Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 47

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 47


Sarah pov

Oh! Damn!

I made her drunk to let her do something indecent or stupid. Like ending up with someone in a make out session or having s*x with a stranger in the comer of the hall.

Even if she would make a pass on a man, Keith will witness it and tell Justin. I would come out clean. Right?

But no.

She was too drunk and instead of keeping something secret as instructed in her contract, she was telling Kate that she was Justin’s wife.

If this was a movie, I would have laughed my lungs out along with my friends. But this girl had some guts. She was confident throughout the party. Even managed to cover her initial awkwardness quite proficiently.

But according to her, she was planning to have s*x with Justin! After two days! No!

No… No. No! This was proving to be my biggest nightmare.

Kate was standing there with her lips not too slightly apart as if she wanted to swallow Ashley.

“She…” I cleared my throat, “She is kidding.” I let out a throaty laugh, “She is funny. Ha–ha!” I gave a high- five to Shella and Nadia who had worry lines on their faces.

“Yes,” Nadia bobbed her head hurriedly, “She is just a maid. Ha–ha” She covered her mouth giggling, “You think Justin has no taste? No class?”

Nadia had a point. Thankfully, Kate bought the lie and heaved a sigh, “Even if she is a maid. She is hell beautiful. Keep her away from Justin. She is drunk and might be planning to seduce him after two days.” Ashley again giggled and went near Kate.

“Ashley. Let’s go to your room.” I gently tried to tug her dress, “Come on, honey.” I wanted to show Kate how caring I was even towards my maids.

“I don’t want to go. Am enjoying!” She made a pout and started dancing to the music beats. I rolled my eyes and gave a silent look to Keith.

Thankfully he understood.

“You need to get rid of these guests as soon as possible,” He muttered near my ear, “If in case she gets out of hands, we don’t want any witnesses.”

“How come you are worried about her?” I asked him, narrowing my eyes.

“Shut up! She signed a contract and if this secret goes out, she will be in trouble.” He snapped and tried to hold Ashley.

She pushed him back, “No! Call Justin!” She kept swaying her hips to the music, “I will go with him.”

The outrageous demand was enough to make me furious. This was out of line. I never made any such demand. Justin had been my fiancé and I never got clingy.

Always respected his privacy. Never called him for picks and drops. And this dame was expecting him to come for her highness!

Shella switched off the music while Terry and Nadia got busy in sending away the guests. Kate, who was away for a little bit, came back to us,

“I think I should leave.” Then she turned to Ashley in sheer amusement, “I like you, girl. Would love to meet you someday when you are sober enough.” She kissed her cheek.


I hated Ashley but did not like it when Kate kissed her cheek.

“Kate. Please leave!” I decided to be aloof for my benefit. Kate witnessing Ashley all boozed up was not a good thing.

“Come on, Ash.” I tried to take over from Keith, “Let’s go. See? The party is over!”

“Uh! Why so soon?” Ashley hit her foot twice on the floor and sat down trying to throw a tantrum.

Stifling her laughter, Kate waved her hand, “Bye. Good luck with that.”

“Hey, Ashley!” Keith crouched beside her, “Let’s go to your room!”

“What? Why? So that you can crawl your hand inside my panties?” Ashley started crying. Keith was taken aback by the accusation.

He pointed his finger towards his chest, “What? Oh, my God! No!” The poor man did not know what Sean did to her.

“I have called Justin. He will be here any minute!” When I heard Terry, I felt my control slipping away. “Are you out of your fu*king mind? Who asked you to. I tried to argue.

“Listen baby doll!” Keith, sitting near Ashley, looked up, “This is your mess. Now let me do something sane. You made her drink and now acting all innocent. Fu*ckin bitch!” He murmured the last part to himself, but I was aware everyone must have heard him.

I was sure my ears had turned red with embarrassment, “How dare you?” I frowned at him and was about to call him with an insult when the heavy oak door opened, and Justin came inside.

“What is going on?” He asked casually but his face changed its color the moment he saw Ashley sitting on the floor.

“Ashley!” He quickly came towards us taking long strides and squatted before her.

“Where were you?” She asked angrily, “I was waiting for you.” She bent down and wiped her nose with his shirt making all of us flinch and shocked at the same time.

Yuk! If I thought, I was the most surprised human in the room then I was wrong. Keith seemed like he had witnessed an alien.

“Come on, kitten.” Justin put his arms under her thighs and behind her back to scoop her up. That filthy girl was no more crying but was trying to hide her face in his chest.

It constricted something in my heart. He was mine. He belonged to me. I should have been the one whom he would scoop up.

