Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 51

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 51

51–I Am Awake, Kitten

Sarah pov

Justin had left and I could not go back to sleep. I had told a maid to let me know if Ashley was back. After all, I needed to tell her that Justin was out of town.

Just to make her jealous. All I wanted right now was to go to sleep and throw any Ashley, dick, or Harry out of my mind for a peaceful sleep.

But that Pashley was not back.

“Hello!” I asked the guards at the gate, “Is Pashley… I mean is Ashley back?”

“No ma’am. Nobody entered or exited the gates after Mr. Deluca left.” He informed me. Shouldn’t she be back by now?

“Ma’am. She is still not home.” The maid told me on the intercom, “Don’t worry. I will inform you as soon as she returns.”

Strange. When I followed her, she used to be back earlier than this time. What if …?

What if…?

Oh, No. Justin would kill me if anything would happen to her. He might blame me for any minor accident.

I decided to call the only person who could help me at this indecent hour, “Alex. Get that ass off your bed and find the number of Ice cream Heaven located in the small town. I need to call them.” Poor Alex might have gotten panicked but right now he was the only one I could go to.

Within minutes my phone pinged. The message was from Alex with the contact numbers of the ice cream


“Hello. Is this Ice cream Heaven?” I asked the lady who picked up the phone.

“Yes, ma’am. This is. But we are not doing home delivery right now.”

I rolled my eyes, “Oh. I know. I am not calling because I want ice cream.” I paused, “There is this girl who works for you.”

The girl on the other side seemed to get on high alert, “Ash?”

“Yeah. Ashley Walters.” I confirmed so that she won’t take me as a stalker, “I am waiting for her, but she hasn’t reached home yet.”

I tried to bring some extra concern to my tone.

“Ma’am. She left fifteen minutes late. By now she must have reached home.” Now she was also getting worried, “If you don’t mind may I ask, who I am speaking to?”

I could not tell her that I was the future daughter in law of the Deluca family, “I … I am just a maid here and was getting worried for her.”

“Oh, are you her aunt who works in Deluca mansion?” The girl on the other side asked me.

I would give this much to Pashley girl that she was intelligent. She did not go against her contract clause and told them her aunt worked for the Deluca family.

Smart move! Good! I was happy.

Now I needed to wait for Nadia and Shella to wake up. I should find Pashley before Justin returns otherwise after his return, I would be the one in trouble.

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