Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 69

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 69

69- Big Mistake Keith

Sarah pov

I was still trying to make sense of what Marwick meant earlier by saying that Keith was playing with me. Did he know that I slept with Keith?

My heart missed a beat at the mere thought of it.

No. No. I don’t think so. That would be too embarrassing!

“Hey, girl. Come back to the earth!” I heard Nadia’s shrill voice, who was sitting beside me on the recliner, “Lately you are not taking much interest in any activity we do.” She tried to complain.

Last time, after the argument with my friends, I had been keeping them at arm’s length. We were sharing the same cordial relationship, but I stopped bringing Ashley into our topics. Whenever they used to ask about Justin, I used to give them a neutral answer.

With time, I had accepted that they might be very good company, but they would never be my true friends.

I did not have any answer to her complaints about not participating. Was trying my best to spend time

with them to take my mind off Ashley’s absence and Justin’s preferences.

Or maybe I was trying to take my mind off Keith.

The image of him lying above me while banging, popped up in my mind. I quickly darted my focus to Shella who had a fan moment when Marwick stepped on the poolside in a pair of trunks and a towel around his shoulder. She was still in the pool for the swim.

Marwick did not even bother to glance at any of us and jumped in the pool.

“Wow!” I heard Nadia’s hoarse whisper, “he makes me weak in the knees.” I stretched my lips in a smile. The same Nadia who never showed me that she had the hots for Justin despite having a fiancé could not

stop herself.

“You are so lucky. Occupied by two Greek Gods!” She sighed to herself.

I wanted to remind her that Justin was no more mine but opted to keep my mouth shut. Shella was now sitting on the edge of the pool dangling her legs in the water.

Her eyes were literally pasted to my brother who was taking laps in the pool.

“He is so beautiful. Justin is engaged to you,” Nadia murmured, “Set me up with him and I promise I will leave my fiancé for him.”

Nadia said dreamily but then scrunched her nose when she saw Shella sitting there eyeing the same treat.

“Go ahead. No one is stopping you.” I gestured towards my brother and leaned my head back on the


When Shella noticed that Marwick was in no mood to acknowledge her presence, she got up and started walking towards us.

“Hey!” She pouted and gestured towards him, “Hook me up with him.”

Nadia and I started giggling at her, “Come sit here.” Nadia offered her the recliner beside her and threw a towel.

“You were looking so funny, sitting there, dripping wet like a mouse. Ha–ha.” Nadia teased her which made Shella stick out her tongue.

A waiter came to us with our cocktails.

I had ordered a Mojito while Nadia and Shella were given Bourbon smash.

“Heavens!” Shella said after taking one sip from her drink and then tried to become a little bolder, “Hey, Marw!” She called my brother who was now coming out of the pool with all the glory.

Instead of answering her, he just cocked up a brow, “Want some Bourbon?” She offered him with a quivering smile. Trying to act cute.

“My brother isn’t much fond of these.” I hissed to warn my friend. But was never expecting when my brother did the opposite.

Drying himself, a smirk placed on his lips, he headed towards us with slow purposeful strides.

“Is he really coming here?” Nadia asked me in a scratchy voice while ogling Marw.

Taking the glass from Shella’s hands, Marwick glued it to his lips and emptied it in one go. Nadia and Shella were looking at him open–mouthed.

He returned the glass back to Shella. Before turning on his heels, he did not forget to wink at her.

We all were sitting on the lawn chairs now. The day was spent well, outdoors. After spending our time by the pool, we took shower and came out to sit in open.

Soon it would be evening, so we could not miss the chance of spending some more time under the sunlight.

“HEY, KEITH!” Shella waved at the man who entered the gates. He waved back and started sauntering

towards us.

Urgh. Please, Keith. Don’t come here, don’t come here. Go back. I started chanting mentally in hopes that he would hear me. He not only came but also took a seat.

“Where are you busy nowadays?” Nadia asked him and offered him a sandwich plate, but he declined, ” We rarely see you.”

“Yeah. Nowadays, I am taking care of Justin’s things too, in his absence.”

Interesting! Justin’s things! His business stuff or his fiancé?

I felt his eyes on me for a flicker of a moment and then he made me feel like I did not exist there.

“Is it you Keith?” Marwick was going somewhere when he stopped and came to us. Keith quickly stood up and hugged him.

“Hey, Marwick. How are you, man? Good to see you.”

Before my brother could answer, we heard a distinct but familiar honking and the gates opened. My heart missed a beat when I saw Justin’s car rounding the huge fountain and stopped near us.

My eyes could not believe when along with Justin, I saw HER coming out of the car. That Pashley…

That Fuc*kin Pashley!

All this time when I was looking for the bi*tch. She was with Justin. And here I was madly looking for her. I was genuinely worried for her.

Wait! I was in for another shock.

When she came out of the car, she ran a gaze on all of us and her eyes stopped at Marwick.

I smirked. I knew no one could ignore my handsome brother.

But this girl! Her eyes went wide, and she called loudly, “You! Snake man!”

With that, she broke into a run and dashed to him.

My brother?

Marwick who was standing there with his arms folded on his chest opened his arms and as soon as that Pashley girl reached him, he lifted her up. She gave out a yelp when he twisted her around.

Ashley was still giggling like a kid when Marwick put her down. Did they already know one another? The strange thing was Justin did not mind Ashley’s closeness to Marwick. He met my brother as a normal old friend would do.

What exactly was going on here?

“Won’t you ask where they both were all this time?’ Marwick asked me and eyed Keith with a smug smile on his face, “You can ask Keith too. After all, they were staying in his cottage. The same cottage you hate

the most. Near to Arguli beach.”

Not believing him, I looked at Keith who was avoiding eye contact with me.

I felt a sudden surge of anger passing through me. Without thinking much, I started walking, taking small steps towards Keith.

His face was bent, and he was looking down. Right now, my friends‘ jaws were hung open after what they witnessed about Ashley and my brother.

“Is Marwick telling the truth, Keith?” I asked him in a no–nonsense tone. He knew he could no longer lie to me. So, he did the only thing he could do.

He nodded.

Big mistake Keith. Big mistake.

I did not know what got into me. My hand raised and hit his left cheek leaving the mark of my fingers on his face.

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