Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 65

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 65


Ashley Walters pov

“Ma’am. Are you the same woman who got a snake bite?” the cotton candy man asked me while handing over the thin bamboo sticks to me.

When I nodded, he examined me from head to toe, “I hope you are doing well now.”

“Oh, yes I am.” I started munching one of the beauties in my hands, “Thanks for asking.”

“Who is he by the way?” He threw a casual gaze at Justin who was standing at some distance, “I think I have seen him somewhere.”

“Oh, he is my husband. People often confuse him with some movie star.” I faked a laugh and paid him the amount.

This morning I insisted Justin take a walk outside. We were about to go back home the next day and my heart was sinking by just thinking of it.

I did not want to return home. The politics I used to face from Sarah might take a toll on my mental health in the future. Here I was happy with Justin. He and me. A perfect couple.

I wanted to enjoy these two days to the fullest. Here I had Justin only to myself. No office work. No official meetings.

Throwing the not–so–important thoughts in the backyard of my brain I pasted a smile on my face.

“He was confusing you with someone.” I informed Justin and offered him cotton candy, “but I told him, he is no celebrity. He is my husband.”

Justin’s face seemed to lit up at the mention of the word husband. Oh, how I adored that handsome face

and wanted to stare at it.

“You are obsessed with these!” Justin shook his head when he saw me managing four cotton candy

sticks in my hands.

“Not everyone can be a gym freak, Mr. Deluca,” I said and started eating the cotton candy from all four sticks at once, “some of us do need energy from sugar.”

“Yeah. I can tell that. After last night you do need your energy after all.” He said with a poker face and turned away.

Wait! What did he just say?

I held his shirt to stop him from walking and started hitting small punches on his shoulder when I found it shaking with mirth, “Behave yourself, Justin Deluca.” I hissed between clenched teeth, “Why you are letting these people know that…” I stopped and looked around, in case anyone was listening.

After responding to him, I tried to bend down my neck to hide the blush on my cheeks. No matter how much confident I felt during the night, the daylight always made me shy.

I just did not want to discuss it in the daytime.

Last night had been a little more special because on my insistence he penetrated me, and I did not feel pain. Just a little discomfort maybe.

Overall, it had been toe–curling.


He even taught me how to make him happy and I did what I could to get him a climax.

“Thinking about last night, love?” His voice brought me back to where we were. The cotton candies were forgotten in my hands.

“N… No.” I again hit his shoulder, “Stop reminding me about last night.”

My heartbeat quickened when all those explicit images from last night flashed through my mind.

“Why not?” He pinched my nose, “didn’t you like it?” He asked me in a serious tone, but I could see that glint dancing in his eyes.

“I want more cotton candy.” I pouted making his jaw drop open.

“More? Girl! You will spike your sugar level. Do you know what happens when sugar level spikes?”

“Diabetes?” I was a little unsure when I answered him.

“No. Not diabetes.”

“Then what?”

“More s*ex. More you will consume sugar and more you will need to take that energy out. So, what you will do? You will try to take that out on me at night when… Oui. Stop it kitten.”

He gasped when I started rubbing the sticky and syrupy cotton candy on his face.

“What the…” he was looking through that sticky thing hanging by his lashes.

“I guess I need to wash my face.” He narrowed his eyes to look for a place where he could wash it off.

Lifting myself on my toes, I licked his cheek, “Does it feel better,” I fluttered my lashes with fake innocence but instead of laughing at it, he brought his face down.

I knew what he was asking for. Rolling my lips shyly between my teeth, I got closer to his face and started licking his eyes.

The passersby were stopping to see what we were up to, but we did not give a damn if they liked it or not.

“Done.” I let him know after we were done. It seemed he was waiting for it because his arms circled around me and he kissed me soundly in that public place.

“Don’t go anywhere,” He said against my lips, “I am going to that restaurant to wash it off.” He licked his lower lip meaningfully as if he wanted to taste me some more.

I was waiting for him there when I heard a commotion from a distance.

Not understanding, I looked in that direction and could not understand what it was.

There were a few screams in the air. Then I saw mud in the air as if some vehicle was coming in my direction with great speed.

It might be a drunk driver too. I thought to myself and got aside on the narrow footpath so that it could pass smoothly. Justin who was on the opposite side of the street must have heard It too because I saw him coming out of the restaurant and standing on the staircase with a deep frown on his face. However, that frown disappeared as soon as his gaze fell on me.

I nodded at him to assure him that I was alright. When I saw the vehicle, a small old model car was coming towards me as if it was jarring on the road. It was headed straight towards me at high speed.

Before I could understand or decide what to do, I heard a panic–filled, blood–curdling scream.

Justin’s scream!


After that, I could not remember anything except that it had become all dark around me.

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