Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 70

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 70

70-The last time

Ashley Walters pov

We all were shocked when Sarah hit Keith. First, she had disbelief on her face when she looked at me getting off the car along with Justin.

After she slapped Keith, we all gasped. The snake man was about to say something when Keith did not let him.

He just told everyone, it was no one’s business but Sarah’s and his.

Crazy girl and a crazy dude.

I did not know what got into her.

Before heading inside, the snake man told me while hugging me again that his name was Marwick, and he was Sarah’s brother.

Woah! Like I mean… small world. He was nothing like Sarah.

I had almost forgotten that he had become cold and distant when he was taking his leave in Arguli beach before dropping me at my cottage. But here when he lifted me and twisted me, making me laugh, he seemed almost like some other man.

A friendlier one.

“What are you so happy about?” Justin kissed my temple in the maid’s presence who was placing my things back in my wardrobe.

“Nothing. It’s just that I was not expecting such a warm welcome.” I sat down on the stool before the


“You are talking about Marwick.” I did not know if Justin was asking me or just stating it.

“Marwick is a unique name,” I said and started brushing my hair. Justin stood behind me, looking into my eyes through the mirror.

Holding my shoulder, he leaned down and kissed my ear lobe causing a light tingle in the pit of my stomach, “The only name you should be liking is mine, kitten.” He whispered and his amber eyes were burning my soul.

“But I can make friends, Justin. Right? Or would I be needing your permission for that too?” He smiled because he knew I wanted to judge him by his answer,

The maid left the room silently giving us some privacy.

This time he kissed my cheek soundly making me smile, “Do whatever you want, love.” He whispered, “As long as you are not ignoring me.”

I did not know why my heart missed a beat. Why would he think that I would ignore him?

“I might ignore you ifffff …” I paused for a moment.

“IFFFFFF…?” He rested his cheek on my shoulder.

“If you


will keep supplying Doritos to me!” I told him mischievously still looking in the mirror.

“And if you will keep wiping my nose with your t–shirts…” When he made a face, I giggled.

“Anything else?”

“Yes,” I turned my head and brushed my lips to his cheek, “but I won’t tell you because you don’t want to do it for six months.” I pouted and he chuckled.

“Then how about we do it tonight?”

“Umm. I need to go Ice cream Heaven tonight. Remember?” When I reminded him, he leaned his forehead on my shoulder,

“Crap! How can I forget that?” Turning to him, I hugged him and kissed his cheek.

I love you, Justin. I wanted to tell him that. And for some reason, he was also looking into my eyes. There was this intense emotion in his eyes that almost made me tell him then and there how I felt about him.

I did not know how I managed to hold my tongue.

“Justin. I don’t need a bodyguard!” Rolling my eyes, I must have told him for the fifth time.

“You do need one, kitten. Either I can tag along but… as you don’t seem much interested to be seen with me so… bodyguard has to accompany you.” He said with finality, but I was taken aback by his absurd


From where did he get this bizarre notion that I don’t want to be seen with him?

“I don’t want you to accompany me because number one, you must be hell tired, and you need your rest. Second? It’s not me. It’s you who might want to hide me from the world.”

Taking me in his arms he kissed me soundly, “Silly girl! Why would I do that?”

“Are you sure?” I purred against his face rubbing my cheek against him, “Because if that’s the case go to sleep. Once I will be back, I will wake you up. Make love to me. And then?”

“And then?” he asked me in an amused voice.

“And then… We both will go back to sleep!” I said matter of factly making him laugh.

“I don’t want to let you go, Ashley Deluca.” He whispered desperately. He had never behaved in that way.

“My friends deserve this, Mister Deluca.” I cupped his cheek. He turned his face in my palm to kiss it.

“I understand!”

Giving me the last kiss on my lips, he gave me a little shove, “Go. Otherwise, I would not let you go.” He threatened and I frowned sternly.

“I’ll just be back.” I snapped my fingers, “In a minute!”

With that, I turned around to leave the room. I could feel his eyes on my back, but I could not risk turning around. Otherwise, I would never be able to leave him and go to Ice cream Heaven.

As usual, I was walking to my job place but this time it was different. I was not exiting the house by the window but by the main gates.

I could feel the guard walking at some distance and tonight I did not find his presence quite disturbing. I must have reached near the other town when out of nowhere an old woman who looked quite scary came in front of me. She held me by my arm and started looking into my eyes.

Her white hair was so dirty, it seemed like they were starched and had numerous tangles, “Get off her!” I heard my bodyguard growling at her, but she did not budge.

It must be quite some time since she last took her bath because there was this killing stink rolling off her body.

“You will be killed, girl. Run away. Go somewhere. All these Delucas will kill you.” She was whispering and I was putting an effort to hear her.

“I said…” I heard my guard’s threatening tone and raised my palm to stop him,

“It’s ok. Let her talk to me.” I told him politely and turned my attention to the lady, “Ma’am. Do you want something to eat? Can I buy you something?” I asked her softly. She showed me a row of the dirtiest and palest teeth when she smiled,

“Do you think I need your food? I can get mine, girl. I can afford it. Don’t let appearances fool you, girl. Not mine. Not that Deluca guy. Leave him or he will kill you.”

I pulled back my arm and ran a glance from her head to toe. Was she talking about Justin? My Justin? Instead of pushing her, I rounded her and started walking again. When I looked over my shoulder she was no more there.

The sudden ringing of my phone brought me back to reality, “Hello. Mr. Deluca?”

“Mrs. Deluca.” Justin’s heavy voice came out of my phone, “Come soon. I am not going back to sleep until you come back. I will wait for you.” My heart filled with pride and contentment, and I could not help it when a smile crept to my lips.

“I will be there soon, love.” I kissed on my phone and disconnected the call.

When I was leaving him, I did not know this was the last time I was kissing him.

This was the last time I was touching him. This was the last time I was teasing him.

And… this was the last time I was laughing.

And this was the last time I was this happy.

I should have paid attention to that woman’s advice, I guess.

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