Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 46

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 46

46-Two Days To Go

Ashley Walters pov

All my dresses were lying on the carpeted floor. Just two hours before the party, I had still not decided what to wear.

In the orphanage, I never gave a damn. For me, denim with a t–shirt used to do the job. This was something else.

“Kitten, believe me. You will look beautiful whatever you choose to wear.” Justin took his jacket out of the closet, “There are so many options. Choose, what is easy for you to carry.”

Ah! Men!

They don’t face what we women face every day. For them, it’s either a t–shirt or a jacket, or a tuxedo.

“I wish, I was a man!” I complained and sat down beside the huge pile, “But being a woman has its own advantages.”

“Such as?” There was a playful smile on his lips.

“Being a woman means getting a chance to do all that sexy stuff with you… After two days!” I chewed my lower lip and avoided looking at him.

“Woman! Get a hold. Otherwise, I might…” His voice had turned husky.


“Master Deluca. Your car is ready.” Alex was outside the door. I rose to my feet and opened the door. “Alex. Please come inside.” There was a flicker of surprise in his eyes when I gestured for him to enter the room. He looked behind me and must have got his employer’s approval.

With great hesitancy, he came inside and stood there awkwardly.

“Sarah is throwing a party. What should I wear? I mean I have never been rich… Ha–ha.”

“Ashley!” Justin’s voice was laced with warning.

“What, Ashley? You are not helping me either, Justin. At least let him.” Bickering at him, I turned to the poor assistant.

“Mr. Alex. I don’t know anything suitable to wear. Please help me.” I picked up a revealing gown, “What about this one? Will that do the job? Or should I …” I jumped over the pile and took out a sapphire blue tie waist dress in velvet.

“Ashley. Put that down.” Justin took it from my hands, “Alex. Tell the driver it will take some time as I am helping my wife to select the dress.”

Alex at once stepped back and ran out as if his life depended on it. I was putting back my blue dress when my hands froze in mid–air.

Did he just tell his assistant that I was his wife? I looked in his direction and had to admire him. All ready, in a black jacket with his hair, gelled back, he was crouched down, trying to help me in choosing my dress.

Again, a knock!

“Yes!” He said busily and took out an olive–green maxi, “How about this one?” He lifted it up so that I could see it when we heard Sarah standing in the doorway.

“Wow! I did not know you have started your own boutique, Ashley!” She sounded amused and sat beside

me, “So, what do we have here?”

“I simply don’t know what to choose?” I asked her nervously.

“Don’t worry. Just be you.” She started examining all my dresses, “Justin. If I recall, you have a meeting. You should go ahead and let me help her with this mess.”

Justin did not look convinced. While Sarah was busy sorting out my clothes, I secretly winked at him and pouted to give him a silent kiss.

He scratched his head and narrowed his eyes.

“I think you should go. Sarah will help me.” I tried to assure him by blinking my eyes twice. He seemed uncertain.

“Ok!” He sighed at last giving up.

When he left the room, I noticed Sarah’s gaze following him.

“OK.” She quickly turned back her attention, “Look! How about this one? It’s not a formal party. You just need to look confident Ashley.”

She picked up a red velvet dress that had a crew neckline, “This!” She exclaimed happily, “It will bring out the green color of your eyes.”

“Just pair it with comfortable shoes. If you want, you can let your hair fall on your shoulders or go with a ponytail. My friends will help you with your hairstyle. Nadia is a pro.”

I did not need any help with the hairstyle. It was just the dress choice, I was worried about. I wanted to ask her so badly why she got me married to her fiancé.

If I were at her place, I would never have let go of Justin.

No matter, how serious the problem was. Only a crazy woman will get her hot fiancé married to some other woman.

Yet, Justin was also a sensible man. Why did he agree to it? Was it some kind of scheming against me?

“Back to earth, Ashley!” Sarah waved her hand in front of my eyes, “Where are you?”

I bobbed my head and started placing my clothes in the closet.

“Don’t be late, Ashley. I am sure you are going to enjoy it.” She said matter of factly and left the room.


Party was in the basement. This was the first time I was looking at this part of the house. It was huge. where easily they could throw large parties.

I checked my phone where Justin’s blinking message said, “Do call me if you want to get out. I promise I

will be there.”

The man had gotten my back. I should not worry about anything.

Well! As Sarah told me. It was an intimate moment. I guess her definition of intimate was a little different. I was feeling nervous among so many unknown faces.

I think, I sort of looked like an outsider despite me wearing a branded dress. All those who were passing by me were throwing weird glances my way.

I smiled timidly and even attempted to say hi to a few guests. But they did not bother to respond.

“So, ladies and gentlemen. Here I present to you… Ashley Walters!” I heard Sarah announcing it on the mic … No sorry.

She was standing on a counter with a wine bottle using it as a mic. And the moment I realized that, several pairs of eyes were observing me, I wanted to vanish from that place.

Oh, Justin!

“Oh. She is Deluca’s maid!” A girl nearby pointed towards me. A drunk guy came to me and held my hand,

“Let’s toast for this girl. It’s not every day that a maid gets this kind of attention. My house help is still looking for some followers on her so*cial media account. Ha–ha. And look at her. So many fans in one day.”

Sarah had already requested me not to let anyone know what association I shared with this house. What was my link to Justin Deluca?

No, I needed to keep it secure in my heart..

“All my party attendees. Please put your hands together for our very own Pashley… I mean Ashley Walters! Yohoo!”

I knew she did it on purpose and the damage was done.

