Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 71

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 71


Ashley Walters pov

“GUYS! OUR VERY OWN ASHLEY IS BACK! YAYYY!” the moment I entered Ice cream Heaven, Evelyn screamed at the top of her lungs shifting everyone’s attention to me.

“Where were you, girl? I was hell worried. Your phone was not responding.” Sam came to me and hugged me making me a little guilty. I just sent a simple text and then switched off my phone without realizing how much they must be getting worried about me.

Squeezing his waist in my arms, I kissed his cheek without lifting much on my toes. We were almost the same height.

“I missed you guys so much!” I embraced Elijah when Sam again threw his arm around me.

“Yeah. We know. The way you had been calling us, we knew you are missing us soooo much.” Though

Sam’s tone was not sarcastic still I felt ashamed.

“Behave yourselves, you, guys. At least let her sit.” Evelyne held my arm and took me to the back room,” Andrew! I hope you can manage it for some time!” My friend did not forget to assign the duty to poor


“Where were you, all this time?” Elijah asked me before pulling the stool to my other side while Sam preferred to stand before us on the other side of the counter.

“I am sorry guys. I was out for a getaway with someone.” I tried to be honest with them and looked up to see their response.

Suddenly, Elijah and Sam broke into a laugh and held their tummies. I did not know what they found so funny about it.

They were decent enough not to roll on the floor.

“Boys. What is it? Can’t she be in a relationship?” Eve asked them sternly. Sam got serious more quickly as compared to Elijah.

“Relationship? Ashley? I don’t think so!” Sam scoffed and took out a small pizza to munch.

“What will we sell if you will keep eating out pizzas?” Evelyne snapped at him and then turned to me, “It was meant to be a surprise for you. We have started selling some mini pizzas and mini salad packs. Talked to a supplier two days back.”

“Oh, wow! That’s such a good news! Congratulations!” I was truly happy for them when Elijah placed a hand on my shoulder,

“This is not the main news. The thing is… Evelyne has also started selling her sandwiches here. And customers are liking it for its freshness. For the last two days, we have been selling off all those within two hours. We might need to hire one more person on our staff.”

“Oh,” Again that same guilt started making its way into my heart. How to tell them that they didn’t need to hire one employee but two?

“What? Why are you so quiet?” Sam asked me, slipping another mini pizza in his mouth when he thought no one was watching, “Already missing the man who spent these five days with you? By the way who is he? Sorry for laughing our heads off. It was just because we find you so shy and always trying to keep to yourself. But whomever he is. Bring him here someday and we can hang out maybe…”

“No Sam.” Elijah smirked with embarrassment, “We owe her an apology. She came to us after having a

good time with her boy and we started teasing her,” Sam was nodding when Elijah said to me, “Listen sweetheart. We are your family. Bring him here. And we might offer him a treat in our café. After all, you

are one of us.”

I wanted to cry at the offer when Eve pinched me, “Stop being emotional, girl. Now you are back so now we can discuss everything involving your getaway. I want details, girl!” She said excitedly and I chuckled

at that.

“It seems, you people won’t listen to me. I am here to give you people some bad news.” They all went quiet after that.

“Don’t tell us that you are leaving!” Evelyn breathed a bare whisper, “Or is it something else? Has the guy proposed you or something?”

“Let her speak, Eve,” Sam hissed and then leaned on the counter on his elbows, “What is it, Ash? Tell us.”

I stayed quiet and then spoke, “I … I got a head injury. So, doctors asked me to take bed rest.”

They kept looking at me as if I had become an alien, “Head injury? How?” Sam asked me.

“It got in an accident and survived… fortunately,” I chuckled, “but this injury was pretty bad. The bed rest is for six months.”

They were not expecting that and now had gone silent.

At last, Elijah decided to speak, “Your health is more important, Ash. What about after six months? Would you return?”

“If… You people will take me back!” I said shrugging a shoulder. Sam could not resist and rounded the counter to come and hug me,

“Of course, silly. This is your home. Come back whenever you want.” I tried to swallow the unexpected


“You two have become like my brothers,” I tried to clear my throat, “And Eve has become like a sister to


Evelyn also started wiping her tears. Sam’s arm was still around me.

“We will always be your brothers,” He kissed my head and I saw Elijah nodding at me,

“I agree with Sam. Whether you work here or not. We will always be your family.” They all were group hugging each other squeezing me in between when we felt a presence in the doorway.

It was Andrew.

“If you people are done with this movie scene, I need helping hands here. Come on!” He clapped loudly

and went back.

“Son of a …” Elijah could not finish the curse, “It looks like he is the owner.” He complained and kissed my head before leaving us.

“I think I should go too. Otherwise, Andrew might also resign. We don’t want that.” Sam went out leaving me and Evelyn alone.

“Is it the Deluca guy?” She asked me quietly sitting beside me. I could only nod.

“I have already guessed it,” She smiled sincerely, “Congratulations on losing your V card to him.” She winked making me blush.

“Shut up. Someone can hear you!” I quickly scanned the area and inhaled a deep breath when found no one.

“I am glad that you are happy, Ash. But please be very careful. He is super rich.”

“He is a good guy, Eve. I will ask him to visit here someday. You all will be happy to meet him. He is just like us. Being rich doesn’t mean he has grown an extra head.”

“I know girl. I know. By the end of the day what matters most is your happiness.” Throwing her arms she hugged me, “But beware. There are tales related to Deluca guy.” Evelyne tried explaining me and the words of the beggar woman rang in my head.

Leave him or he will kill you!

“What are those tales, Eve?” I tried asking her. If she won’t answer me, I was planning to go straight to my

Deluca guy.

“Evelyne!” Sam shouted from the counter, “Send some help here. Start making those fu*kin sandwiches!”

Evelyn was on her toes in an instant, “I need to switch this thing on,” She went to the cylinder but then this time Elijah roared,

“Eve, honey! We need more mayonnaise!”

“Urgh!” Eve rolled her eyes, “It’s there in the fridge, love!” then she shook her head, “I just can’t wait to hire someone. Let me get that pack of mayonnaise for him.”

“Eve! More sandwiches!” Sam said again in a high–pitched voice.

“You go get the sauces. I will start frying the chicken patties here.” I said and patted her back.

“Oh, you are an angel!” She kissed my cheek and went to the counter area. Smiling, I went to the cylinder and started turning on the connecting stove with a lighter.

It was not responding.

What’s the matter? I did know how to use this thing since I was in the orphanage. I turned its nozzle and then again started clicking the lighter near the stove.

After a few clicks, it gave a spark and then there was a blast so loud that my ears started ringing and a force threw me outside the café with full force.

Landing on my back the last thing on my mind were the screams of people around me. Then everything went dark.


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