Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 44

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 44

44-One More


“I am throwing this party around noon just because of you. Will it be good?” I found Pashley in the living room reading a book on the couch.

Her eyes snapped up to eye me casually, “Noon? Ok. Cool. Count me in.” She smiled and got busy with the book again.

“What are you reading by the way?” I went to her and plopped beside her.

“Found it in Justin’s study.” She showed me the book cover and again got busy.

Justin never allowed anyone to take the book outside his study.

“Justin is quite protective of his books,” I peeked into the pages she was reading, “How you managed


She turned her head towards me and smiled, “I did not ask for permission. Simple.”

She said with a wink and closed the book placing it on the table. She might have guessed that I won’t let her read in peace.

She was just a maid but was getting confident at horse speed.

“So. Who is your father?” In no way, I was trying to mock her but still felt her going stiff under my gaze, “I am sorry. I never wanted to hurt you.” I told her sincerely.

It was just an attempt to make conversation.

“I don’t know, Sarah.” She told me with a sigh.

“Don’t you want to find him?”

“I will. Once my contract ends here.”

“Then do ping me if you need any help. I would gladly help you even when your contract ends.”

This was again a sincere suggestion from my side because who will be happier than me if she would leave the mansion without creating problems in my life?

“Sure, Sarah. I will remember that.” She pursed her lips into a thin smile and picked up her book.


Ashley Walters pov

I did not like it when Sarah asked me about my father. But in the practical world, I might have to be prepared for this query.

Sarah had left but after that, I could not continue with the reading. So, I got up and went to the study.

Last night was hilarious when I touched Justin intimately. He even kissed my chin but after that, we just went to sleep without any further discussion.

After waking up when I recalled our conversation, I realized how immaturely I acted and how maturely Justin handled it.

He was not wrong when he said we both were adults and needed to act like it.

“Done with the book?” Justin who was having a Sk*ype meeting asked me in between.

“No.” I placed it back on the shelf and asked him in a very low whisper, “Anything I can do here? I am bored.”

“Mr. Smith. We can discuss it later. You prepare the case in the meantime ask your people to do their homework. I hope we can come up with a middle way.”

“Ok, thanks. Goodbye. You too, Mr. Smith.” He disconnected the video call and rose to his feet.

“You have got a night job. Utilize this time to relax.” Unexpectedly, he took me into his arms.

“I am already relaxing, Justin.” I started teasing his top button that was opened, giving a glimpse of his broad chest, “Sometimes I think maybe along with the contract they could have just let me work as a normal maid. Just to kill time. You know?” I clicked my tongue.

“Hmm” He looked up at the ceiling and pulled me more into his hard body, “I agree. If you were busy, then you would not have proposed that idea of us getting intimate.”

My mouth dropped open at that, but he seemed serious, “So…” He nuzzled his nose in my cheek, “I am happy that you are not busy with house chores.”

“It’s just…” I cleared my throat. Last night I felt so confident but now the same man was giving me a tomato–like blush, “I … You are handsome and …” He nodded at me… “And… I think… I kind of like you…” He nodded again raising his dark eyebrow, making me more nervous, “God! I am messing up!”

Getting out of his embrace, I fell on the couch holding my head.

I heard him chuckle and crouched down near me, “You are not messing up anything. Stay here. Enjoy any book you like.”

“Ar…are you leaving? Going somewhere?”

“Yes.” He held my hands on my lap and raised them to kiss one by one, “Have got a meeting.” He brushed his lips again against the knuckles and raised his eyes.

I leaned a little and eyed his lips, “Three days is such a long time, Justin.” His lips stretched to form a smile, but he did not make fun.

“Don’t do this to me, Ashley.” He whispered with little worry lines on his face.

“I am sorry.” I freed my hands from his grip, “Go. Attend your meeting.” He was hesitant to get up but when I assured him with a nod he stood up.

“Bye, Ash.” He closed his laptop and brushed his hair with his fingers.

“Bye, Justin.” I saw him going to the door and placing his hand on the doorknob. However, he did not twist it.

I was looking at him, holding my breath. No idea what got into him when he cursed under his breath and came to me with supersonic speed, closing the gap between us.

I immediately stood up not understanding what got into him, but all my insides were on high alert. He held me by the waist and his mouth came crashing on mine.

Still in a daze, initially, my eyes went wide. He was opening his mouth hungrily, trying to taste my lips.

I moaned in his mouth and arched against him. Tangling my fingers in his dark hair I opened my mouth under the pressure and gave up.

His tongue entered my mouth with full force. The kiss was causing that strange tingling in my core. Fisting his hair in my hands, I stared matching his passion with equal fervor.

His tongue that was touching mine was causing electricity bolts, I decided to do the same. My tongue got a life of its own. It was not only tasting the insides of his mouth but was also fighting his tongue.

His hands that were initially placed on my waist slipped to my ass and pulled me to him. I not only started grinding my core to the bulge but also began rubbing it.

Pleasure waves were coursing through me when I heard his heavy moans against my mouth. I did not know for how long we kept tasting each other hungrily when at last, he pulled himself away from me.

“F*ck.” I heard him muttering more to himself. Leaning his forehead against mine he muttered again, “F* ck. What was that?”

“Ashley! Oh, God!” We both were panting, and I was happy that he was as moved by the kiss as I. “Justin!” I smiled to myself, “I want one more kiss.”

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