Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 50

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 50

50-Change of Mind

Sarah pov

I took Justin to that ice cream parlor so that he could see with his own eyes that Ashley worked there as a waitress. I wanted to witness the look on his face.

If by any chance she had taken our orders, I would have been over the moon. Just the thought of her face changing color kept giving me tingles inside out.

Bitch must have seen us. That was the reason she did not come out. I was not a fool.

However, I was surprised when Justin left the table because he wanted to use the bathroom. He never used public bathrooms.

Miraculously, there was no waiter at the front. Everyone seemed to have gone to the back room. What was the matter?

Justin took his sweet time and came back. While going home he was exceptionally quiet.

“Are you alright, Justin?” I asked him but he just answered me with a slight hmm.

After coming back, I changed and went out because I wanted to talk to him. I wanted him to let me come back into his life.

His study was dark which meant he was in his room. I went to the door and raised my hand to knock when the door opened, and a male house help came out wheeling two suitcases. Justin was behind him.

“Sarah! You are still awake!” He was wearing a casual jacket along with black cotton pants and a black t- shirt.

Looking handsome as usual.

“Ah. Yes. Why? Are you going somewhere?”

He busily closed his room and started walking, “Yes.”

That’s it. Just one word answer.

“Umm. Is it a business trip, Justin?”

“Sort of!”

Great! I stopped when he stepped on the first step of the staircase.

“Bye, Justin.” I waved happily.

“Bye, Sarah.” He did not even bother to turn around. Did Ashley know that he was leaving? How would she feel if she will come back and won’t find Justin?

How would she feel if I will tell her that Justin met me but did not have ample time to meet her?


Ashley Walters

Sam and Elijah were outside and here I was sitting near the small coffee table in the back room with my head lowered in shame. Right now, Evelyn was treating me as a criminal.

“I… I did not do anything wrong, Eve.”

“You think stealing a girl’s fiancé is NOT a crime, Ashley?” She hissed near my face with clenched teeth,”

There is supposed to be a girl code.”

She dragged the stool beside me and perched her ass on it.

“Girl! You are such a pure–hearted soul. I know Justin Deluca must have played with your mind. He is mature and reserved and has never been noticed along with anyone except his fiancé Sarah. She is a big shot. She is the only one who belongs beside him. Rest of them?” She snapped her fingers, “rest of them are just toys for him.”

I stayed quiet. Justin could think of me as his toy?

No! Never. I don’t think so.

“Let’s accept it, Ashley.” Her voice turned gentle, “No matter how polished or how well–behaved he seems. He is the heir to the Deluca property. Having lots of money, he is one of those, who poop money in the bathroom.”

I tried to stifle my laughter at her odd example.

“I am not kidding my sweet friend. He might find you interested in his bed. He would never…ever… jilt his fiancé because of a girl like you.”

She must have seen the injured look on my face because she quickly covered my hands, “No. You are a gem, Ash. But people like him don’t know how precious a girl like you is. Please come out of his paws. Once he will have your body, he will discard it.”

1 could not take it anymore and started laughing covering my face. Oh, God. She did not know anything.

“Evelyn,” I looked up at her serious face, “What if … If… he is ready to bring me in front of the world but only stopping because I am not ready?”

“You are not ready? Ashley! He is doing it to gain your trust, girl. Oh God… How to…” She held her head,” He will never do any such thing. If that was the case, he would have sent away Sarah.”

I closed my eyes and prayed that she was wrong.

“How much time is he spending with you?” She asked me looking, directly into my eyes.


I …” I shrugged. I could not tell Evelyn that I was not his fiancé, but his wife and he did spend time with me while watching movies, having meals, and taking me shopping.

“See?” She pointed her finger at me, “Here is your answer! He only wants your v–card. Once he will get it and poof! He will be absent from your life!”

Tears were welling up in my eyes. She started wiping my face when she saw a lone tear sliding down my cheek, “You need to be ery strong, Ashley. Boys do it all the time. Well!” She looked outside where her boyfriend was maintaining the cash register, “Not all of them.” She looked back at me with a smile, “You are young. You will get lots of options in your life. Always remember, no man is worth your self–respect.”

She went quiet after that. My shift had ended fifteen minutes ago but I was so busy with the Ted talk that

I did not realize until Sam called out from outside.

“Ashley, aren’t you interested in going home?” He sounded tired, “If this is the case, I can happily hand over my shift to you.”

He yawned soundly making me smile,

Packing my small bag, I stepped out of the café and felt uncertain when I did not find my usual bodyguard.

Who assigns a bodyguard to a servant girl if he is not interested in her? I asked myself.

“He is doing it to gain your trust.” Evelyn’s voice rang in my head.

Without looking around, I was taking small strides towards home when I felt a car crawling beside me at a dangerously slow speed.

My heart palpitated in my chest. Was it a thief or a kidnapper? I sped up my pace and kept walking when I heard a familiar voice, “Kitten!”