“Come up, Ash. Our guests want to see you!” She was practically screaming into the mic giving me a mild headache.

It was not a short–height counter. I never faced such a big crowd in my life.

“Come. I will accompany you.” Said a voice close to my ear. A lanky man in his early twenties.

“Sorry? Excuse me!” I did not understand and started walking to the so–called stage.

“I am Keith. Justin’s friend. He is Terry. We are here to give you company.” He held me by my shoulders and started walking towards Sarah, “Today we are serving you as your personal bodyguards.”

He had a funny expression on his face. I looked at the other guy who was shorter and was at the other end of the room. He waved at me, and I nodded my head in response.

Bodyguard! Really Justin? You asked your friends to act as my bodyguards? I rolled my eyes.

I went ahead. While stepping on the small stool, I offered my hand to Sarah so that she could help in lifting me up. I climbed on the counter with her help and stood there rooted to the spot.

What to say?

“Ashley! Any message for these fellows who are attending the party!” She hauled the wine bottle in my hands to use it as the mic.

“Just one message!” I nodded clenching my lips tightly and then screamed at the top of my lungs, “PARTY HARD!!!!!”

All of them started cheering and clapping.

“Show them, how to party, Ashley!” Sarah extended a small glass apparently a tequila shot in my direction. Just then my eyes fell on Keith who was slowly shaking his head, warning me silently.

He seemed like a good boy. But a long time back my friend Aniya told me one thing, “Party is never for good girls and nice boys.”

“Sorry, Keith. This party is for me, and I am planning to go wild!” Ignoring his warning glares, I griped the shot in my fingers and ran a gaze at the audience. They all had gone quiet.

Eyeing the small beauty in my hand, I smirked and shouted loudly, “This one is for you all!” With that, I took the liquid in!

Ouch! It burned my throat and made me dizzy.

“You alright?” I heard Sarah’s concerned voice and bobbed my head while squeezing my eyes.

After a while when I opened them, Sarah was looking at me while others had gone back to party mode. Loud music had started playing by some DJ.

“I …” I took my mouth near her ear, “I want one more.”

She nodded laughingly and asked someone to bring the next shot. By now, Nadia and Shella had also joined us at the counter.

A uniformed bartender appeared carrying a tray of tequila shots. Each of us picked one.

Nadia started counting, “One Two three… Go!”

Sarah pov:

I was wrong when I thought she would be a dull damsel at the party. Even I started enjoying her company.

It was her third tequila and ours second when I had to stop her from taking more. Justin would slit my throat if he would witness this.

I got down and held Ashley’s hand to help her.

“No! I want more!” She tried to be louder than the music making my ears ring.

“The party is not only about these, Pashley! Have some mercy and come down.”

“No. Bring me more!” She hiccupped.

F*ck! She had gotten drunk.

Nadia helped me in getting her down, “What is this party about if I can’t drink, fatty!”

What? She called me fatty? I looked down at my perfect figure and shook my head.

A waiter was passing by when she grabbed a glass and drank its contents.

“Ashley! Stop!”

“Why are you stopping her when you wanted this? You should be happy about it.” I closed my eyes when I heard the curtness in Keith’s voice.

“Instead of fighting, can you please be calm for a little while and help me? Oh, my God! Look. She is drinking another glass!”

God! It felt like I was acting like her nanny. It was a big mistake. I arranged the party for Kate. And she was nowhere to be seen.

“Ashley… Let me take you to your room.”

I told her softly, “Why?” She blinked innocently and then gave me a wobbly smile.

And then…

I felt a sudden urge to slap her and hug her as well. A confusing emotion where care and hate were mixed.

“Sarah. I need to pee!” She clenched her legs together.

“Oh, Ashley!”

I threw my head back and inhaled a deep breath, “Don’t worry. I will take her!” Shella patted my shoulder

and held Ashley by her arm.

“Thanks, Shella. You are a sweetheart.”

Holding Ashley with one arm, Shella took her away. Taking a sigh of relief, I turned and was about to bump into Nadia when she held me, “You arranged this party to insult her. I guess the small–town girl is more cunning than we think.”

Just then she looked behind me and clenched her teeth, “Kate is here,” She whispered, “Don’t look back. Act cool! She is coming to us.”

Nadia was twirling her hair strand around her finger trying to act casual.

“Hello, there!” Kate rounded me and came in front, “How are you?”

“I am good! You are late!”

“Yeah! The salon was taking forever to do my hair.” She waved her freshly dyed Balayage short hair, “Like it?” She brushed her fingers through it.

Before I could say anything about it, she looked around with those smug eyes, “I can’t see Justin. Where is he?”

“Kate. If you remember, I am the one who threw the party.” I snapped at her, “I am the host.”

“But I am here to get a glimpse of him!” She smirked wickedly, “I love that guy!”

“Oh, please!” I waved my left hand before her face, “Look at this engagement ring. I am his fiancé!”

By now I was enraged when someone placed a chin on my shoulder from behind.


I turned to look at her. There was a silly grin on her face while looking at Kate.

“Who are you, girl?” Kate frowned and cocked up a curious brow with attitude. Before I could say anything, Pashley spoke,

“Hi! I am Ashley.” She giggled and squeezed her eyes, “I Am Justin’s Wife! Ha–ha.” By now my insides were twisting and churning. I tried to hit my foot on hers, but she seemed to ignore it. Her next statement made all of us go freeze,

“By the way. We are about to consummate our marriage after two days.”

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