Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 40

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 40

40- My Se*xy Roomie

Sarah pov

F*ck! F*ck!

She was NOT screwing around. The baby girl was doing a night job, that too by Justin’s permission!

“Holy, Moly Shit!”

Shella cursed behind me while Nadia and I were standing dumbly.

“Justin is the one providing her with the staircase. Sean was right, Sarah.” Nadia spoke for the first time,” Justin is not serious about this girl. Just imagine! Someone of Justin’s caliper can’t even provide his wife with basics?”

Shella nodded at me, “Nadia is right. There is a possibility that Ashley might have demanded Justin some money for her daily expenditures and Justin must have given her the piece of his mind.”

My friends were right. A man who would want to start a serious relationship with a woman would never let her go for doing an odd job in a small café or ice cream shop.

“Then why he is mad at me?” I asked no one in particular, “Why would he kick me out of the house if he doesn’t care enough?”

A picture of them lying beside each other on that ledge popped up in my mind. They were laughing and smiling, enjoying their time.

“Maybe you need to take it a bit more seriously, Ashley.” Shella zipped up her jacket and inserted her hands in the pockets, “Sean ra*ped the girl. What Justin did was a normal protocol. You are eyeing her as an enemy, but I am sure you would also do the same if by any chance you will find a girl drenched in wet clothes under the bed of a …”

“Wait a minute…” I looked at her suspiciously, “How do you know these details?”

I was looking for any signs of edginess on her face. There was no nervousness there.

“Now, don’t jump to conclusions, Sarah.” She started walking towards home, “Alex told me about it.”

“Alex? You mean Justin’s assistant? Wasn’t he supposed to keep everything a secret?” Nadia asked her the same question that popped into my mind…

When Sheila stayed quiet, I halted, forcing her to stop too.

“Shella? You mean you are screwing Alex too?” Nadia and I, both were shocked.

“Come on, girls. Screwing Justin’s assistant means screwing his boss!” She winked and I facepalmed.

“Are you crazy? You fancy my fiancé while doing it?… Oh, God!” I was truly disgusted but that didn’t help when it came to Shella.

“For Jesus‘ sake, Sarah. Stop being dramatic. Justin would never bat an eye on me. You better focus on the girl.”

The gal of this girl! How many men was she screwing?

I was about to shoot an insult at her when my phone buzzed in my pocket.

“Who is calling you at this hour?” Nadia complained.

This number was not saved on my phone. I received the call.

“Ello! Ms. Garner?” Someone with a heavy accent asked for me.

“Yes. Speaking.” I held up my hand to ask my friends to lower their voices.

“We are from Hamza Oil companies from KSA and just landed here in your city. Can you and Justin visit us at the hotel?”

Urgh. They were from an Arab country and were after Justin and me to help them expand.

“Sir, I need to check Justin. We usually don’t entertain guests at this hour.”

“I know Ms. Garner. Justin had been kind enough to entertain us that’s why we asked about his availability. This is not a business related call. This is the third hotel where we are not able to find a room to check–in. The hotel we booked is not showing in their system due to some reason.” The man on the other side seemed worried.

“Oh. Ok let me check with Justin and see what we can do for you.” With that, I started jogging home.

“What even!” Nadia complained.

“You two better come at your own pace. I need to go to Justin. This is important and yes…” I turned to them, “Tell Ashley that it would be Justin’s birthday after two days.”

“Yeah,” Shella rolled her eyes, “tell her and then face Justin’s wreath? No thanks. By the way, what will you get out of this?”

“Ashley’s embarrassment!” I winked at them, “Don’t tell her directly. Just send a message from an unknown number or…”

“Or? Get caught?” Nadia rolled her eyes.

“No, silly. Tell her later that you were talking about some other Justin. After all, there is not only one Justin in this fu*ckin whole world.”

“You are a brute!” Nadia dismissed me with a wave of her hand,

I smiled and continued jogging leaving my friends behind. There might be many Justins in this world but there was only one Justin Deluca. And he was mine.


After one knock, I stormed inside the office where Justin was standing, looking outside the window. If that was the case, he might have seen me entering the gates.

It was smart not to attempt to call him. He would never have received it anyway.

I needed to talk to him… momentarily dismissing that we were no more on talking terms.

“Justin,” He slowly moved around and came to his seat taking slow steps, “I just got a call from Hamza companies. There is some misunderstanding on their end and now they don’t have a room available.”

When he stayed quiet, I went to the desk and rested my palms on it, “I know we can send a driver or arrange something on call. But their CEO is also here. We need to give them a proper protocol, Justin. We must go there with an extra car and pick them up.”

