Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 43

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 43

43-Bad Omen

Ashley Wallters

No matter, how mentally prepared he might be. But nothing could have prepared him for this licking. With his sharp intake of breath, I saw his eyes going wide with surprise flickering in those amber orbs. “Do you like it?” I whispered against his face. The corners of my eyes must have creased into thin lines when I saw him nodding his head again

“Do you want me to do it again?” I did not want to sound desperate. But hell!

This time it was my turn to get the shock when he shook his face.

It was a no!

“But why Justin? If you like it, then why can’t I do it anymore?” We kept looking at each other. I detected a flicker of desire in his eyes and he tried to mask something.

“Because …” He tried to speak and then cleared his throat.

“Because? Go ahead, Justin?”

“Because one more time you will lick me.” He bent forward to take me in his arms and dragged me to him, engulfing my slender body in his.

“… Your tongue touching my nose might lead to other things, Ashley.” He wanted me to understand as if I was a kid. He closed his eyes and kissed my nose which still had cream on it.

Due to the kiss, it was his lips that had the cream now


“Ashley! Please…” It was not the word ‘please‘ but the emotions behind it.

“Please what, Justin? Should I do? Should I not do?” Understanding my question, he chuckled and clenched my face tightly in his chest.

“This is getting out of my hands, Ashley. Help me.” The Deluca heir sounded scared.

“Then let it be. Please.”

I heard him taking a deep breath and pushed me a little so that he could hold my face.

“Listen up, sweetheart. I know that this desire is there. There is no denying it. I will be lying if I tell you that

I don’t want you. I want you. My body desires you, Ash,” He whispered.

“Then what’s the problem, Justin?”

“Kitten. Things are not as easy as they look. You are not someone a man would like to… get close to without a commitment. Because you don’t deserve less than that.”

“But we both are adults.” I tried to argue.

“You are only eighteen…”

“I know! Eighteen IS an adult, Justin!” My God! Why he was acting like my father?

“No, love. Eighteen might be the legal age. But you still need to go and discover the world, Ashley. Our relationship is quite messed up. We are two ordinary people under extraordinary circumstances. You will get lots of chances. Lots of opportunities. Lots of men… Trust me.”

“No,” I wiggled to get out of his grip, “There might be so many men. But none of them will be Justin Deluca.” I released myself from his arms but did not move back.

“Ashley! …”

“Justin. I don’t want that long line of men after me. I just want one.” His wrist wearing my watch held my


“I have heard, it’s worth it if a girl has her first time with someone who knows her worth. Please, Justin.” “Stop begging me, kitten. I am not liking it.” He said a little harshly and pulled back taking off his shirt, “I need to go to the bathroom. Once I will be back, we will have an adult conversation about it. We need to discuss every aspect of it. That might make things easy for you.” Tossing his shirt aside, he strode away, leaving me there at the edge of the bed.

Hell! He made it sound like it was a business deal. All I wanted to do right now was jump out of the window and never come back.

I picked up the cake and placed it inside the room fridge. Cleaning the mess, I got rid of my panties and wore cotton pajamas.

Not bothering to take off my dress or my lip color, I threw my head on the pillow and clutched the other one in my arms.

Fuck with his talk. I did not want to discuss anything. If he did not want it, then that’s fine. I will ask someone else to do the deed.

“Won’t you change?” The first thing he said when he came out of the bathroom. I did not want to give him the impression that I was mad at him.

“No. I am too much tired. Please let me sleep.” With that, I closed my eyes and felt the mattress dipping.

“You are mad at me!” He stated but I did not respond and kept my eyes closed.


I did not turn around and stayed like a statue.

When I felt his arms around me, my body became tensed and I held my breath, “Ashley…” He whispered near my ear, “Talk to me.”

“We can do it after I wake up, Justin. I need to sleep beside not everyone has a day job with just… Ouch!” I had to quit talking when he rolled me, pinning me on the mattress.

“Don’t make this harder for me. Please, Ashley.” I did not know why I felt my heart melting at this pleading. It hit me hard. He was Sarah’s fiancée ad I was expecting from him a lot.

I stopped fighting him and let my body go limp.

“I am sorry.” I said in a small voice, “It won’t happen again. It’s not fair to force you to make love to me.” First time I used the term ‘making love‘.

“You were not forcing me, Ashley.” I nodded and looked up only to realize he was not wearing his shirt.

What the …

I moved away my eyes, but he pinched my chin and forced me to look at him.

“If I were you. I would let myself sleep, Justin. Otherwise, I might attack you.” I tried to make it light with a meaningless laugh.

“Ok. I give up.”

