Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 41

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 41

41-Head Over Heels


I was not expecting Ashley, sitting in the kitchen and chatting with Justin. The good thing was they were not close and were thankfully maintaining a decent distance.

It seemed like a friendly conversation. The moment I climbed in the back of the car with Justin beside me, I sent a quick message to Shella reminding her to talk to Ashley about Justin’s not–so–near birthday. After telling the driver about our drop point, I turned just in time to catch Justin typing a message with that rare smile on his face.

He shoved the phone back into his jacket pocket, but that smile remained pasted on his face.

No, he could not be texting Ashley when he just left her in the kitchen. Was he seeing someone else? Instead of keeping track of Ashley should I go after him?

Using his influence, he arranged a seven–star hotel for the guests. Apparently, the hotel thought the guests would be coming the next day. It was all a misunderstanding.

Ashley Walters pov

It was again a sandwich break tonight and instead of eating it, I was looking at my phone screen. Waiting for his message.

This back room had the privacy that I wanted to read his messages.

Last night, by the time he reached home, I had already gone to sleep. True to his word, he was beside me when I woke up.

He was sleeping soundly with a tight grip of his arms around me. Keeping his promise, we not only had our lunch in the room but also watched a movie.

Last night, before coming to my room, I heard Shella and Nadia talking to each other about Justin’s birthday after two days and I became excited.

The problem was lack of funds. My first salary was already gone for Justin’s watch. My next salary was enough to get it polished but there was still time for my next wage.

“Thinking about your se*xy boyfriend?” My eyes went wide when I heard Evelyn’s voice behind me.

“Who told you, he is se*xy?” I chuckled in an attempt to tease her.

“The way you are hiding him from us, not letting us see even his picture…” She shrugged, “It makes us feel like this.” I pursed my lips into a thin line and thrusted my phone into my pocket.

“He… he is…” She was my friend, and I did not know if I should confide in her.

“Go ahead, Ash. I am good at keeping secrets.” She said gently and took the stool beside me.

“He is not exactly my boyfriend, Eve.” I started playing with my sandwich.

“Oh yeah?” She clicked her tongue inside her cheek, “Then who he is?”

Inhaling a sharp breath I smiled, “It’s kind of a crush thingy. Like I do like him a lot and …” “And?”

“He is decent, pays me respect… takes care of me, and my consent is a priority for him.” I did not know what else to tell her about Justin without telling her, his name.

“Well. Sounds like an ideal boyfriend material to me, Ashley.”

“For me he is someone… I just want to keep him happy. And he tries the same.” I took a bite from my sandwich, as this time, I did not want Sam to eat it.

“Evelyn…” I licked my lower lip. I needed to get it out of my chest, “He is someone I would… love to give my virginity…”

“What?” Her brows cocked up in shock.

“What, what. Surprised that I am a virgin?”

“No, silly. We kind of guessed it,” When my eyes became like big bulging saucers, she grinned, “Relax. It’s pretty obvious.”

“Now you are making me more nervous, Eve.”

“No, Ash. I am your friend… so listen up,” She held my hand placed on the counter, “You are a virgin, and we all… kind of… you know?… We know it. So… the probability is… this guy… maybe he also knows this.”

I tried to protest, “I don’t think…”

“Shut up and now don’t speak again…” She hissed. I closed my mouth and nodded my head, “I am

concerned, Ashley. I don’t know if this man is really sincere with you. But what if… all he wants from you is your v–card. Nothing else.”

I was already shaking my head, “No… No no. He is not like that.”

“Initially, nobody is like that, silly. No one comes to you and tells you to your face… hey! Hi! I am after your v–card. Let’s become friends… Let me be nice… I want to take care of you… so that I can take advantage of…”

“Stop it!” I giggled and that made her smile.

“Is… this man… who is NOT your boyfriend… is he more stable than you? Financially, I mean?”

I nodded my head silently and her mouth made an O shape, “SO my guess was wrong. He is not just a house help of the Deluca. must be someone from his office staff.”

Now how to tell her that it was his highness himself?

“Is he the same watch guy whose wrist got your first salary?” I again nodded and she this time opened her mouth with a capital A.

Like Aa.

“It’s his birthday after two days and I need to get the watch polished…”

“And you haven’t gotten your salary yet. Right?”


“Then borrow it!” She gave me this instant idea.

“Borrow from? Elijah?”

“No silly. Me. I will lend some money to you, and you can return me later.” I did not know from where a large grin broke on my lips, and I went forward to hug her.

“Oh, thank you, Evelyn. You don’t know what you have done for me.” She hugged me back and got to her


“Wait for me here.” When she came back, she had a few dollar bills in her hand, “Here. Take it.”

“B… But Evelyn… This is a little more…”

“I know. You can’t just give him a watch on his birthday. A cake should also be there. No?” I was not aware why the corner of my lips quivered.

The guy gave me a surprise with a cake and necklace when even we were not on talking terms. I wanted to do the same.

I could not afford a fancy birthday party but the least I could do was make it special for him.

“Ashley!” Evelyn called my name.


“Whoever he is, Ash? Just protect your heart.”

“Wh… What?” I laughed, “I don’t understand what you are trying to say?”

“Oh, you do understand it, Ash. You are a romantic movie person and you do know what I am trying to tell you. Life is nothing like a movie, Ashley Walters. I am scared for you. I am scared that once he would take away your everything. Your virginity. Your pride. Your bewitching soul… This happiness from your eyes… He might leave you. When he does that. Don’t forget to slap him.”

“Urgh! Evelyn!” I stood up and gave her a hug standing near her stool, “He is such a caring man. He will never ever do any such thing. I swear. Secondly, he might be someone special. But I am only interested in him for losing my virginity. That’s it.”

She patted my back and stood up with a sigh, “Stop screwing me, Ashley Walters. And stop screwing yourself.”

“What even…” I threw my arms in the air, “Come on, Eve!”

She turned to me and looked straight into my eyes, “Losing virginity is not something I am concerned about, my little friend. Open your eyes. The problem is… You are head over heels in love with this man!”

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