Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 54

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid Chapter 54

54- Innocent Question

Third person pov

“Won’t you come, Justin?” Her voice brought him back to the real world. He jogged to her, and they started walking when she stopped and placed her hand on her dress.

Crap. He should have told her that it was supposed to be an outdoor dinner. The breeze was making the hem of her dress fly, giving him a full view of what she was swearing underneath. Her sandals were digging in the beach sand making it quite difficult for her to walk.


“Take off your sandals, Ashley.”

“What? No. It’s just a few steps, Justin.”

“I know. Take them off.” She took off her sandals, her hands still trying to control the dress making her a little shiver.

“I… I am sorry.” He started taking off his jacket, “I should have told you before. It was meant to be a surprise that went wrong I guess.”

“No. I like it, Justin.”

Putting his jacket around her, he scooped her up, “I will ask someone to arrange it inside and we can comfortably…”

“No, please. I like it here.” He watched her face carefully.


“Cent percent, chief!”

Carrying her in his arms, he walked to the table and made her sit on a chair. Still bending down, he settled his jacket on her shoulders and turned his face to her, “All good.”

Instead of answering she smirked and eyed his lips.

“Ashley!” There was a warning in his voice.

However, Ashley did not seem to hear the warning, moving her head a little further, she placed her lips on his. His eyes fluttered closed.

Slowly he started moving his lips against hers, “This is the best thing I can have for dinner.” He remarked before tasting her lips again.

“Ashley.” He licked her lower lip, “You are trying my patience.”

No woman until now had made his member go hard like this little minx used to do. He used to get hard even by her slight smile, or simply when she used to chew her lower lip.

Using all his might, he kissed her soft lips hard and straightened. He did not want to do it in a hurry. The girl was too young and trusted him. This was her first time and he wanted to show her the right way.

No matter how much he wanted her but her first time deserved to be done properly in a more decent way. She was worth it.

Without telling her that she had smudged her lip color a little to the corner of her mouth, he went to his chair opposite her and sat down.

While all he wanted to do right now was smudge it a little more not only on her mouth but also on his lips.

Because whatever that lip color was, it tasted like strawberries.

Or maybe that was the taste of her lips. Hell, no!

Her lips tasted like cherries, and he just wanted to keep sucking and chewing those.

“Justin! Justin!”

“Hmm? Kitten?”

“Where were you?” She asked with a chuckle, and he wanted to tell her that he was already peeling off her

clothes in his imagination.

“Nowhere. Let’s start eating food.” He waved to someone, and a uniformed waiter came to them and started removing the lids of the dishes.

“Sir. Do you want to try a drink first?” Justin looked at her questioningly.

She quickly shook her head, “Nah. I am hungry.”

“Me too!” He said meaningfully, momentarily forgetting that the waiter was standing there.

Ashley rolled her eyes silently telling him about the other man’s presence.

“So,” Justin spread a napkin on his lap, “What about your future? Are you willing to spend your life working

in an ice cream café?”

For a few moments he wanted to ignore those se*xual sparks between them.

“You sound like Sam.” She swallowed the chicken piece with a sip of sparkling water, “No. Aniya told me that someone has already sponsored the treatment of Mother Superior. So, I will use my money to find my family.”

“How would you start then?”

“Of course. From the documents from Eden Garden.”

“Or you can also hire someone to investigate it for you. Few people in the field can gladly take up the


“Really? Please do recommend. I just want to ask my parents. What they were even thinking when they ditched me outside an orphanage.”

Justin cursed himself for bringing up the topic that was upsetting her.

“Ok. Leave your family. What about your education, kitten? If you want, I can sponsor you.” He filled her plate with some rice, “That amount won’t be included with those ten million.”

“You keep filling my plate, Justin.” She picked up the bottle, “Let me fill your glass.” He happily brought his glass forward.

And let me fill you with my cum, my kitten. He thought but opted to keep it to himself.

“What are you thinking?”


“You were wearing this funny expression on your face.”

He did not want to tell her. He did not want a frightened girl in his bed but a willing partner. They kept talking about meaningless things when Justin decided it was time to get up and go inside.

“Should we leave now?” He asked her gently, but she just shook her head.

“No. What about dessert?”

He leaned back casually, looking at her carefully twirling the wine glass in his hand. She was getting


“Bring a dessert for ma’am.” He asked the same waiter who nodded and brought a slice of cake for her.

“What flavor is it?” She asked the waiter.

“Mocha Brownie, ma’am.” When he left, she scooped some in a spoon and offered it to him. Instead of taking it, he kept looking at the spoon and then at her face.

Heaving a sigh when she nodded, he held her wrist and with his other hand picked up the fudgy cake from

the spoon.

“Justin wh…what…” Before she could say anything else he started spreading the cake along her fingers.

“Justin.” She called him alarmingly. Instead of responding to her he brought his head forward and started licking her fingers one by one.

Her eyes went wide, and she gasped, “Justin. What are you doing?”

“Eating you!” He said and kept licking her soft knuckles while looking into her eyes.

Eating you. Her dirty mind took her somewhere.

Ashley closed her eyes in embarrassment… and desire…

“Open your eyes, Ashley!” He called her. She wanted sweetness. He would give it. Standing up from his chair, he kneeled near her chair and took a spoon of the cake and put it in his mouth. Yet he kept the cake there instead of swallowing it.

Holding her chin, he got closer to her and touched her lips with his. Understanding dawned on her when she realized what he wanted.

She slightly opened her mouth and felt his tongue pushing the cake into her mouth.

“Mm… mm.” She closed her eyes and let out a loud moan. That was the only thing he needed. Putting his arms under her thighs and around her back he scooped her and started walking inside. Her arms were quickly around his neck.

They both had their lips smudged with chocolate. Looking into each other’s eyes they were silent.

He could see the surprise on Ashley’s face when instead of stopping near the bedroom door, he took her to the room that was supposed to be the master bedroom.

The same one where he did not let her enter the last time.

Kicking it open he entered and then kicked back to close it.

Ashley’s jaw hung open when she ran a gaze into the beautiful bedroom. There was a monarch–wide spring bed with a combination of grey and black shades. The perfect blend was giving it a look of class and luxury.

The whole bedroom was covered with rose petals and a floral scent.

“You… you did this?” She asked him and he nodded his head slowly, “Thank you so much, Justin.”

“Now don’t you dare start crying, kitten.” He placed her down, making her stand on the floor and took two steps back.

She wanted to ask him why he was moving back when he raised his hand and slowly started unbuttoning

his shirt.

Ashley’s mouth went dry. She tried to smile but could not. So, she asked the first question that came to

her mind.

Justin was torn between laughter and admiration when she asked him innocently in a low whisper,

“Jus… Justin. Umm. Am I supposed to take off my clothes myself… or… would you undress me?”

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