Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 68

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 68

68- A Palyer

Sarah pov

After getting done with her cup of broth, granny got hold of her stick and rose to her feet. A maid was there to take her inside. Marwick and I stood up in respect until she left us alone.

She knew Marwick didn’t like her. He had been quiet all this time not uttering a single word in her presence. My brother could sometimes be as stubborn as a mule.

I declined when Marwick extended a beer can towards me.

“Since when have you started saying no to parties?” He asked casually and took a chug from his can.

How to tell him that I had stopped partying altogether ever since my fiancé got married?

“So, you wanted to talk to me.” Marwick placed the can on the coffee table and took the chair opposite mine.

We were on the vast lawn of the Deluca mansion. This was the safest place where nobody could hear us. I had spent my teenage years playing in those vast green grounds running after Justin.

And see. I was still running after him.

“I need your help, Marw. Regarding that Ashley girl.”

“Ashley girl? Justin’s wife?” I flinched when he called her that. I would have murdered Nadia or Shella if they had used that word for the girl, but he was not only my brother but also someone who was set in his

own ways.

The only theory that worked for him was, convince me and I will do it.

I needed to convince him. Once he will be persuaded then there will be no power on earth that could

make Ashley stay here.

“Please Marw. Help me in getting back Justin.” I kind of pleaded to him.

“Justin is a human, Sarah. Not a branded jewelry piece. Or a diamond stud. You and granny got him married to the girl. She did not ask for this. Justin did not ask for it.”

“I know. She was promised ten million dollars for it. But now she is not keeping her part of the bargain.”

“What was her part of the bargain? Not to do anything except breath? Are you and granny out of fu*kin


Yup. That was my brother. Painfully straightforward.

“You and granny did the same to Justin that our father did to me. He forced me into marriage and see what I did to the girl.” There was pain and hurt in his eyes.

“You are looking for her for the past two years, Marw.” I stood up and crouched down beside his chair on the grass, “you know nothing about her. Not even her face.”

I covered his hand with mine, which was placed on his lap, “I don’t know, Sarah. I was so mad at father that left her there all alone right after we were pronounced husband and wife. I still don’t have any idea where I can find her. Father emotionally blackmailed me that her father needs stability in business. While our father was taking advantage of her father’s weak financial state.”

Marwick was hell, blazing mad at our father.

“I understand your emotions, Marw. Believe me. This girl’s scenario was changed. Our conditions were diety dis

crystal clear from the start Dur father might have truped that family, bet grati any such thing with Ashley

Pulling his hand away from my grip he patted my hand and shark his head. Why does that for t don’t know how you convinced Justin into that mannage But he is at leget better than me 44 his wife like me HE is supporting her and standing in front of her like work a HV

I felt hurt Why was he comparing me with lusture wife? Why he was happy that Bustinist my side t sister’s side and went to Pashley gul

“So,” I stood up and walked back to my chair. You won’t help me then?”

“I might But for that, I can’t do unfair to anyone If you think that girl is a fandar pot at K** Then simply offer her money


“Yes Money! She is already getting ten million by the end of the year Millions are nothing for yo******** called dad,” He laughed sarcastically, “Give her a bomb offer if she must leave Justo, che sold get something worthy in return”

Now, why didn’t I think of that?

“Nowadays she is missing,” I muttered to myself

“She is what?”

“Yeah,” I nodded at him, “She is missing” I started drawing lines on the armrest of the chair with my finger, “Ever since Justin left for his trip she hasn’t returned”

I had this unsettling feeling like I said something funny. Because Marwick had his tongue inside his cheek as if he was trying to control his laughter.

“What?” I demanded, “What is it?”

“The girl is missing. And who told you that?”

“No one Initially, we thought she is missing but we both came to the conclusion that she is not missing Just out there staying somewhere away. Maybe with a friend?”

“Who is ‘we‘?” He asked me with an amused voice.

“Oh, that I was with Keith! We both were looking for Ashley together “I went quiet when suddenly Marwick threw back his head and laughed hard.

“Hey! What so funny about it?”

He could not answer and kept laughing raising his hands At last, when he got some control he shook his head, “Sorry”

By now I was frowning if my brother had gone crazy or something

“I hope you haven’t hit your head on a wall or a rock,” I remarked sarcastically but he did not seem to mind it

“I don’t know about myself. But Keith must have hit his head on something”

“What do you mean?“

“What I mean to say is my dear sister! Keith might be a good person But he is playing with you Be aware” After throwing that warning in my face my brother got up and left me there wondering What made him say this? Why did he think that Keith was a player?

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