyes.

“What are you saying, Justin,” My voice was so low that I was not sure if he heard me or not. Tears had started stinging the back of my eyelids.

“You tell me, Ashley. What was written in the contract that you signed?” He asked me and I could not answer him. This was the first time he brought up the contract to me.

“We have spent nearly five months together. Seven are left. Once that period will be completed, I will send the divorce papers to you.”

By now I was speechless, “J… Justin!”

“Don’t take me wrong. We will always be friends. You can come to me any time you want.” I kept looking into his amber eyes and then slowly I took out my hand from his strong grip.

“Ok!” I nodded and turned to open the passenger door.

“Wait.” He quickly went out. Being a gentleman, he wanted to open the door for me, but I was quick to get out of the car which was proving to be quite suffocating.

A middle–aged man came out of the building and rushed towards us.

“Mr. Deluca!”

“Mr. Matt. This is Ashley, a friend of mine.” A friend of mine? I was just a …

“Ashley. He is the man who will guide you at every step,” Justin eyed Mr. Matt with a friendly smile, “I hope she is in safe hands, Mr. Matt. I need to reach back for my business commitments.”

He was leaving me here? He was here just to drop me off? The man who wanted my consent before doing s3x with me didn’t even think to discuss it.

They both were shaking hands now.

“Ok, Ashley,” Justin hugged me softly, but I did not even bother to hug him back or hold him.

Mr. Matt was taking my suitcases out of the trunk.

“Be a very good girl, Ashley,” Justin whispered to me. Without any response, I stepped back and nodded. I was not Sarah. I would never go after him crying my lungs out.

I would never be that girl whom he would not want in his life. With pride and the confidence, I never felt, I raised my chin, squared my shoulders, and turned to enter the new phase of my life.

“This way, miss,” Matt said over his shoulder while walking ahead. I could feel curious gazes being thrown my way while crossing the vast lawns, but I kept walking in the direction of my nose. Mr. Matt opened the door to the main entrance of the building and entered.

The moment I stepped inside something clicked my mind. What if Justin was doing it because of some

pressure? What if he was scared of something? Maybe he cared for me damn too much, but Sarah must have used her brother to her advantage.

Marwick might be a good person, but he was Sarah’s brother too.

Or Granny might be threatening him. No?

“Mr. Matt!” I called the man who stopped walking and tilted his head, “Please wait here. I need to talk to him.” Without waiting for his response, I raced back through the grounds and went to the gate. Once outside, I searched for him with a sinking heart.

What if he had already left?

I wanted to hoot in excitement when I found him standing there with his back facing me. His elbows were placed on the car and his phone was rested in the crook of his neck.

I went closer to him and heard him telling someone, “Yes, kitten. I will be there in a few hours. Then we can plan the day ahead.”

It seemed like somebody had clutched my heart inside my chest. Right after sending me inside, he was calling another dame his kitten.

I went near him and placed my hand on his shoulder. He kind of jumped and was shocked to see me standing there.

“Yes? Ashley?” he then spoke into the phone, “I will talk to you later.” He said that with a smile and then shifted his attention to mine.

I did not give him any chance to speak. Reaching back, I got off the necklace he had given me on my birthday. Holding his hand, I placed the necklace on his palm.

“Here, I forgot to give you this.” This time he genuinely seemed shocked, “B…but Ashley!”

“I want my watch back Justin.” I stretched my palm before him.

He had gone silent and was looking at my face as if trying to say something, “Ashley… It was a gift from you.”

“I said,” I tried to control my rage, “I want it back, Justin Deluca.” Swallowing his spit, he took it off his wrist and placed it on my hand.

“Thanks,” I said.

“That’s all?” he asked me somberly.

“No!” I smiled, “One thing is left,” With that, I raised my hand and slapped his cheek with full force causing his face to tilt sideways, “Now! That’s all!”

I saw him holding his cheek. Without uttering another word, I turned on my heels and scurried away.

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