My eyes snapped up, “Wh… what?”

“I give up. I am ready to take your virginity. But… I have a few conditions of my own.”

I kept looking at the diva above me, “And they are?”

“You need to wait… a little.”

“Wait for a little? For how long?” He took out three fingers of his hand.

“Three years?”

He chuckled, “No silly.”


“Umm. Maybe.”

“No!” I groaned in frustration.

“Then what? Three weeks?” He asked me.

“Maybe three hours?” I suggested, “What about three minutes? We both can take time and…” I had to stop when I felt him shaking with laughter.


“Ok. How about three days?” He suggested without looking up.

“What am I supposed to do for these three days?” I was horrified when I realized that I had said it loudly.

“For these three days, think hard. Make up your mind. Because I don’t want us to regret it later. Are you getting me?” He asked me gently and had to roll his eyes when I shook my head.

I mean that was such a silly idea. If I want him that means I want him. Why the fu*cking three days‘ wait?

“What if you back off after three days,” I poked my finger in his chest, “Because if you don’t want me then say it now. I won’t force you for anything, Justin.”

His eyes had turned soft, “No one can force me, kitten. No one can force me to do anything. It’s transparent that I want you too… like anything. But you being young might blame me later for not putting

sense into you.”

“I won’t.” I said touching the hair strand off his forehead, “I promise.”

This time there was laughter dancing in those amber orbs, “Are you sure you won’t get scared of my bulge?”

He seemed to have difficulty in biting back his laughter but then the smile in his eyes faded when I crawled my hand down and started rubbing it on his hardness, “Are you talking about this, Justin Deluca?”

I asked him innocently.


Sarah pov

We went to the ice cream heaven to just pay them a visit. During the daytime, there was some other guy on duty.

“So, she works here.” Shella looked around before making herself comfortable. No doubt the place was small but cozy.

“I don’t know what is the use of being the wife of the city’s richest man if you need to work in a small

café.” Nadia said after we were done with our orders.

“She is not his wife, Nadia. Can you stop calling her that?” I hissed between my clenched teeth.

“Come on, girl. Be practical. You are the one in his heart. Not that Pashley.” She stopped when our order was being served.

“So,” Shella took a spoon of her ice cream, “What’s next?”

“I don’t know,” I shrugged, “You tell me.”

“What about that party you were planning to throw? Pashley did not want to attend it due to her night job.” “Yeah. And she doesn’t look like she wants to take an off.” Nadia pointed out.

“Then arrange it in the daytime!”

“What?” I pouted, “The party…”

“Listen, girl.” Nadia interrupted me, “Night parties might be a trend. But remember. You are the

trendsetter, Sarah. Arrange it around noon. Benefit? Justin might not be home.” Nadia gave me a proud smile and got busy with her fudge ice cream.

I liked the idea. Justin won’t be home. Once done with the ice cream I paid and got out of there. “Nadia is getting smart.” I tried to tease Shella, “or do you have something better for me.”

Shella scoffed with fake annoyance, “It might not be better but what if you can bring Justin here and have ice cream with you.” There was this evil glint in her eyes that made me chuckle.

“Think of it. Justin will be here with his fiancé while his wife will be serving the customers.” Shella turned to wink at Nadia which caused her to stick out her tongue.

“I am so lucky to have friends like you.” I hugged them both and they both lifted me up in excitement making me giggle.

“I hope you people are not happy because you are scheming against his wife.” We all froze when we heard a heavy voice behind us.

“Keith?” I had to force a smile on my face. He was Justin’s best friend, but I never liked this man. Well, he shared the same feeling.

“Hello, Sarah. How are you doing? How is your fiancé? And… his wife?” The way his voice was laced with mock made my blood boil.

“All of us are doing good, Keith. What are you doing here?”

“Nothing. Justin asked me to follow you people so that I can keep an eye on you.” I was horrified by the


How could Justin…

“Ha–ha. Just kidding!” Keith gave me his signature evil smirk that I wished I could wipe off with a punch to his face.

“You might have a lot of time on your hands, Keith but we really need to go home. My work is waiting for me.”

I said stepping backwards.

“Yeah. I understand. It takes lots of time to do scheming against your fiancé’s wife!” I fisted my hands

into balls.

The gal of this man. I always hated him.

I did not know what Justin found in him so worthy to befriend him. He was always mean to me since childhood.

The smartest move was to ignore him like I used to do and leave. So, that’s what I did today. Without a second glance in his direction, I turned on my heels and started walking in opposite direction.

His presence was not a good omen. I needed to stay alert.

Meeting Keith while planning against Pashley, was bad news.

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