Not her.

Without asking her for any explanation, he scurried to the door.

“Who asked you to get drunk?” I heard him asking her gently.

“No one. I am not a kid. I wanted more drinks. Nobody was giving me. Not even Sarah!” She was complaining to him, and he kept consoling her until he left the hall.

Keith exhaled a long breath before lying down on the floor, “Let’s call it a day!”

I still wanted to murder him for calling me a bitch


“I allowed you to throw this party so that you people could enjoy yourselves. I allowed that girl to attend the party because you took the responsibility, Sarah!” Granny was pacing in the room and her frustration was hitting the roof. Her stick was making a continuous clicking sound.

“I am sorry, granny. I swear my intentions were pure. I did not have the idea that she was having so low alcohol tolerance.”

“Stop taking her side, Sarah!” She stopped and hit her stick on the floor, “She is a mere maid. What were you expecting? She doesn’t have any status. No class. And then she blurted out that she is my grandson’s wife! Pathetic! Just look at the audacity of this eighteen year old! Rubbish!”

I held my breath and crossed my fingers in hopes that she did not get the report about what Ashley’s little mouth slipped about her consummation of marriage.

It was a bit funny. She was a small town girl and knew how to boast about something she did not have. Justin might be caring but him letting her get so close…


“Where is she right now?” Getting support from the stick, she took herself to the recliner.

“In her room!” I rolled my lips between my teeth thanking my stars that she was unaware of the marriage consummation drama.

A maid brought juice for me, and I quietly took the glass. She placed a cup of steaming broth near granny’s coffee table and left.

After taking a sip, I placed the glass and looked at the old woman who had worry lines on her already wrinkled face.

“I apologize, granny. I assure you. It won’t happen again.” She did not say anything and bent forward to hold her cup.

“What won’t happen again?” Said a voice behind me in the doorway.

“Justin!” Granny’s face lit up, “Come. Sit here.” She pointed to the nearby couch.

Justin as always kissed her forehead before taking the seat. And as always, he looked damn hot!

“You did not answer me, Sarah.” He crossed his leg over the other, “What won’t happen again?”

“I …” I did not know what to speak but then thankfully granny came to my rescue, “She is talking about that girl. In today’s party …”

“Granny!” He did not let her complete, “This girl has a name.” he said softly.

Granny paused for a minute and then said, “This girl. Ashley. She told a friend of Sarah that she is married to you.”

“Well! She was not wrong! Was she?” I closed my eyes. He was accepting this marriage as if he was the one who eloped with Ashley and got married to her.

“Stop it, boy!” Granny’s voice raised a little, “You do know very well this was the condition according to the contract she signed…”

This time Justin raised his hand, “You made her sign it! The contract is between you and her. I don’t have

anything to do with that piece of paper, granny.”

“Really?” She smirked, “What about her announcement that she made in front of all those people!”

He frowned a little, “Announcement? What announcement?”

“She said in front of everyone that she is going to consummate this marriage after two days.” God! I tightly shut my eyes.

F*ck! She knew. She did get the report. But…

Something strange happened. The room boomed with laughter. Justin was laughing because Ashley said


He found it funny?

“Sh… She said…th…that?” It was difficult for him to get the words out. There was disbelief on his face, yet his eyes were glinting, “What else did she say?”

“I don’t know why you are finding it hilarious, Justin!” Granny seemed annoyed and Justin seemed to give a fu*ck about her annoyance.

“She had the gall to wipe her nose from your shirt. These stinky maids…”

“ENOUGH!” He roared before granny could finish it. The man always had better control over his emotions

but this time…

“Granny! Don’t call her stinky maid. Clear?” Granny had gone quiet.

“Really, Justin? Even if she is telling everyone that she will consummate her marriage…”

“So, what, granny?” He stood up all flared up, “So what? She is my wife!”

Holding her stick granny stood up, “She is your what? No. She is not your wife!”


“Justin! Tell me what would you do? Huh? Tell me!” She lifted her stick and poked it in his chest, “tell me, Justin Deluca. Will you kick me out of here? I will be the next one to be forced out?”

Justin was staring at the floor. Granny again poked him but this time with more force, “Tell me, dammit! Mr. Deluca. You will banish me from the Deluca mansion?”

I could feel Justin’s nostrils flaring up. He lifted his face which had turned crimson by now and gave her an arrogant smirk. I held my breath because I knew I was about to hear something I won’t like.

Damn! I was right.

“No, granny. I will not banish you. I will hold her hand and leave the mansion forever.” Leaving both of us in shock he turned on his heels and left the room.

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