Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 53

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid Chapter 53

53- Her Innocence

Third person pov

His words and his eyes seemed to undress her right there in the center of the room.

“My lioness. No matter what you wear. With all honesty… Right now, all I could think is … of your naked body… under me.”

The moment those words left his mouth, a blush ran through her cheek and ended at her ear lobes.

“Get ready. We are about to have a nice dinner.” He kissed her cheek and scurried to the door. She kept standing there with her eyes closed. After a long while when she thought that her heartbeat had gotten back to normal, she sighed and fell on the mattress yelping with laughter.

It was a fan moment for her. Justin Deluca could not wait to make her his. Was she that much important to him?

If that was the case, she also wanted to put in some effort. And that should start with a floral bath. After taking her sweet time she applied a floral–scented body lotion.

She came out wrapped in a bath towel and started going through her stuff. A classic lingerie she was looking for. She wanted to look elegant inside her dress too.

Choosing a peachy–colored balconette bra with the same–colored thongs. After arranging the coordinating suspenders, she kept examining herself.

What would Justin think if he would see her wearing this? Would he like it?

With all those questions in mind, she started looking for a suitable dress and found a fawn–colored sleeveless with a big V–neck.

Chewing her lower lip, she attached the dress to her body and then decided to go with it. The dress hardly covered her well–shaped thighs and had a large hem.

The deep V–neck was giving a slight glimpse of her small bo*obs, which were pushed up by the peachy bra inside. After applying make–up, she wore one–inch sandals and twisted in front of the mirror.

“Perfect!” She whistled, “I think I look good.” Now the only thing she wanted was to make Justin arrive quickly.

She went to the nightstand to take out her phone so that she could call him but then reminded herself that they were following the no–phone rule for this getaway.

After God knows how long a short knock appeared on the door. The door opened and she heard Justin,” Ashley. May I come in?” She liked the way he was asking her.

She quickly stood up from the bed and straightened her short dress, “Yes, please.”

The door opened some more, and Justin leaned to the door frame, his eyes melting her under his gaze from head to toe, making her hold her breath. He also tried to put in effort which he did not need at all.

Dressed in a white shirt with black dress pants, he was wearing a black jacket. The top buttons of his shirt were opened to give her a little view of his chest.

“Who is this beautiful girl?” He started taking small steps towards her.

Trying to come over her shyness, she went close to him and wrapped her arms around his neck, “And who

is this handsome man?”

“Don’t do that, kitten.” His voice turned husky in a matter of seconds, “I am here to take you to dinner. If

you keep doing it, we will end up on that bed without eating anything.”

His amber eyes showed that he meant it. Nodding at him, she took a step back. He offered his palm, and she placed her hand on it.

Kissing her hand, he tucked it under his arm and started walking out. However, she was not expecting it when instead of heading to the dining room, he started walking out of the cottage.

“W… we are going somewhere? I thought we are.

“Yes and no. We are not going anywhere… It’s just an outdoor dinner.” With that he made her stand on the wooden trail that was covered with small lamps on both sides.

“This …” She looked up and he leaned to kiss her temple, “I did it. Wanted to do something special for you.”

She started walking beside him in a daze, “This is beautiful, Justin.”

“Not more than you.” She turned her head to look at him and found him staring at her, “I am happy that you like it. Look ahead. You mightn’t want to miss that.”

Turned back her head she gasped. The trail was leading to a small red tent that had a dinner table set for two. It was surrounded by lamps with a bonfire near the covered area.

He had arranged this dinner near the beach where she could hear soft waves playing on the shore.

“How is it?” When she could not move for a long time, she heard him against her ear. Instead of saying anything she tied her arms around his waist and leaned her face to his chest.

He was looking at her head frowning and was shocked when found her shoulders shaking, “Kitten.” She did not look up and kept crying.

“Hey! Ashley!” He pulled her face up, “Why are you crying?”

“Nobody did such things for me, Justin.” She said in a tear–filled voice.

“Silly,” He started wiping her face, “You are not only spoiling your makeup but also my jacket. Is that a stunt to ruin my wardrobe? Are you by any chance working for my business competitor who gave you this

task to do …”

She started laughing at that, “No. Stop it.” She gave him a sheepish smile and looked for a napkin.

“Since when do you need a napkin when I am with you?” He asked her mischievously, but she shook her head.

“Not tonight. I don’t want to spoil your clothes, tonight,”

Lifting, on her toes, she kissed his chin and turned to walk to the dinner table ahead of him. Not realizing that he was not following her. But was looking at her back all amused.

The joy her presence used to give him. The pleasure he used to feel whenever he was around her. How can someone be this pure and this innocent in this time and age?

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