Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 45

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 45

45-Three Days To Go

Sarah pov

I got ready and stepped back from the mirror.

“Babe! No one can look this killer in a pencil skirt. Black suits you.” Nadia let out a low whistle and came forward when I raised my hands for a side braid.

“Leave your hair, lady. Your fiancé is accompanying you. Let him see those reddish blond locks.” She gave a light slap on my hand, “You look lovely.”

I shrugged with a reluctant smile and let my hair cascade my shoulders, “Its… just… an official meeting, sweet.”

“Sarah!” Shella called me while making some notes in her diary, “For the party, should I invite Kate?”

Kate was the same redhead who was crazy after Justin and got me stuck with this crazy dare. “Why?” I cocked up a brow arrogantly and pouted, “I don’t want that girl in my house. She is one of those who never got happy when I got engaged to Justin.”

“Hey, sweetie.” Shella closed the diary and turned to me, “Come to think of it. Let that bit*ch meet Ashley. They both would not only hate each other but also might end up murdering the other one. Come to think of it. Your job would be done without any hassle. Ha–ha.”

Hmm. I liked her suggestion. Kate was always jealous of the girls who went near Justin. She had always been my enemy number one.

Belonging to not so poor family, she was quite a pretty and intelligent girl.

“Ok. Put her on that list. After all, this party would be nothing if there won’t be any drama.”

“By the way… Justin is usually punctual. Where is he? You are ready and yet he is nowhere.” Nadia pointed out, “Are you sure he is not busy with that Pashley?”

“Stop making me doubtful about my fiancé,” I wore the diamond studs in my ears, “Pashley was busy reading in the living room. The way she tried to hold her yawn, she might have retired to her room by now.”

I turned to pick up my matching clutch and rubbed my lips together to smoother the lip color.

“Stop it,” Shella rolled her eyes, “You are spoiling the look.”

I giggled and went out.

Justin used to be the one often giving me warnings for not getting late. Strange! Today he was not even bothered if I was ready or not.

He never got jealous when people used to hit on me during parties or official meetings. And that used to happen a lot.

I kept waiting for him in the living room and then decided to give him a call.

His phone was ringing but he was not receiving it. I waited and waited!

God! It was unusual. He had been a punctual fellow. I used to be the one who made him late.

I decided to go to his study because that was where he was supposed to be.


Ashley pov

His lips were so soft, so velvet against my lips.

“Umm!” He complained when I bit them slightly, “Ashley!” He seemed torn between if he liked it or not.

“If it hurts, I won’t repeat it.” I whispered and licked the region where I just bit him, “Let me taste it some more, Justin.” I slowly started tracing his lip line with my tongue.

“S…stop it, kitten!” I felt him shuddering against me, “This is sheer torture.”

First time in my life, I understood how it felt to dominate a man. I might be eighteen and inexperienced. But what his closeness was making me do was not in my hands.

“You had a meeting!” I tried to control the moans when his teeth started nibbling my ear.

“I know. Just let me…” He could not complete it.

His growing bulge was doing delicious things to my core and all I wanted to do was get rid of my clothes and show him my soaked panties.

I tried rubbing my c*ilt to his member just to release some of the tension.

“Ashley… No! Stop doing it. I am not an angel, love.” He muttered near my ear and started sucking the lobe.

“I… just… can’t… help… it, Justin,” I told him panting against his cheek. My hands were clutching his shirt madly while his hands did not want to leave my ass.

We were so busy in the make–out session that we couldn’t hear the knock.

“Justin! Are you in?” The familiar girly voice outside the door made me jump. “Shit! It’s Sarah!” I pulled back and started straightening my dress.

“Relax. The door is locked.” He tried to steady me by grasping my shoulders.

“What? It’s locked?” I shrieked in panic, “She might think that we are busy doing… Oh, brother… Urgh.”

“Calm down, love!” He quickly ran his fingers through his tousled hair, “None of us wanted someone to walk in while we were … umm.” He hesitated.

“Kissing?” I supplied helpfully.

“No,” he chuckled shaking his head, “It was a lot more than kissing.” He gave a quick peck on my lips and dashed towards the door, “By the way, sit down. You seem like you just had a heated session of s*ex.” I was sure, after hearing that a red hue was traveling from my cheek to my ear.

I quickly fixed my hair and sat down.

“Justin. What is the matter with you? You never got late… uh…” Sarah walked in and kept talking until her eyes fell on me.

I picked up a random book from the nearby table, “Hello!” I smiled politely and got busy with the book. “What are you doing here?” Looking at me, she demanded curiously, “Just a few minutes back you were downstairs reading a book, and now…” She was on alert mode and looking at us one by one.

Justin’s shirt seemed a little wrinkled otherwise I think we looked pretty decent.

There was annoyance playing in her eyes that she was not able to mask, “Just make it quick, Justin. We don’t want to get late.”

With that, she left the room. Justin remained casual as if he did not give a damn while all this time, I was holding my breath.

“Won’t you say goodbye?” He strolled close to me, but I quickly raised my hand to halt him in his tracks.

“She might come again,” I murmured pointing towards the door.

“So what? I am not scared of anyone. You shouldn’t be too.” He bent to kiss my forehead, “Has anyone ever told you, you are a brat?” He asked me, adjusting his tie.

I shook my head and held him by his collar, “You are the one who suggested waiting for three days, and I am the brat? Wow.”

“Justin! Make it fast!” I closed my eyes when I heard Sarah’s shrill voice.

“You should go,” I whispered to him.

“I will if YOU…” He poked his finger in my shoulder, “will let me.”

“Till then you will stay here? No matter how many tantrums she throws?” I asked him mischievously, gesturing my head towards the door, but he seemed to be serious.

“Try me, kitten.”

I heard the heels clicking towards the study. Oh, God. She was coming back.

“Justin! Go!” I tried pushing his shoulders back and glared at him after shooting a glance to the doorway.

“I won’t go if you think I am scared of Sarah. I am standing here to prove to you that I don’t need to hide you from anyone. Be it granny or Sarah! Nobody ever dictated me what to do with my life, love.”

“Justin?” Sarah was standing in the doorway and could see him bending towards me.

“I am coming, Sarah. Wait for me downstairs.” He ordered her without moving away his gaze from my face.

She stood there a little hesitantly and then left.

“Take care of yourself.” He kissed my forehead.

There was a big silly grin on my face even after he left the study. Waiting for three days was such a long time. I did not know how I would do that?”

However, all I could do was, start the countdown. The man was not interested in keeping me hidden. His every move was making me fall for him even harder than before.

Justin Deluca! Three days to go!

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