Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 67

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 67

67- The Damn Fate

Ashley Walters pov

It had been two hours since we sat in the car, but my mind was constantly thinking about the conversation between Helga and Edith.

I was not at all disappointed as the lower staff of most of the places was habitual of gossiping. This was the only activity they could manage during their working hours.

But why Helga thought that fate was after me? I was aware of Sarah’s hatred. It was natural jealousy if she would find her fiancé throwing his attention on someone other than her.

If I would find Justin with some other woman, I would feel envious too. No matter what anyone tells me, but I would be ready to destroy the world.

Justin was not some any other man. He was not an ordinary fellow. He knew how to spoil the girl and I did not know how many girls he had spoiled before me. Or before Sarah.

And then an unexpected jab of jealousy made its way into my heart. What will I do if by any chance Justin shows the same care to a girl in front of me? Giving a damn about me.

What would I do?

I tilted my head to look at the man beside me who was driving the car silently. He would touch my arm every now and then. Would lift my hand and kiss it. Right now, my hand was in his grip placed on the steering wheel.

“Your sadness is making me feel guilty, Ashley.” He remarked without looking towards me, “I never had this idea that you would like this place so much.”

“I am not sad!” I tried to defend myself.

Chuckling, he turned the rearview mirror towards me, “Just look at your face. Don’t worry. We will come here again.” He assured me, “Soon!”

The poor fellow did not have any idea that I was not upset because of leaving the place. Of course, I did not like leaving it so soon. I got the chance to spend time with my husband and didn’t think I will ever be able to forget the intimacy we shared here.

“The place was so serene, Justin. I don’t think anybody would not like it. I fell in love with the place.” I squeezed his hand and looked ahead.

I did not want to complain about Helga or Edith. But the word ‘fate‘ was stuck in my mind like a magnet. Was it fate who pushed me for a snake bite and then a nearly missed accident that was thrown my way?

“Ashley!” I jerked when I heard him calling me, “What’s the matter? If it’s that bad, I am rounding the next corner and taking you back.”

Uh. That was not possible practically. He had a business, and I had a commitment to my friends.

“Is it really the place you are missing, Ashley?” There were doubts in his voice, “Or is it something else.”

I could not help the smile spreading on my lips.

The Deluca guy had guessed it right.

“It’s nothing… It’s just…” I shrugged and looked at him. His only response was to cock up a brow questioningly.


I did not want to disturb him during the drive, “Umm. Justin… Do you believe in fate?”

He frowned as if I uttered something unexpected.

“Never believed in fate,” He said looking ahead, “until I met you.” A slow grin crossed his face making my heart race.

And then an unexpected thought entered my mind.

Damn! Was he planning to keep me with him permanently? If that was the case, why he was not telling me?

Or was he waiting for the year to get over?

No! That would be too long.

My heart missed a beat, and I turned my head towards the window to hide my teary eyes. What would be the better way to enjoy life if I would get a chance to spend it with that person I have fallen for?

I had no idea about his feelings for me. But he was a genuine person. I had heard he was a man of his word. Once he would promise, never to let me go then I could stay with him.

“Hey, kitten. That’s not fair. You need to talk to me otherwise I can fall asleep. After every one or two sentences you go quiet.” Huh. The man was just teasing me. He would do anything to keep me safe. “Uh. You would never fall asleep as long as you know I am in the same car.” I told him boldly.

“Oh, yeah? And why is that?” I could detect a trace of mischief in his voice.

“Because …” I swallowed that unexpected lump in my throat, “because you will never let anything happen to me. Ever!”

The moment I said that he turned to me. Gentleness was lurking in his eyes.

“Justin! You need to focus on the road!” I warned him.

“Don’t worry, kitten. You do trust me. Remember?” His eyes stayed momentarily on my lips and then he turned back to look ahead.



“Maybe we are fated to stay together?” I asked him. Perhaps I was trying to test the waters, “It might be a possibility that we were fated to be together.”

“Right now, I am driving. Let me reach a safe spot so that I can stop the car. I need to kiss you.” His voice had turned husky by the end of it.

I smiled and started looking out of the window. Now everything made sense. Fate had brought us together. We were meant for each other. Justin was a practical man, but I was getting these vibes like he was also thinking along the same lines.


“Hmm, love.”

“Is it possible that… that the accidents I faced… might be…‘

I felt Justin’s body go rigid at the mention of my accident, so I covered his hand with mine, “It’s all right. I am fine now. Sitting beside you. But do you think that… umm… these accidents may also be a part of that fate. Maybe fate is working to harm me …” I could not finish it because without warning Justin hit the brakes making me almost strangle in my seat belt.

Thank God for that belt otherwise, I would have been thrown outside the car, breaking the front glass. I heard car brakes near us. People had started honking horns around us.

They started cursing us for stopping the car like this on a speedy highway. We were lucky that we did not face any accidents.

My hands were automatically placed on the dashboard for support.


When our car stopped after a long drag, I opened my eyes and started taking deep breaths.

“Yo… you alright?” He quickly removed the seat belts and before he could hold me, I opened the passenger door and went out.

“Ashley, honey. I am so sorry!” Justin quickly came out of the car and followed me, “Are you hurt?” He was touching me all over my body to assess if I was hurt.

“I am good!” I pushed his hands away, “What got into you? We could have died.”

“I know. I am sorry.” He came closer again and this time without giving me a chance, pulled me to him, “I got hell scared, Ashley.”

“Scared?” I looked up at his face which was ash white, “Why, Justin? Scared of what?”

“Scared of losing you.” He held my face and started kissing me like crazy.

“Justin!” Pulling away, I bent down my head shyly and leaned into his chest, “People are watching.”

“Let them,” I felt his chin resting on my head, “let them, kitten.”

We kept standing there for God knows how long, until I felt someone sniffing nose. I was shocked when I found tears flowing down Justin’s face.

“What is it, Justin? Did … did I say something wrong?”

“No,” the crying man shook his head and kissed me like crazy.

“Ashley Deluca. I will fight the world for you. If some goddamn fate wants to harm you, then don’t worry. I will fight the damn fate too.”

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