My feet froze I turned to look at the owner of the voice. He was coming out of the car with worry evident in his eyes, “Ashley! What’s the matter? You look upset, love.”

I dashed towards him and hugged his body in a deathly grip, “Oh, thank God, it’s you, Justin. I thought… thought… that…”

“That I am a thief? Silly!” I felt him kissing my hair, “Come on. Let’s go.” Holding my hand, he guided me to the passenger seat and opened the door.

He rounded the car and jogged to the driving seat. I asked him, “How come you are here?”

It felt good that he came to pick me up tonight otherwise the walk home used to feel a little lonely and boring.

“Told you. I was missing you too.” He said before starting the engine, “So… How was work?” I had momentarily forgotten about his unexpected visit to the parlor.

For me, he had become the same old Justin who was friendly to me, and I could confide with him anything I wanted.

“So, this fellow who was serving me… his name was Sam?” He asked me casually.

“Yes. He was the one. The other one was Elijah. Elijah and Evelyn are in a relationship, but she has a crush on you.”

Talking about Eve reminded me of whatever she told me about Justin. My mind got busy analyzing whatever she tried to tell me.

I could not doubt her intentions. Of course, she was trying to keep me safe. I kept thinking about our conversation while twirling my hair strand around my finger.

“You have gone silent. What is it?” He was Justin from whom it was impossible to hide anything.

Of course, it would not be a sensible move if I would tell him about Eve’s opinion of him, so I started looking around and found something odd.


The mansion was just a few minutes drive away, but it had been past half an hour and I could not see those familiar surroundings.

“Where are we going?”

“It’s good that you, at last, noticed it!” He said with a straight face.

“We are not going home?” I asked him and nudged his elbow. Taking my hand in his, he kissed my knuckle.

“No. We are going somewhere else.” He said softly, “After a night duty you must take a quick nap, I suggest…”

“No, I will talk to you!” I leaned back my cheek, still turned towards him, and started staring at his face. His eyes were on the road ahead, but he could feel my eyes on his face.

“How far away is it?” I tried to hold my yawn. After a tiring night job, all I usually wanted was a bed. But if he wanted to take me on a long drive then I guess it was worth it.

“A little too far. That’s why I am asking you to close your eyes and sleep.”

“Oh, I am not that sleepy…” Though I could sense my mind going numb.

“That, I can see, sweetheart.” Was he making fun of me?

My eyes fluttered close, and I started dreaming about Justin who was buying me Doritos and then a necklace that had a lioness engraved.

I was so happy when he suddenly went to his knee and proposed me.

“He–he. Justin. We are already married.” I giggled and could not hear what he was saying.

“What are you saying, Justin?” I tried to concentrate on his mouth. His lips that were no more unfamiliar to me. I knew their taste, their touch.

He was still trying to say something.

“What, Justin?”

“Wake up, kitten, and stop smiling in your sleep. You are tempting me to kiss you.” I frowned and my eyes fluttered open.

His face was too close to mine, and he was brushing his finger on my cheek. I turned my head and was shocked when I saw the sun rising.

What the hell!

“How long have I been sleeping?” I rubbed my eyes and looked at his face which was still close to me.

“Umm. Let me think!” He rolled his eyes and then murmured, “Four hours, I guess!” He curved down his lips.

My eyes looked into those amber ones and then dipped to his lips making him chuckle. He freed me from the seat belt and opened his side of the door, “We still have one day to do that, kitten.”

I was still in a daze and got astounded when I looked around. It was a breezy neighborhood with small cottages on one side of the lane.

The other side had lots of palm trees. Which place was it?

“Come out, your highness!” A hand appeared in front of my eyes. Holding his hand, I came out of the car, Which place is this, Justin? How long did we drive?” I tried to steady on my shaky feet due to the reason that I just woke up.

“Careful!” Justin held me and then picked me up in bridal style.

“Justin! Put me down!” I laughed holding him, “Whose cottage is it?”

The front door opened and a chubby woman in mid–fifties nodded at us with a friendly smile.

“Welcome, sir. Ma’am.”

Justin went inside, “Ask someone to send our luggage to the room.”

Luggage? Were we staying?

“Who is she?” I whispered when he went inside a bedroom.

“She is a caretaker!”

“Whose house is it? What is this place? Why are we here Justin?”

“You ask too many questions, kitten.” He put me down and held me in case, I would trip or fall.”

The room had a double bed with good ambiance and décor. Justin pinched my chin to lift my face,

“Now listen.” He cupped my cheeks, “You wanted your first time with me. Right?”

I nodded slowly trying to gulp down my spit, “I wanted to make it special for you, kitten.” He gave a quick peck on my lips, “That’s why I brought you here.”

Evelyn again popped up in my mind, “He will discard you once he will use your v card.”

My heart thudded in my chest, “And… what if …” I swallowed audibly, “what if … I change my mind, Justin.”

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