Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 56

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid Chapter 56


“It’s ok if you don’t like it.” He said smugly while pulling away his finger.

Urgh. This was not the time to tease.

“N… No, Justin. P… Please.”

“What please?” He spoke against my core which drenched more after feeling the vibration of his voice,” Tell me kitten, what you want.”

“I …” I swallowed audibly, “I … I want that. I mean… I mean I liked that… Justin. Please do it.” I no more knew what I wanted. The words were too incoherent to my ears.

I chewed my lower lip when I again felt his hand against my core. He came up to kiss me, but his hand stayed there.

“You are beautiful down there, Ash.” Ignoring the compliment, I pulled him to me and started grinding my lips to his mouth.

Closing his eyes, he put a little pressure against my intimate folds and entered his finger.

“Justin!” I gasped against his mouth.

“Yes, love.” He slowly started moving the finger, “You are so wet, sweetheart.”

I groaned in his mouth when I felt him entering his other finger.

“You like it, love?” He asked me breathlessly and all I could manage was a brief nod. Despite the central air conditioning, we both were soaked in our sweat.

“Oh… Oh… God! Fu*ck Justin. Fu*ck!” I heard his soft chuckle when the swear words slipped through my


“I will, love. I will fu*ck you. I promise.” He said kissing me hard.

His fingers slopping inside out had quickened their pace, “Cum for me, honey. Come on. Let it out.” The pressure that was building slowly was getting beyond control.

“Ju… Justin. Something is happening to me.

“Let it happen, love. Let it.” Lifting my chest, I screamed when I felt my first ever orgasm hitting me. Justin was kissing my face while sweet talking to me.

Digging my nails, I squeezed shut my eyes when this alien feeling washed over me. When everything seemed to settle, I slowly opened my eyes and found him looking at my face carefully.

“What was that, Justin?” I asked him between my rugged breath, “It was beautiful.”

“Not yet, kitten.” He started kissing me making me wet again. I was aware that the penetration part was

still left.

“If your fingers were that good,” I spoke, “I can’t imagine how good that would feel.” I pointed towards his member without looking at it much.

“You are so right, Ashley.” Kissing my temple, he nudged his knee between my legs.

“If that’s the case,” I opened my legs eagerly, “then I am ready.”

No idea why there was discomfort on his face, “Kitten. Th… this might hurt a little.”

“Yes. I have been told that,” hoiding his face I kissed him, “don’t distress about it, Justin.”

“Once … I will start doing it I might not be able to back off …” He tried to warn me.

I lifted my head from the pillow, “I know, Justin. Let me assure you. I am more than ready.” I beamed with happiness, “Go ahead.”

With that, I threw my head at the pillow and looked into his eyes. Bobbing his head, he started kissing me again. His fingers were again grazing the folds of my vagina.

When he was sure, I was wet enough, he placed the head of his co*ck on the entrance. Coming down, he kissed me hard on the mouth.

I felt his member going inside very slowly. Further and further. Inch by inch. He was giving me time to get used to it. However, he broke into a sweat while trying to control his emotions.

After moving a bit further, he stopped and came down again to kiss me, “Kitten.”

“Yes, Justin.”

“I am sorry.” With that, he withdrew a little and then entered me with full force. I was shocked at the pain.

“Oh, f*ck.”

“Easy, love. Easy.” He stayed there giving me time while I tried to push his strong shoulders.

“What do you mean by easy? Get off me, Justin!” But he did warn me. Once he would be inside, he won’t be able to take it out.

“Oh, God! It hurts!”

“Give it time, Ashley. It will go away.” Tears of pain started sliding down my face. He quickly started kissing them away.

“Just a lil more patience, love.” Even his endearments were not working. Very slowly he moved a little and observed my face.

The discomfort had reduced a bit. Swallowing my saliva, I nodded at him to go ahead. He started pumping first at a slow pace and then gradually he increased the tempo.

All I wanted right now was to get done with it. It had gotten better but it was not painless. After what seemed like an eternity, the sweaty, glistening body of Justin groaned loudly and fell limply on my body.

With a smile, I started rubbing his back with my hands. In movies, they used to praise their partners after the deed. Won’t Justin do it?

“Congratulations!” I heard his drowsy voice, “You are no more a virgin.” I could feel amusement in his voice. Well! It was not praise.

But I guess something was better than nothing.

“Yeah,” I smiled, “Congratulations on winning my v-card, Justin.”

He rolled over and took me with him. Covering us with a quilt, he snuggled me close to him on his chest.

“I did not know it would be this good,” I remarked with a yawn and felt his lips against my hair.

“I also didn’t have this idea that it would be this amazing. You are amazing, Ashley.” His arms were around me when he tried to bring my head under his chin.

It was a perfect night. I could not wait to share the details with Aniya. And Evelyn too. I closed my eyes because I needed my sleep.

If Justin would decide to make love to me right after waking up, I wanted to be fresh at that time.

After all, that’s what they usually showed in movies. Right?

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