Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 49

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 49

49-Cheap Watch

Ashley Walters pov

I sent Sam to get Justin’s order and peeked out to have a look at the man whom I just messaged a few minutes back that I was missing him.

He was sitting there all casual and looked so much out of place. Sarah’s back was facing me so I could not see her face.

Why were they here? This ice cream parlor was not fit for the elites like them.

Just then Justin looked straight into my eyes and nodded at me. I swallowed and tried to respond back with a nod but could not do it. Sam was serving them the ice cream when Justin told him something and took the ice cream cup from his hand.

“He is asking for you,” Sam told me when he came back.

“Go!” Evelyn nudged me, “He must be waiting for you. You might not be his direct employee, but you are living under his roof. Don’t be a bummer!”

“Stop it! I … I am NOT going.” I did not know why he was calling me. I peeked out again and found his eyes pasted at me. I ducked my head back into the room.

“You should go, stupid. It’s not every day that a handsome man asks about you. GOOO!” Evelyn was making her eyes bulge out like big saucers.

“Ok. Stop now.” Elijah intervened, “If she doesn’t want to go then she won’t go!”

“Agree!” Sam shook Eve’s arm, “Now go and ask your crush and his fiancée if he wants anything else except our Ashley.”

Evelyn scrunched her nose, “I wish I could go to him. But I will start shivering. Don’t send me, guys!” “Ok. You, people, don’t worry. I will take care of the Deluca couple. Eve! Go and stand at the counter at least.” Sam gave a slight shove to Eve.

“N…No. I don’t want to go out. Ashley! Why don’t you go out and stand at the counter.”

“Evelyn! Oh God!” Sam rolled his eyes, “I guess, Elijah you need to stand at the counter.” Customers

needed someone so Sam turned to move out and bumped into someone.

Eve gasped loudly when she saw who it was. Pursing her lips, she moved her hair away from her blushed cheeks.

Elijah also had gone quiet.

What had gotten into them? I tilted my head and straightened when I saw Justin standing there.

“I… I am sorry to interfere… I need to go to the bathroom.” Elijah was about to ask Evelyn when he saw her shaking her head.

“I… I will take you. Please follow me.” I found enough courage and turned, without looking at him.

I used the other door to exit where a narrow passage turned a slight left and led us to the small bathroom. All this time, I could feel him following me.

“Here.” I cleared my throat and gestured before me, “I know you are a wealthy fellow, and this bathroom is not according to your standards … Ouch!”

I gasped when he held my elbow and pinned me to the wall outside the bathroom.

“Why didn’t you come to me when I asked for you, kitten?” He was not angry, and his eyes had an intense emotion dancing in those amber depths.

“I… I… was… nervous… I don’t know why?” I looked down and found the watch I gifted him on his wrist.

As always!

He held my chin between his thumb and index finger and lifted my face, “You messaged me that you miss me.”

I nodded smiling, “Yes, I did.”

“I am here to tell you that I miss you too.” My head snapped up in disbelief.

How could he come over here just to….

“We were coming back from the meeting when Sarah realized that she wanted ice cream.” He was brushing his knuckle against my cheek causing those magical tingles.

“Stop looking at me like this, kitten.” He muttered giving me those intense looks.

“Like what?” for some reason I was feeling breathless. His eyes dipped to my lips.

He moved closer to me until our chests collided.

Very slowly, he leaned forward until our lips were just barely apart. I closed my eyes and felt his hot breath fanning against my lips.

“Won’t your employers mind it if they will find out that their employee is getting kissed?” I heard him murmuring against my mouth to which I giggled.

Evelyn and Elijah used to make out whenever they got the chance.

“Who will tell them?” I asked him smugly to which he let out a low chuckle and his lips brushed mine in a tantalizing manner.

I tried to suppress the sudden moan when his mouth came crashing onto my lips. The kiss was jittery. It was something I wanted to calm my nerves.

It was making me confused. Jittery and calmness were two conflicting and contradictory terms. He bit my lower lip and that was all I needed.

My arms were instantly around his neck, and I opened my mouth to let his tongue enter. It was ready to taste me, letting me feel its flavor. It made me forget momentarily that I was at my job place. Everything went so fast. I felt his arms around me, and his lips were gently bruising me in heart–stopping kisses.

I was not able to think. I could only feel it. His mouth, his tongue, and his taste.

“Ashley!” He sighed against my mouth and tore it away from mine. But my mouth did not want to let him go so I licked his cheek and started sucking his ear.

I felt his fingers digging into my waist.

“Justin! Your nearness does this to me!” I leaned my forehead to his cheek. With his arms around me, we both were trying to control our rugged breathing. He was steadying himself, trying to get hold of his emotions. His face was flushed.

“You should go first. I don’t want your friends to get this wild idea that we are a thing.”

“I know.” I whispered, “I don’t want you to get involved in any scandal because of me… I…”

“No…” He shook his head and pulled back a little, “No, Ash. It’s not about me. I am ready to tell the world. It’s about you, when YOU are ready, Ashley.” Bending down he kissed my cheek, “It will never be about

  1. It will always be about you.”

He gently tucked my hair strand behind my ear, “Go. I will be back after a few minutes.”

I walked to the back room and started waiting for him. Evelyn was unusually quiet when I returned. Had she suspected something?

Sam came inside, “You two ladies are chickened out just because Justin Deluca is here. Tsk.” He picked up the cash register, “I am taking it with me. Ashley! Complete it before going home. Till then Elijah will work on it.”

The exit door opened, and Justin came inside.

“Mr. Deluca!” Sam passed a professional smile to his valuable customer, “Please come.”

Before leaving, Justin did not forget to throw a warm glance in my direction. Several minutes must have passed and I was still beaming with joy forgetting momentarily that my friend was in the same room.

I wanted to peek out but after that kiss, it was hard not to run to him and demand another magical kiss from the man.

Still smiling to myself, I turned and found Evelyn staring at me as if I had grown two heads.

“W… What?” I shrugged trying to act nonchalant and picked a duster, nervously. If Justin had left, I would clean and arrange the table.

“Is he the one, Ashley Walters?” She asked me directly in a no nonsense tone that made my heart leap in my chest.

“Wh… What? Wh… Who are you talking about, Eve?”

“Justin Deluca is the one who called me and asked for a night’s leave on your behalf. Right?” She was looking into my eyes, and I felt like she was not my friend but a strict mommy.

“H.. How … I mean… You just heard his voice today…”

“Ashley Walters! Look at me when you talk to me. The man has got a fiancée and he is the one, to whom you are giving your virginity. Right?”

I gulped and looked down, nodding my head. How could she know? How …

“You are wondering, how I come to know about him? You silly girl. It’s not the voice. He was wearing the same cheap watch that you purchased from that thrift store.”

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