He not only seemed sleepy, but the dark circles were quite evident on his face.

I felt relaxed when at last, he decided to speak, “Ok. Get ready. Let’s go.

I did not let it show on my face but thankfully he did respond. We were going together.

At last!



Ashley’s pov

After coming back, I straight away headed to the kitchen and started looking around. I could not have that sandwich during the break and gave the excuse that I did not feel hungry.

That silly Sam ate my sandwich.

Stupid boy! I smiled fondly and started ramming the cabinets trying to look for something.

Justin must be waiting for me so instead of going to the study I sent him a message.

‘I am in the kitchen and hell hungry.” Within a few minutes, he was inside all freshly showered and ready,” Are you going somewhere, handsome?”

I ran my gaze on that hard body and quickly shifted it to the refrigerator, I was planning to raid.

“Yes. It’s something urgent. As soon as you get done eating go to sleep. I will join you later.” That brought a blush to my face reminding me that he would be sleeping with me.

He came behind me and extended his arm to take out an aluminum packed product from the fridge.

“What are you doing?”

“Sorry, kitten. I wish I could cook you something fresh, but I am running on time. This is the hunter beef, and I am planning to make you sandwiches.”

“You must be getting late. I will make the sandwich…” I did not let the disappointment show on my face. I was looking forward to his company

“Sarah won’t take lesser than fifteen to twenty minutes for her makeup. So, I can easily fix that.” He drew a stool and waved me to sit there.

Oh, Sarah was accompanying him and I kind of liked that he did not try to hide it from me. Well! There was nothing to hide.

They were engaged and shared a business long before I entered in their lives.

“Hmm,” I said leaning my chin on my fist, “That means when you will be at work, I should also send you dirty messages…” While putting the meat pieces in the bread, the corner of his lips twitched into a small smile.

“Hey, those were not dirty messages.”

“Yeah. Those were not messages. It was done over a call.”

“Ha–ha.” He laughed while putting sauces on it, “Here Princess. Sandwich is ready!” He not only placed the plate but bowed his head down as if I was some royalty.

“Now be a good girl and go to sleep after eating that.”

He was wiping his hands when I said, trying to sound nonchalant, “I will miss you, Justin.”

His hands paused and he slowly looked in my direction, “I will miss you too, kitten.” He murmured.

The cloth piece was forgotten in his hand just like my sandwich was ignored on that plate.

Leaving the stool, I went to him and lifted on my toes to kiss his cheek, “Thank you for the sandwich. It tastes good.”

I looked at him proudly as if it was an achievement for me to be this bold and kiss him.

He was no more smiling now. Tossing the washcloth aside, he pulled me towards him and hugged me to his chest, “Liar! You haven’t even taken a bite, kitten.”

We stayed like that for some time until I heard heels clicking in the hallway, “This must be Sarah.” I told him consciously

He was hesitant to let me go but then nodded and stepped back, “See you soon, Ashley.”

He might not be afraid of Sarah, but I was.

No, not for me. For him.

She would be the one who deserves those arms around her. Not me. For my temporary happiness, I could not push him into problems.

That would be so selfish of me.


“Hmm?” His voice pulled me into reality.

“Tomorrow we won’t have our meal downstairs. If you like it in your room, then that will be in your room.” The door to the kitchen flung open and Sarah came inside all ready, looking too beautiful. She stopped dead when she saw me in the kitchen but then masked the surprise, “Oh, Ashley. How are you?”

She scurried in my direction and gave me a quick hug, “Someone seems hungry.”

She did not ask me why I was awake, “I was hell–hungry.” I said taking a big bite of the sandwich, “Wanna have some?” I offered her.

“No, honey. We really need to hurry. Bye.” She waved and walked away.

“Bye…” Justin turned on his heels, but my heart got heavier. This was not good. I was getting used to his presence.

I needed to detach myself from him.


There was a message on my phone. I opened it.

I could not help the grin forming on my lips when I realized it was from ‘Se*xy Roomie‘.

‘Hey, kitten. I will not forget to place a plow between my legs.‘

There was a big piece of my sandwich in my throat when I nearly choked on it. I leaned my head on the counter, held it tightly, and started laughing in the kitchen.

However, when I lifted my head, I saw a maid entering inside and giving me those weird glances as if I had gone crazy.

“Sorry.” I rose to my feet and pushed the last piece in my mouth, “Someone sent me a dirty message.

The poor woman could not understand a single word due to my full mouth, so I took advantage, “It’s my se*xy roomie. Ha–ha.”

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