Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 66

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 66

66- The Third One

Third person pov

Justin was pacing in the corridor waiting for the doctors to come out of Ashley’s room. All he wanted to do right now was barge inside and take her home. Thankfully she gained consciousness while he was taking her to the hospital.

He leaned his forehead against the wall placing his palms on it. He was getting frustrated with each passing minute when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

He jumped up and spun around. The man who owned the cotton candy stall in the small market was standing behind him. By now Justin had totally forgotten about him.

“She will be fine, Sir.” He tried to calm Justin quite awkwardly. Maybe because there was a clear difference in class and status between them.

“I could not even ask your name,” Justin told him humbly, “Thank you for saving her.” Apparently, he was the one who had pulled Ashley out of harm’s way but unfortunately, Ashley’s head had bumped into something hard making her unconscious on the spot.

“I understand, sir. My name doesn’t matter, as long as your wife is safe.” Justin nodded at the kindness and made a mental note to ask Alex to find out about him. If he had any kids or a family, Justin could take their responsibility.

“There was a man who took her out of that crowd when the snake bit her.” The poor man attempted to

make a conversation.

“Excuse me? Which man?” Justin asked feeling confused.

“The same one who applied ointment to her injury and carried her home.” Justin felt mixed emotions of anger and resentment towards the stranger. Ashley did not tell him about any stranger.

“Mr. Deluca,” Both of them turned when a doctor in white overalls came out, “your wife is doing fine. She just had a mild concussion. A temporary one. But you need to be very careful.”

“What is it, doctor?” Justin asked him worriedly. The stupid doctor was making it longer when he only wanted to rush to his wife.

“You need to be very careful at least, for the next six months. We cannot afford one more injury on the head. I am not recommending bed rest. But she has to be careful while performing her daily duties. She is not allowed to bend down and should avoid sudden movements. It might affect her eyesight too.”

Justin felt as if someone had taken his racing heart out of his chest.

“I assure you. She will follow all the required instructions.” Justin wanted to keep her safe even if it meant strangling her to the bed.

“Hello.” She smiled at him, the moment he entered the room. A thick gauze was tied around her head. There was a little bandage on her chin too.

“Hey!” he went to her and held her outstretched hand, “Let’s go home.”

Sitting on the edge of the hospital bed, he kissed her hand.

“You mean back to the cottage or to that mansion.” She pouted and he could not help the smile cracking on his lips.

He knew she did not like that place and he soon wanted to do something about it.

“Wherever we are going I am not letting you leave your bed for six months. And that means no more night job.”

The smile on her face vanished the moment she heard the outrageous demand, “Excuse me? My job? No. I can’t quit that, Justin.”

“Come on, kitten. We don’t want to take any risk. One more bump on your head and you will be walking around with your hands full of cotton candy.” He was trying to make her laugh but the misery that she would be imprisoned in the Deluca mansion was getting to her.

“I can take several head injuries, Justin. But for God’s sake. Don’t take away the only happiness from me.” That made him go quiet.

Ashley wanted to tell him that he was the only happiness in his life.

She held his hand, “Listen. With you gone to your meetings and visits, I will be left alone in that room. I wish, I could tell you how I look forward to my night job to meet my friends. They mean a lot to me. Apart from you, they are my only family, Justin.”

They had spent a good time with each other and now she did not want to end the trip with a useless argument with him.

“What if …” he paused for a moment, “What if I tell you that I can take six months‘ gap from my business just to be with you?”

Her eyes shot up in surprise. Was he serious? Did she hear him right?

He was ready to spend six months with her in that room without his office work? Just to let her take that

bed rest?

“What about your office commitments, Justin?”

“Keith can take care of it. Right now he is not fully invested in his father’s business. So he can easily take out time. I can handle the business from my room. With my laptop.”

She had gone silent chewing her lower lip in confusion. Justin Deluca was giving mixed signals to her. If he was interested in her then why he was not expressing it?

“Are you sure about it Justin?”

“Yes, I am.” He kissed her cheek, “I am not interested in imprisoning you, Ashley.” He said brushing her hair back from her forehead, “It is just for six months.”

“If you are staying with me,” She circled her arms around his neck, pulling him to her, “then I guess I can think about it.”

The moment he started bending his head down, she placed her index finger on his lips, “Umm hmm. You need to let me go for one night so that I can explain to them why I am quitting the job.”

He opened his mouth in protest, “Shh. They are my friends Justin. I told you they are like my family. They deserve this much explanation. I already did something unethical when I told them in a text message about my absence for five days. Please let me do that.”

“You are so adamant to tell your friends about quitting. On the other hand, you never told me that there was this stranger who brought you home.” Was there a hint of jealousy in his tone? She wondered.

“That’s because you were so mad at me that I didn’t get a chance to explain you.” Then she facepalmed, And I did not even bother to ask his name. He was sooo kind and… let me tell you… he was gorgeous.” She winked and wanted to laugh when he passed her a glare,

“Mrs. Ashley Deluca!” His voice was laced with warning but the way he called her that… the Deluca name!

Ashley gave him a wobbly smile.

He kept looking at her then inhaling a deep breath, he shook his head and kissed her lips, with her finger still placed in between. She giggled and kissed him back.


Justin had left her at the cottage to get the fuel filled in the car. They were all set to leave the place and Ashley was feeling disappointed.

Last night, all Justin did was, kiss her senselessly but he did not let it go beyond that. She did feel upset

about it but he was hell scared to hurt her.

“Your health is more important to me, Ashley.”

“Then we won’t be doing it for six months, Justin?”

“At least let this bandage go away, kitten.”

“Why? You don’t find me attractive enough in it?”

“No, silly. You know this is not the case.” They stayed awake most of the night talking about meaningless things and slept late.

In the morning, Justin was the one who packed the suitcases and did not let her move. She was already feeling frustrated.

“This is for your own good, love.” He was dealing with her patiently like she was a five year old kid.

While waiting for him, she got up and came out of the room to look for Edith and found her nowhere.

Frowning to herself, she went ahead because it was unusual. Justin instructed the lady not to leave Ashley at any cost. Edith was not someone who would go against her employer.

“You need to go away. If Mr. Deluca will find you here, he might kill me.” She heard Edith whispering to


“I know. I just wanted to meet you.” Said a familiar voice making Ashley frown, “Didn’t have the idea that they are staying here.”

“Oh, come on, Helga. You knew they are here that’s why you came.” Edith said in a snarky tone, “Last time you said Ms. Sarah doesn’t want the girl.”

So, this was Helga. The same woman who was not seen after serving Ashley in her initial days and had

become rude to her.

“Oh, Master Deluca’s fiancée… Sarah! She is one foolish lady of her own kind.” Helga laughed.

“Really? Why?” Edith asked her while wiping her hands with her apron.

“She wants to send that Ashley girl away from Mr. Deluca.” For some reason, Ashley felt the hair on her nape standing up when she heard the woman murmuring softly.

“She must be jealous. That’s why she is doing that, Helga.”

“Yeah. She is jealous. But the stupid girl doesn’t know. Ms. Sarah doesn’t need to do anything to send that maid girl away.”

“Ahan. And why is that?” Edith asked her. And Ashley practically pressed her ear to the door. Because she also wanted the answer.

“Because… fate will do the job itself.”

“What do you mean?” Edith asked her and the reply was enough to make Ashley freeze at her place.

“What I mean is… this is I think the second accident the girl survived. She won’t be able to bear the third one.”

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