Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 61

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 61

61-Hundred Out Of Ten

He took me straight to the room and closed the door behind him with a thud. It was quite easy for him to take off my dress along with tussle–free lingerie.

“Should I take it off? Or are you still scared?” He teased me when his boxers were the only thing on his body.

“Do what makes you happy, Justin,” I said shyly and sat on the edge of the bed a little conscious of my nakedness. He took the offer and came out of it.

Just like last time, I tried to look away.

When he started approaching me, I climbed up and moved back to the headboard until his body joined me in the bed. I felt the same need, the same desire when his body touched mine.

His big member might be scary, but his muscular naked body was doing delicious things to me. I was sucking his lips and he was trying to tear his mouth away.

‘Justin!” I moaned, “Don’t leave me.” I tied my legs around his waist grinding my naked core to his ab.

He held one of my bo*obs, “I am not going anywhere. Someone has to take care of these.” His hand then shifted to my drenched core and kneaded it, “and this.”

His head lowered on one of my b*oobs and started sucking it. I threw back my head and fisted my hands

in his hair.

I was sure he would go bald by the time we would be done with this lovemaking. I grunted when he licked

the sensitive buds one by one.

I was enjoying the touch of his tongue until he started moving lower. My body went rigid for a second, but it relaxed when he started showering kisses around my navel.

I wanted him to come back into my arms so that I could grind my core to his body when I felt him going


“Ju…Justin. What are you doing?”

I felt his tongue dangerously close to my folds. I got panicked and started getting up.

“Relax, kitten.” His head snapped up.

“Is… is this even, right? I mean…” I did not know how to say this. He was getting too close to it, “Justin…” 1 called his name avoiding eye contact, “Your mouth might get dirty.” I whispered.

“Don’t worry about it, Ashley. Trust me. It’s worth the try.” He came back when I did not respond to him, “It won’t hurt, love. I promise. You will enjoy it.”

He kissed my lips when I gave him a subtle nod and again went down between my legs.

“Lie back, Ashley. Just let me know if you are liking it or not. If you don’t then I promise I won’t go further. Let me make you happy.”

Silently, I laid back and squeezed my eyes shut when I again felt his tongue near the forbidden area. I held my breath and waited for the tongue to move there.

Deep inside I was waiting for it. Because after one minute I intended to stop him. Trusting him that he would comply.

But man!

I felt the first jolt of electricity when his tongue touched me there.


Never in my life did I ever curse. Thank God, Mother Superior was not around otherwise she would have grounded me.

I heard his light chuckle and then holding my ass with both hands his tongue again started licking the


“Jus… Justin Stop!”

“Should I?” He asked me, pressing his lips to my lower ones.

“Ah! No. Please.”

“What, please? Tell me in clear words, love. You want it or you don’t want it?” His mouth was fanning my most intimate part.

“Please, Justin.” I swallowed the thick emotions in my throat, “Don’t stop.” I gritted my teeth, “Do it!” That’s all he needed.

He kissed me again down there and nibbled that area with his lips.

“Wh… What are you exactly doing, Justin?” I was fighting for my breath.

“Loving you! Worshipping you, love.” By now I could feel his rough and uncontrollable breathing against my clit.

My both hands squeezed the bedspread into my tight fists when I felt the tip of his tongue touching me. It started sliding and swirling inside my intimate folds.

My body was hot. My core was on fire. I lifted my chest in frustration caused by the pressure building up in the lower region of my belly.

By now he was gripping my thighs tightly and his tongue was dipping more into the depths of my core. I tried to suppress the moans by clenching my teeth tightly but then I gave up.

Unable to take it anymore, I let out a soft moan. The man down there was eating me out with all the


“Beautiful!… umm” he groaned against my folds and the vibration caused electricity to course through me.

“Oh, God! Justin! Something is happening!” This was the same feeling I experienced when he inserted his fingers inside me last night.

This time instead of words he only groaned against me trying to suck the juices… Making me dry.

A strong sense of pleasure spread through me, and I got a mind–blowing climax.

I lost my control and cried in pleasure, not giving a damn if Edith might hear me.

“Justin.” I tried to stop him to let him know that I had already got my org*asm.

“Let me clean you, love.” He whispered and his tongue started touching me again wiping every drop of my juice down there, but the saliva was making me more wet.

“You know how savory you are?” Even after getting to the climax, I was enjoying his touch.

“Justin…” I shuddered with the wet touch, “I… I have got it…” I wanted to let him know.

“It’s ok, kitten. Let’s go for a second one.” I chewed my lower lip vigorously when he kept licking me dry.

That familiar pressure again started building up, looking for its release.

“I am about to cum again, Justin.” I kind of warned him.

“Honored, kitten. Let it be!” He said happily and I could feel his tongue grinding inside along with his lips. that were kissing me and sucking me after every lick.

This time when I hit my orgasm, he came upon me and kissed me suppressing my moans and screams, wrapping his arms around me in a deathly grip.

This time when I shook from my climax his arms were there to comfort me, to make my shuddering easy.

When I came back to earth, I slowly opened my eyes and found that gorgeous face before my sight.

“So, Mrs. Deluca.” He shifted his weight on his elbows, “How was the experience? Was it painful? How much would you award my performance out of ten?”

A smile cracked on my lips. I was no more feeling shy before him, “Umm. Mister Deluca!” I knitted my brows and tied my arms around his neck. Lifting up my head, I kissed his cheeks one by one and bumped

his nose with mine.

“I would give you a hundred out of ten on your performance,” I said with a wink.

Hello readers!

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