Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 59

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid Chapter 59

59-Nothing Beautiful Without Him

Sarah pov

I took the last bite of my pancake dipped in syrup and wiped my mouth. It was a small café where Kevin brought me for the breakfast.

The place was secluded with hardly two or three waitresses serving around.

“On weekends, this place usually swarms with teenagers. It’s quite economical for them to bring their dates here.” He remarked.

“Strange.” I shrugged, “I never visited this place. It’s so close to our home.” I said leaning back in my seat. He smiled at that.

He was still eating his third serving of waffles with vanilla ice cream. It was odd because I never saw anyone having ice cream for breakfast.

“You did not notice it because it’s a small setup. Much lower than your status.” I thought he was insulting me, but he seemed serious, busy in gulping that stuff down his throat.

“Coffee?” He asked me and I nodded at once, “So, how are you planning to find out about the girl, Sarah?”

“I don’t know. Maybe go out and talk to the Ice cream Heaven owner who is usually there at night shifts.”

“Hmm.” He got back picking up his coffee cup.

“How can someone eat ice cream early morning?” I asked him before I could stop myself.

“That’s why I am drinking this hot coffee. To melt down the ice cream in my tummy. Ha–ha.” When I did not respond to the absurd joke, his face got serious, “Sorry. Bad joke.”

Gosh! I did not know how Justin managed his company. The man did not have any sense of humor.

When we were done, he paid the bill, and we stood up to leave.

“Around what time, are you planning to visit the Ice cream Heaven, Sarah?” He asked me, shoving his

wallet inside his hip pocket.

“After midnight. Why?”

“I will accompany you. When you get ready just wait for me. We will go together.” Him listening to me over breakfast was enough for me.

But offering me to help further was something I was not expecting from him.

“OK.” I picked up my purse, “I will wait for you then.”


Ashley Walters pov

“The needful was done by the locals, Mr. Deluca. No need to worry about anything. However, if the snake had been carrying venom then that could be a matter of concern.” The local doctor had tied a fresh gauze around the thigh.

Edith was standing close to me with a worried face while Justin seemed unhappy. Ever since I stepped inside the cottage, ! could see a nerve ticking in his jaw.

When the doctor left, Edith went out to see him off, leaving me alone with the Deluca dragon.

“Does it hurt?” he asked me, making me smile. He could not stay mad at me for too long.

“It did, initially. But later it just felt like a slight stinging sensation.” I folded my legs and leaned back on the pillows.

“How come you decided to go out all alone where you don’t know anything about the surroundings? It can be quite dangerous.”

“I … I actually…” I didn’t know what to tell him, “I just thought to… go out to … get some fresh air.”

“Kitten…” sitting on the edge of the bed he took me in his arms and kissed my cheek, “Always remember this… No matter what you tell me. I will always trust you.”

Crap! He knew I was lying. Guess, it was the time, to be honest.

“Umm… actually… my impression was… I mean I thought… you might want to do it again… in the morning.” When he frowned at my absurd explanation, I spoke quickly, “I mean, I know you are caring and all. But after last night… it hurt so much down there… I just wanted to go out to avoid the chance of …” I went quiet after that and started staring at his lap.

He pinched my chin to make me look up, “Look into my eyes when you talk to me, kitten.” I swallowed and looked up,

“Justin. To avoid intimacy… I went out.” After telling him that, I again looked down. This morning all of it looked so reasonable but right now while telling him all this, it felt like I was making him look like a predator.

He inhaled deeply, “You think a man who kept taking your consent on every minor thing would attack you without taking into account that it might hurt you?”

I did not have the courage to look into his eyes.

“Tell me, Ashley. Do you think I would ever hurt you intentionally?” when I did not respond, he kissed my forehead and stood up.

“Where are you going?” I panicked when he started leaving the room.

“Out of here. Guess now it’s my turn to cool my head down.” Without any further explanation, he was out of the room. I wanted to go after him, but this all happened so quickly that I could not get the time to process it all.

For the first time in my life, I felt like crying. He was mad at me because I could not trust him. When I could not take it anymore, I went out to look for him.

“Ma’am. You should stay in your room. Sir, gave me special instructions to not let you move out of your bed.” Sitting on the kitchen table, Edith stopped cutting the vegetables.

“Where is he, Edith? Near the swimming pool?”

“No, ma’am. He just went out of the house.” She informed me and resumed doing her job. So, he was doing the same thing. He went out to maybe give the taste of my own medicine.

Instead of going back to the room, I went to the swimming pool area and sat on a recliner. Strange, when he showed me the cottage yesterday it looked so beautiful. But now, it seemed nothing close to beautiful. “So, mister Justin Deluca. The place is no more beautiful without you.” I muttered to myself, “Nothing is beautiful without you, my love.” I felt like crying.

“Ma’am. Should I bring you anything? You did not even have your breakfast this morning.”

“No, Edith. I am good. I don’t feel hungry.” The poor woman wanted to argue but then closed her mouth. I must have spent hardly half an hour there when I decided to let Edith know and go out to look for him. I

will apologize. I should have known him better.

However, when I headed inside, there he was standing beside the stove talking to Edith.

“I told you to prepare scrambled eggs for her. I was out for just a few minutes, Edith.” He was muttering while tossing something on the pan.

“Pass me those cherry tomatoes too, Edith. She must be hungry.”

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